Stationary Bike vs Treadmill Which Is Better

Stationary Bike vs Treadmill: Which Is Better?

People who think about creating their gyms at home often find themselves deciding which among two popular exercise equipment will be best for their routine. Should they invest on a treadmill or instead opt for a stationary bike?

These machines have their advantages and disadvantages; users must compare the positive and negative aspects of these units to select which device suits them best. In this stationary bike vs. treadmill articles, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of each equipment.

Treadmill Facts

Before exercise bikes, there was the treadmill. It is a consistent bestseller for cardio and aerobic routines plus it is super convenient to boot. This is used for walking, running and other weight-bearing exercises.


The treadmill gives users the option to accumulate bone density in the lower parts of the body, and it helps in enhancing the muscle tone of the body.

They can be used for interval training, cross training and incline intervals. It is the equipment to use in case you want great cardiovascular exercises. The treadmill has been proven to burn calories more efficiently compared to elliptical trainers and bikes. If you want to lose weight, this is more your ideal home gym device.


One disadvantage of treadmills is the fact that eventually, you might get bored using the equipment. This is the number one issue with the unit—the routines done on it are pretty standard and offer few options. People have a tendency to quit this machine due to boredom and look for more exciting means to make their workouts more energetic and exciting.

Also, there is a likelihood that you might fall off the machine during use. The machine is designed to walk or run faster, so you need to be focused all the time while using the machine especially when you are trying out new speeds.

Treadmills are more expensive compared to stationary bikes. As a fact, the unit is the costliest home gym unit. The price will be based on the kind of treadmill you are after whether you want a motorized or manual model. The manual kind is cheaper compared to the motorized one because it does not have a motor. Motorized ones, on the other hand, come with incline, heart rate monitor, calorie counter, a few programs and the motor.

Stationary Bike Facts

The design of stationary bikes has been given upgrades ever since the equipment’s inception. These days, some models present spinning routines which let users mimic outdoor cycling activities at home. Because of its familiar design, it makes for a unit that is pretty simple and easy to use since a good majority of us have cycled before.


One of the advantages of stationary bikes is that it is more affordable compared to treadmills. The device gives users a moderate yet efficient non or low-impact workout routine without aggravating the spine. In fact, physical therapists encourage patients with knee injuries to use stationary bikes in order to sustain their cardiovascular strength.

The equipment also gives users the chance to boost their heart rate without applying too much pressure on the hips, knees, ankles, and feet. One can strengthen their hamstrings and quadriceps using the bike. There are many models which provide electronic features which let users set programs for a particular routine or fitness objective.

Using a stationary bike will also make you feel less sore after a workout since it enhances the leg muscles’ flexibility. In turn, it helps in decreasing low back pain.


One disadvantage of the stationary bike is that it is not capable of giving a full body workout, unlike treadmills. When using the equipment, users need to keep track of their posture and maintain their body in an upright position to avoid overly extending the back and make the pelvis remain aligned.

There are minimal chances of acquiring injuries while using the unit since the stationary bike will not load too much pressure on the joints.

The Verdict

The treadmill and the stationary bike are essential items for a home gym. If you want to lose weight effectively, you might want to invest on a treadmill. The treadmill has thus far proven itself to be fitness equipment that has the features to burn calories much more than stationary bikes.

Stationary bikes are exercises equipment for people who want to maintain their cardiovascular endurance without putting plenty of tension on their spine. Hence, this is a good workout machine for people who are susceptible to injury. Also, stationary bikes are more affordable compared to treadmills, and they can be stored easily as well.

To end our stationary bike vs. treadmill article, it is true that both of these machines are efficient when it comes to maintaining fitness. What you will invest on will, of course, depend on your chosen routine, your skill and your safety.

Can You Use An Exercise Bike When Pregnant

Can You Use An Exercise Bike When Pregnant?

Doctors have agreed that pregnant women do need their fair share of exercise while expecting. However, most pregnant women are wary of undergoing exercise routines due to the likelihood of complications. One of the most frequent questions about pregnancy and exercise is can women still make use of an exercise bike when pregnant?

