What’s the Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker?

If you exercise regularly and engage in different types of physical activities such as running, biking, and swimming, you may benefit greatly with having a fitness tracker.

You can monitor your heart rate, the steps you have taken, calories burned, and many others, all to help you maintain or improve your overall health. There are so many things a fitness tracker can help you with, and they relatively come cheap, so why not get one?


Water-resistant and waterproof fitness trackers go above what normal trackers do, you can include swimming in your activities and still track your progress. Here is a list of the best waterproof fitness trackers on the market today:

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Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers

PAPACO Tracker

Most Features

 PAPACO Fitness Tracker

Price: $$$

The PAPACO tracker has a standby battery life of 480 hours and recharges in just 90 minutes.

Rated by Paul

Huawei Fit Smart

Best Value

Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch

Price: $$$

The Huawei waterproof fitness watch is a very simple fitness tracker that offers basic features.

Rated by Paul


For Dedicated Athletes

RTYou Fitness Tracker

Price: $$$

For the dedicated athlete who ​is looking for a fitness tracker that can be take to the pool or the beach.

Rated by Paul

1. Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch

The Huawei waterproof fitness watch is a very simple fitness tracker that offers basic features. It is designed to have the looks of a sports watch but is packed with traditional fitness tracker skills.

At the very affordable price of just around $100 price range, you can wear this fitness tracker in the shower or the pool. 

This fitness tracker has a metal, IP68 water-resistant body that has a thin strap and a small face would fit wrists of all sizes. 

It has a touch-screen control that you can navigate using up and down, left and right swipes. Although it sometimes gets unresponsive, it is a very good workout buddy because its heart rate measurement matches some of the more sophisticated brands.

This fitness tracker has a metal, IP68 water-resistant body that has a thin strap and a small face would fit wrists of all sizes. It has a touch-screen control that you can navigate using up and down, left and right swipes.​

Although it sometimes gets unresponsive, it is a very good workout buddy because its heart rate measurement matches some of the more sophisticated brands.

It will present you with data such as heart rate, calories burned, and many others, but that is all. It will not give you advice, feedback or any motivational messages like some fitness tracker we found. I guess with this fit tracker, you need to do the motivating yourself.


  • Provides accurate heart monitoring capabilities
  • Has a discreet and comfortable design
  • Long battery life 


  • Inaccurate distance tracking
  • No motivational feedback 
  • Error-prone interface 

2. PAPAGO Fitness Tracker

The PAPAGO waterproof fitness tracker has a sleek and lightweight design. It is made with soft TPU and silicone materials that are comfortable and light on the wrist.

It has a standby battery life of 480 hours and recharges in just 90 minutes.

It monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, the calories you burned, and many others. 

It even has a health sleep sensor that analyzes your sleep cycles and monitors your health while you sleep. It is water-resistant with a high grade of IP67, perfect for all types of swimming activities.

It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that supports most Android phones or phones that use the iOs platforms. It has an OLED touchscreen that is readable, you can easily see your data—calories, time, date, messages, and others. It does not need a charging cable because you can simply recharge it from any 5V/1.0A USB power supply by taking the strap off.

Compared with other brands, the calorie count of the PAPACO is somewhat below par. It also struggles with some activities such as running as it does not come with GPS tracking. At a high price of about $500, it is quite frustrating to know that it lacks some essential features.


  • Multi-function fitness tracking features
  • A waterproof grade of IP67
  • Comes with Bluetooth 4.0 Intelligent Alert feature


  • The calorie counter is inaccurate
  • Not recommended for all activities
  • High priced

3. Lantop Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch Sports Bracelet

Looks like an ordinary watch, but works great as a fitness tracker. The Lantop waterproof fitness tracker has intelligent features to help you track your progress in all your physical activities.

It has the usual features such as a voice recorder, Bluetooth music, remote camera, alarm clock, and many more functions.

It has a health-monitoring feature that tracks your heart rate and your sleep patterns.

It has a sedentary reminder feature that alerts you when you have not moved in a predetermined period of time. The built-in 1511 ACC speaker and a hands-free microphone and Siri voice control for answering your phone calls without touching the screen.

It has Bluetooth connectivity that lets you push instant messages on different social media platforms. It can do synchronous dialing, phone call reminders, play music, and search a website with your own voice. It is highly compatible with most Android and iOs smartphones.

The calorie tracker sometimes goes way off track by reporting twice as many when I checked on a different device. All you will be getting is an estimate. Although it has some very helpful features, it has its drawbacks as well, but not as inconvenient, and not deal breakers, too.


  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with a large screen size
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS system


  • Battery life is short
  • Data is sometimes inaccurate
  • Works more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker

4. RTYou Fitness Tracker

If you are a dedicated athlete who is looking for a fitness tracker that you can take in the swimming pool, the RTYou Fitness Tracker is one of the best waterproof fitness trackers you can find on the market.

