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About Mixify

Bring on the Balance.

School, sports, friends, parents, Snapchats, global warming—life is hectic and finding balance isn’t always easy. Enter: Mixify. A new project from America’s beverage companies that’s all about making balance easier. Because even if your body is feeling less like a temple and more like— say, a truck stop—balancing the calories that you eat and drink with the calories you burn is key to finding the right mix to keep you feeling like the majestic creature that you are. Balance what you eat and drink with what you do. That’s how you Mixify.

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Ask the experts

Get the facts from someone who knows what’s up.

From nutritionists and dietitians to coaches and athletes, our experts are standing by to answer all your balance inquiries. You can even ask questions anonymously. Now that’s service.

Keeping a low profile? Ask questions anonymously or read through other FAQs to get the deets without blowing your cover.

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Tips and tools

Get the most out of today’s mix with tips, tools and resources to help you keep calories in check, get moving and make smart choices when it comes to that bod of yours.

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