Yes, doctors have decided that pregnant women who use an exercise bike are safe, as a fact. The stationary bike is the safest fitness equipment there is for expectant mothers. It is user-friendly, and there are fewer chances of falling and injury too. Using it every day for fitness reasons is safe for the baby, however, you do have to get approval from your specialist first before getting into a routine.

Advantages of a Stationary Bike for Expectant Mothers

1. Exercise eases discomfort during pregnancy

Expectant women often complain about discomfort during pregnancy like fatigue, nausea and back pain. Women who are less active are more susceptible to these conditions. Making your body more active doing simple exercise routines will improve blood circulation and help ease discomfort.

2. It helps reduce labor

An active life means your muscles are allowed to stretch and improve. Your body becomes more flexible. Expecting mothers who get involved with fitness programs for pregnant women tend to undergo shorter labor.

3. It minimizes depression and stress

Using an exercise bike, even with the simplest of routines, gets your body moving and active. It revitalizes blood circulation. The endorphins produced during exercise allow women to be happier. Exercise also prevents the onset of stress, which can turn to depression if not take care of ASAP. Also, an increase in blood circulation also gets rid of exhaustion and insomnia.

4. It maintains the shape and weight of your body

Pregnant women often experience weight gain during the period. Weight gain is something pregnant women need to be concerned with because if it is not avoided, this can lead to more serious conditions like diabetes. Another effect of pregnancy would have to be stretch marks. To prevent these conditions from happening, pregnant women need to get fit through safe routines. An exercise bike will help in maintaining your older weight without putting you and your baby’s life in danger.

Selecting an Exercise Bike

When it comes to a bike that suits your pregnancy, you need to look for a model that is designed with comfortable seating. Recumbent bikes are usually recommended for expectant women because it comes with cushioned backs and front pedals. A recumbent bike with a heart rate monitor is excellent for pregnant ladies. If you want to focus on your upper body, you can search for a model that has dual-action arms.

Safe Workout Tips

Before beginning your routine, make sure to do some stretches first to further avoid straining muscles and other injury. Do not wear tight clothes during the workout and take deep breaths. Make sure to get as much H2O as you can—drink water before, during and after the workout. Use a fan while working out and keep track of your body’s signals.

Stop your routine if you undergo grave side effects. These side effects range from nausea, shortness of breath, contractions and vaginal bleeding. Allow your physician to check on you. He or she might limit your use of an exercise bike when pregnant at this point.

15 Awesome Ways To Reduce Boredom When Using Your Exercise Bike

15 Awesome Ways to Reduce Boredom When Using Your Exercise Bike

When you use an exercise bike as your go-to exercise routine, you know just how boring it can get. Burning calories does not have to be a dull and tedious moment. Below are a few things you can do to make that time on the stationary bike more fun and exciting.

1. Listen to Music

Everybody listens to music, no doubt about that. Listening to your favorite tunes while exercising makes the clock tick by. Creating a playlist of your favorite songs for your workout routine is a good way to start. You can listen to upbeat songs to keep a lively atmosphere and get you going. It is totally up to you.

Eventually, you will get tired of listening to the same songs over and over. Make sure that you update your playlist, so you do not get discouraged because of the repetitive songs.

If you want, you can even listen to new music. Discover new artists. Maybe you will find some singers that deserve to be heard. You have burned calories, and at the same time, you have more beautiful music to listen to.

2. Listen to Audio Books

If you are a busy bee and you think that you are a little behind on your reading, take this time as an opportunity. You can download some audiobooks and listen to it while you exercise. You can also read actual books too if you prefer, but listening to audio books is easier.

Reading the words in the book might cause dizziness, the same way you get dizzy when you read in a moving vehicle. Your sweat could also drop onto the pages that might ruin the book.

It is more convenient to just plug in your earphones. If you are exercising in your own home, you can even listen through a speaker.

3. Watch Television and Movies

Watching movies is an obvious way of entertainment. The extra time you have while exercising is a good time to catch up on your favorite TV shows.

At home, you can face your exercise bike in front of the television so you can watch TV shows or movies. Watch those shows you have been planning to watch for a long time now but cannot find the time to do so.

If this time is the only time you have for watching TV, then it is something you will look forward to. You will also be excited about your next workout because you know you will have time to watch your favorite shows.

4. Change Paces

Exercising at the same steady pace gets boring too. It feels like you are dragging.

To keep you entertained and challenged, try alternating from a slow to a fast pace. Start with a warm-up, and then increase the intensity. Just keep from falling into a boring and steady pace. Keep it ever changing. Have some easy pedaling, then a high-tempo pace.

Different paces will help keep your mind focused on keeping up instead of watching the clock.

5. Look for Someone to Exercise With

Exercising alone can be peaceful, but there will come a time when it gets lonesome too. Even people who like to be alone, sooner or later, seek the company of others.

Maybe you have a friend who likes to exercise too. Ask her so you can exercise together. You can chat and be kept updated on each other's lives. You can also ask your significant other so you can have some quality time while staying fit together.

If you want, you can even make new friends. You will have a good conversation starter since you have something in common already.

6. Learn a New language

A good way to spend that extra time is to get educated and learn new things. An interesting thing to learn while on the exercise bike is learning a new language

Have you always wanted to be able to speak French or Mandarin or any other language? This is a good time to make those goals come true. You will need to concentrate if you want to learn a new language and this will keep your mind off the time.

If you find yourself progressing with the foreign language, then you will look forward to the next session to get even better.

7. Face the Window

If you own an exercise bike, you can put it near a window in your house. This way you can look outside and watch the scenery. You can also watch the people or vehicles passing by. You can also just soak in the beauty of the neighborhood you live in.

8. Visualization

Try to visualize yourself getting more fit and healthy. Imagine yourself enjoying life because you are so energized.

This is a good way to keep you motivated. It will help you finish however long a workout you set for yourself. Thinking about the benefits, you will reap after an exercise will keep you from giving up too early. Having body and health goals will encourage you to endure the workout.

9. Watch the News

It is always good to keep up with whatever is happening around you. Be in the know with the latest news that is relevant. If you exercise early in the morning, find out what the weather will be for the day.

Just be updated. You might get a heads-up of what the traffic will be like on your way to work or back home.

10. Join a Cycling Class

Joining a group that does the same thing as you can be quite fun. You will not be alone, and you will have an opportunity to widen your circle.

Make new friends, and you will find yourself looking forward to the next session because you will see them again. You will work harder and longer because you will have more fun exercising with your pals. See if the nearby gym has a class you can join.

11. Motivate Yourself

Self-discipline can be difficult for other people, but it does not have to be. For you to keep going, you have to convince yourself to keep going.

Try to repeat a mantra. "I can do this" "I am awesome" "I am fit" are some you can try. Anything to keep you motivated will do. If you want, you can even sync the words with your movements.

Encourage yourself. Be your own cheerleader. Anything you achieve ultimately comes down to how you made yourself do it.

12. Make It Short

If you are just really tired of long exercises on the bike, cut it short. Do other exercises, so you do not get bored of the routine. You can also do short, high-intensity sessions instead of long, low-intensity ones.

13. Solve Some Problems

You can make use of this time to address certain problem areas in your life. Whether it is about work, family, friends, relationship, or just life in general, it is time to take action.

You might come up with more creative and appropriate solutions while you are undertaking physical activity. There has been a study that says physical activity improves cognitive function. Therefore, while you are making your physical body healthy, you are also improving your mental health.

14. Setup Some Goals

To keep your mind off the time, set up some goals for yourself. It does not matter if it is for long-term or short-term. What matters is that it is something to look forward to.

Maybe after your workout, you can meet up with a friend and get a cup of coffee. You can even make a bucket list. List down in your head anything you want to experience in life. It is exciting to know what you can possibly do in the future. It will keep you happy and be more motivated to work harder.

15. Make up a Story

Use your imagination and think-up a story. Imagine yourself in different situations. Play your movie inside your head.

For example, you can imagine yourself competing in a track-cycling event. You are neck-and-neck with another cyclist, and you are both almost to the finish line. The crowds are screaming. Everybody is anxious, and you are going as fast as you can.

Paint a picture and keep yourself entertained. Your imagination has no limits.

Now that you have read through this article, you have plenty of things to do while you are using your exercise bike. You can now look forward to every session because there are things you can do to make it fun and entertaining.

What Is Bike Resistance And What's The Best One For You

What Is Bike Resistance And What’s The Best One For You?

A benefit of using exercise bikes is that users are given the leeway to choose and adjust the level of resistance they need. Because of this, users can amplify their routines without modifying the length or duration.

What is bike resistance though? Resistance refers to the capability of stationary bikes to replicate the feel of regular outdoor cycling. To increase resistance means mimicking uphill biking while lowering it permits for a moderate workout. There are different types of bike resistance, and they are as follows.

Kinds of Resistance in Stationary Bikes

The resistance for exercise bikes comes in four types—magnetic, mechanical, belt-based and fan-based.


Affordable upright bikes and some spin bikes come with mechanical resistance. This means the resistance unit of the bike is the same as a traditional bike’s brake system. The flywheel comes with rubber pads on either side and these pads rub against it, which makes the bike a challenge to pedal.

When users make the tension knob tighter, it boosts the pressure between the flywheel and the rubber pads. The rubber pads have to be changed at least once every six months if you use the bike regularly.

This type of resistance mechanism generates noises while in use because of the pads’ constant rubbing against the flywheel. If the bike starts to produce louder sounds, it’s time to lubricate the flywheel. Exercise bikes that have this type of resistance are not usually free from maintenance.


If you want a non-invasive means to acquire resistance for your routines, you can go for a bike that has magnetic resistance. Several bikes come with a tension knob while some electromagnetic models are built with options to shift resistance levels through digital means. For this kind of resistance, there are two magnetic bars positioned on the flywheel that resist each other.

For magnetic models with tension knobs, whenever users make the tension knob tighter, the distance between the bars is reduced, thus leading to more resistance to the flywheel’s rotation. Majority of magnetic stationary bikes come with 8 degrees of varying workout intensities.

For electromagnetic bikes, they come with a motor in order to change the quantity of current distributed to the magnets for changing the resisting action of the magnets. The magnets will not budge nearer to the flywheel to give lots of resistance.

Unlike mechanical bikes, magnetic ones do not require any lubrication or maintenance due to the lack of wearing and tearing. They are silent as well so you can do your routine in the evenings.


This type of resistance involves the use of a sizable fan located in front of the bicycle. This fan then spins as the user pedals the bike by means of the unit’s belt and pulley mechanism. As the user pedals in a faster manner, the fan begins spinning fast as well with the air all over it providing more resistance to the blades of the fan.

These fan blades are designed in a fashion that it will give the user a cool breeze each time he or she uses the bike, which makes workouts more comfortable. Like magnetic bikes, it does not require any maintenance as well.


Strap-based resistance is usually found in older exercise bike models. Modern ones are designed with magnetic, mechanical and fan-based systems. For this kind of resistance, a belt is fastened to the flywheel and the pedaling wheel. When users modify the tension knob to boost the resistance, this leads to an increase in the force where the brake setup clutches the belt from budging.

The system is somehow the same as mechanical resistance. However, in this scenario, the brake setup produces resistance to the movement of the belt compared to the resistance generating from flywheel rotation.

One disadvantage of this bike resistance type though is it is not as efficient due to the belt’s constant exposure to wear and tear. The whole belt requires replacement every so often.


So what bike resistance will be best for you then? If you want something that won’t disturb other residents in the house, high-tech and will not require maintenance, then a magnetic resistance bike is ideal for your needs.

If you want something affordable but wouldn’t mind the occasional maintenance work and a bit of noise, you can opt for a mechanical resistance model.

Fan-based resistance types do have their users, but majority finds out that using the bike takes some getting used to. It does not require any maintenance work like magnetic models, but if you do not want all that hassle of discovering how to use a fan-based model, then you must invest in a magnetic type resistance bike.

Certainly, for the most user-friendly resistance type, the magnetic resistance exercise bike wins. Magnetic models come in a good range of prices too so you will find something that fits within your budget.

Spin Bike vs Upright Bike Which Is More Effective

Spin Bike vs. Upright Bike: Which Is More Effective?

Cycling is widely considered as one of the most effective forms of exercise. Therefore, choosing a suitable stationary bike which matches your body’s needs as well as your personal health requirements, is of utmost importance. While it may seem like a fairly simple decision, it is more challenging than that.

Personally, I think the most important question to ask is why are you taking up cycling in the first place? Are you looking to lose weight? Is your main priority to tone your muscles? Do you want to improve your cardiovascular healthy maybe or will this just serve as a pre-workout exercise? These are just some important factors to consider when making this purchase.

If you are still looking for more information, I would like to talk about two of the more popular types of stationary bikes. In this article, we will be talking about Spin Bikes vs. Upright Bikes, and which one is more suited for you.

Upright Bike

The main feature of an upright bike is it simulates the feeling of riding a normal bicycle but in an indoor and climate-controlled setting. It is built with an upward structure and elevated seat, which allows you a wider range of motion.

Depending on the requirements of your work out, you may choose to either sit up or lean forward towards the handles. These positions stretch not only your lower body but also workout your upper body (biceps, triceps, and shoulders) and core muscles as well.

Using an upright bike is a good pre-workout exercise because it takes up minimal energy from you while helping you stretch a wider variety of your body parts. This is an ideal stationary bike for beginners because it is easy to use, and will not cost as much as other types.


  • Provides you with a more holistic workout – you are able to stretch majority of your body’s muscles
  • Due to its small footprint, it takes up minimal space at home
  • Most of these bikes come with additional amenities such as a water bottle holder or a control panel to track your workout’s statistic


  • It has a small seat which may cause discomfort in the buttocks area
  • The elevated position could cause a lot of strains, not only in the leg area, but also near the neck, back, and even the wrist
  • The pedals are less reinforced so you cannot stand on them directly

Spin Bike

Spin bikes are meant to simulate an actual racing environment. Thanks to its reinforced structure, this bike allows you to lean forward or stand up, even giving you the feeling that you are biking uphill, downhill, or sprinting, which results in a more intense workout. This helps you increase your body’s fat burning, give you leaner muscles, and improves your cardiovascular healthy drastically, thanks to the high-intensity workouts. This is also a perfect training regimen for marathons because of how well it improves your breathing and endurance levels.

This all lies in this bike’s flywheel mechanism, which is located at the bottom of the bike. Flywheels are essentially large wheels that require a lot of spin around, and once they start turning, they also take a lot of energy to stop. This is exactly what happens you are biking downhill and is a main driver for the high-intensity workouts.


  • Reinforced structure allows you to have a more intense workout
  • It allows you to have better posture when cycling and gives you overall comfort
  • They have heavier flywheel systems – which require greater force to move, thus resulting in more calories burned


  • Limited toning muscles in the upper body area (shoulder, arms, etc.)
  • It is bigger / heavier which makes moving it around to be a challenge
  • Storing it can be a challenge

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Upright Bike vs. Spin Bike

If the Price is Right

Generally speaking, an upright bike is more affordable compared to a spin bike. If you are only a beginner, and not as invested in exercising as others may be, this should be one factor to consider. You do not want to spend too much money on an exercise machine, only to have it take up space in your home and collect dust.

Sizes and Space Consumption

Another factor that we spoke about briefly above is how much space each of the two gym bikes takes. An upright bike is smaller and more lightweight, which allows you to store it easier. On the other hand, because of the material it uses, a spin bike is heavier and harder to move around. Therefore, if you have limited space and storage capacity, you may want to consider buying a smaller model.

Level of Intensity

I posted an important question to you at the beginning of the article: What purpose do you have buying a stationary bike? I think this is the most important factor to consider, and whether you are looking for low intensity or high-intensity workout.

If you are looking to tone muscles and lose weight quicker, then it might be wiser to invest in a spin bike. On the other hand, if you want a low-intensity workout, where you want to improve your cardiovascular health, while stretching other parts of your body, then an upright bike will do.


In the match of the Upright Bike vs. Spin Bike, I have come to the conclusion that the later more effective. Although the upright bike possesses some very important advantages, if you are looking to lose weight, burn fat, and tone your muscles, in a quicker amount of time, I would suggest buying the spin bike.

Recumbent Bike vs Upright Bike What's The Difference

Recumbent Bike vs. Upright Bike: What’s The Difference?

According to research from the American Council on Exercise, indoor cycling is the best option for those who are looking for a cardiovascular workout. It offers a large expenditure of energy while placing lesser stress on the hips and knees. However, tons of innovative models are already out on the market today. Furthermore, some people just don’t have a single idea about the difference between recumbent and upright exercise bikes.

These reasons often lead many to pick the wrong choice. We don’t want that, do we? So before you decide to buy, allow me to acquaint you with the advantages and disadvantages of each bike. Recumbent bike vs. upright bike, what is it going to be?

Upright Bike

Frankly speaking, an upright bike gives a more consistent workout experience like outdoor riding. Your position is the same as if you are riding a traditional bicycle. Both your hands are grabbing onto the handlebars with your body hunching forward. It is more versatile than a recumbent bike as you are free to assume more positions. For instance, doing a hill climb and spin workouts

Furthermore, it uses more muscles, like the abdominal and upper body arm since you are maintaining an upright position. This equipment offers a variety of fat-burning moves and postures.

An upright bike is more popular because this came out first in the market. However, one of its particular and prominent edges is its price. An upright bike is way cheaper than a recumbent bike. This makes it ideal for those who are on a tight budget.  Some upright bikes are also foldable, so they occupy a lesser room space.

Upright Exercise Bike

However, there are some downsides to consider when buying an upright bike. Comfort-wise, the seats are pretty small and hard for sit bones. This type of bike is also not recommended for older adults and those with chronic back pain or lower back issues. This is because upright bikes require constant balance and maintaining an upright position.

Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is a perfect example of comfort while exercising. Its chair-like seat can fully support the back, and the reclined position prevents it from straining. It is also easy on the joints. However, what I love about recumbent bikes is how my hands are completely free to do other things. That’s right, I can still read a book or browse through social media while burning some fats. Hashtag workout goals.

Furthermore, its comfy seating position will surely let you go on exercising for longer hours without feeling any aches and tears that are common in upright bikes.

Recumbent bikes are good for beginners and, as mentioned earlier, for people suffering from lower back pain. It is also recommended for those with neurological conditions with different ability levels.

However, a recumbent bike burns lesser calories since fewer muscles are engaged. The butt, thighs, lower hips, and legs work the most. On the other hand, the upper body parts remain immobile. However, don’t worry though, a recumbent bike can still burn roughly the same amount of calories like its upright counterpart. You just need to work harder and longer. Also, because you don’t sweat that much, toxins are not released out of the body. It can pose a risk of toxin build-up, which can cause abdominal bloating in some cases.

One more thing, this is a friendly reminder. Proper body positioning is one of the keys to an effective exercise. In upright bikes, make sure your knees are bending between 25 and 35 degrees. They should also be in-line with the center of the pedals. Meanwhile, recumbent bikes require that the leg at the end of the pedal stroke should be bent between 10 and 15 degrees. The knee should be at around 90 degrees.


Both upright and recumbent bikes are very effective fitness tools in terms of maximizing calorie and weight loss. It is important that you carefully take each of their pros and cons into consideration before investing. Personally, I would recommend upright bikes for a more quality cardio workout. It also suits those who do not have any back or joint issues. On the other hand, a recumbent bike is best for novice and those who prefer comfort over cardio. Take note, it offers almost the same health benefits but with lower risks of knee and back injuries.

Regardless which bike you choose, it all boils down to your motivation at the end of the day. Just keep in mind that the harder you work, the better progress you will see.

Spin Bike vs. Stationary Bike: Which Is Better?

HINT: Answer starts with letter “S”

An active lifestyle will definitely make you look good on Instagram. However, in real life, real work is required to keep you on your fitness track. Among the exercises I tried, I consider cycling as one of my favorites because it does not only speed up weight loss but also improves my overall health.

If you are a fitness rookie, buying your own cycling equipment may get a little bit overwhelming. These bikes look so similar and understanding its differences will help you choose which type suits you best.

The most common exercise bikes are spin bikes and stationary bikes.

So which one is better?

Spin Bike: Best for Intensive Workouts

Working out on a spin bike gets you to lean forward on a crouching position and start pedaling as if you are on an actual road bike.It has a weighted flywheel connected to a transmission system and its pedals, provides resistance adjustable via a knob, and a direct braking mechanism that allows you to match your own pace.


Spin bike provides a more intensive exercise

What I love about this is the idea of riding it as adventurous as you want. After minutes of cycling on a sitting position, and boredom started to make you think of getting a pizza instead, you can immediately turn up your pace and ride it to a standing position. This provides a more intensive exercise which not only increases stamina but can also engage more of your muscle groups other than your lower body muscles.

The only disadvantage on spin bikes is it is not ideal for prolonged workouts. It is not advisable to finish a two-hour movie while on it because if you do, you are setting yourself up for strains and injuries. However, if you are someone who values intensity over duration, then stop reading this already and buy one.


  • Resembles an actual road bike for cycling enthusiasts
  • Can be used in different positions for different routines
  • Good for intensive workouts


  • Not advisable for prolonged workout sessions
  • Improper posture may cause lower back strains
  • Seats may feel uncomfortable at first

Stationary Bike: Best for Fully Customized Workouts

Working out on a stationary bike gets me to choose from a range of preset workouts which matches my body type and stamina. Its latest models boast of a central console that helps you set parameters to match your different workout needs. Some high-end stationary bikes even feature dual-action arms, which help you involve your upper body muscles while working out your lower body muscle groups.


Stationary bikes are ideal for longer workout sessions

Budget-wise, the price range of a stationary bike is more flexible than that of a spin bike, depending on its features. These bikes use electromagnets to create resistance and slow down the flywheel’s rotation. Some of its latest models can even monitor heart rates so you can take a closer look on your cardio fitness.

Stationary bikes provide the comfort you need that you cannot get on a spin bike. Its seats are wider and well padded, which will keep you comfortable even after longer workout sessions. However, this quality can also turn into a disadvantage because too much comfort while working out may slow down muscle development, and in my case, may lead to boredom. This boredom can easily cut your workout session short or encourage you to get a pizza instead.


  • Flexible price range
  • Customizable workout routine presets
  • Comfortable workouts with fewer strains


  • Limited impact on muscle groups
  • May lead to being monotonous
  • Burns fewer calories

Factors to Consider When Buying Spin Bike vs. Stationary Bike

Who will use it?

These bikes can only work as good as its users. Spin bikes are ideal for sporty and active users, while stationary bikes can also cater the young and elderly, who were not fit for intensive workouts.

Considering who will use the equipment helps you match the user’s capacity with the machine’s features.

Type of workout needed

What type of workout are you looking forward to doing often? Spin bikes work best on intense workouts with shorter durations, while stationary bikes work on low to moderate exercises over longer durations.

Considering the type of workout you need helps you match your requirements with the machine’s functions.

Muscle groups you want to develop

Both exercise bikes are known to develop stamina and lower body strength. Where do you want to go from there? Standing on a spin bike may help you touch upper body muscle groups, while high-end stationary bikes offer the luxury of engaging upper body muscles with its dual-action arms.

Consider what muscle groups you want to develop helps you utilize your chosen equipment fully.


I would have purchased both bikes if I can. Nevertheless, if I were to choose one, I will go for a spin bike rather than stationary. My reason can be summed up in two words: limited time. Everyone is busy nowadays and instead of thinking of excuses not to exercise, squeezing your routines on limited time is the more popular trend. Moreover, I believe spin bikes hold a promise of more gains, under shorter workout sessions.

Now, it is your turn to decide what works best for you. Whether it is a high-intensity workout or a fully customized one, truth be told, nothing will work unless you do.

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