It is 100% water-resistant with a waterproof grade of IP68, you can go swimming and diving with this fitness tracker with no worries about water getting in the gadget.

It has a built-in sensor that monitors your heart rate, a physiological cycle reminder, a timer, pedometer, and many other integrated functions that help you track the progress of your activities. It has a 0.96'' OLED display screen that shows you the data it has collected.

The strap is slim and comfortable to wear, made from durable and waterproof materials. It is easy to wear and take off and is replaceable should it become worn down. After a few hours of wearing this fitness tracker, I can hardly feel that it is on my wrist.

This fitness tracker can do better with its features, one of which is to add more tracking options such as cycle tracking. In addition, you can sometimes get data that are inaccurate, it would be a good idea just to use the data it collected as a gauge and reference rather than wanting accuracy.


  • Compatibility with iOs 8.0 and later, Android 4.4 and later
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wide display screen


  • Doesn't include pregnancy or cycle-tracking options
  • Mixed fitness tracking performance in testing
  • Has a short battery life

5. Giganticat Fitness Tracker and Wireless Bluetooth Earbud: 2-in-1 Smart Wristband

Versatile and convenient, the Fitness Tracker and Wireless Bluetooth Earbud is an earpiece and fitness tracker in one.

No more misplaced earphones for you when you go the gym or jog in your neighborhood. 

This fitness tracker has many features that will help you monitor your overall health. This smart bracelet is equipped with smart features that you would love.

First, there is the compatibility with most iPhone models, Samsung, tablets, iPads, or Kindle devices. You can listen to music, answer your calls, and make calls with sounds that are crisp and clear.

Its 0.96-inch OLED touchscreen will give you a clear picture of the readings is made. You can see your heart rate, the steps you have taken, the distance you covered, the calories you burned, and the minutes that you were active. You will be alerted when the limits that are set via the app is reached.

One drawback to this fitness tracker is its inability to go down in a swimming pool. It is resistant to sweat, rain or splashes and nothing more. Not good for swimming or diving, but can work very well for other physical activities such as running or walking.


  • Compatible with most Smartphones and Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Gives you accurate data about your workout
  • Lets you answer your calls hands-free


  • Sweat, rain, and splash proof only
  • The blood pressure testing takes too long
  • Data are not accurate

6. Joyeer Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Health and fitness tracking have come a long way, and with Joyeer fitness tracker, it has leveled up a notch.

This remarkable fitness tracker offers different sports monitoring features that make this a truly versatile tracker.

This fitness tracker has some of the most amazing features I have seen, the heart-monitoring element is pretty accurate.

It continues to monitor your heart rate even if you are sleeping as long as you are wearing it. It also accurately tracks your steps, calories, distance and just about everything else you need to be tracked.

It has a remote camera that controls your smartphone to take pictures via the Bluetooth capability. The biggest selling point of this fitness tracker for me is its anti-theft protection measure that sends an alarm when you leave your phone behind. No more misplaced, lost or stolen phones for you.

This fitness tracker would be too good to be true if it were not for a fault that I found while wearing it. It is not 100% waterproof. Sure, it can take on the occasional splashes of water when you are jogging in the rain, but not the submerged type of getting wet. That being said, this fitness tracker is only ideal for non-swimmers. It also has a bulky design that is not suitable for swimming anyway.


  • Has a professional heart rate detection feature
  • Comes with a remote camera
  • Equipped with an intelligent anti-theft feature 


  • Not totally waterproof
  • The strap has a bulky design
  • The battery is not removable

Factors to Consider When ​You Don't Want Water Damaging Your Fitness Tracker

Many fitness trackers nowadays are at least resistant to water, maybe not totally water resistant, but still usable even in rainy weather. There are many to choose from—splashproof, waterproof, and those that are in between. Take a look at these factors before taking that plunge:

Your Reasons

If you want to include swimming and diving in your regular physical activities, then opt for the fitness tracker that is 100% water resistant. The water resistance of a device or gadget is measured in IP (Ingress Protection) ratings. The higher the number, the more resistant it is to water.

For non-swimmers, you can look for those that are splashproof or water resistant to some degree. Getting sweat on the tracker can also pose some risk, so it is a good idea to get one that is at least splash or sweat proof.

What Activity Do You Want Monitored?

There are fitness trackers that do not have GPS so you should take this into account if you plan to do some running. Some have heart-monitoring features that can only be used as a reference as they are somewhat inaccurate. If you want the real score, choose one that would give you specific data.

Those who use their bikes as their daily exercise can do well with a fitness tracker that monitors their distance, calories burned, or their cadence. Swimmers and divers require a different kind of tracking feature. So be aware of what you want to track and look for that in your fitness tracker.


You can get a waterproof fitness tracker at an affordable price, but this is matched with features that may not have what you need. You can also get an expensive tracker that has all the bells and whistles, but if you do not need the added features, why pay the high price?


Athletes and serious exercisers love the idea of having a waterproof fitness tracker. They can be flexible enough to include swimming in their regimen, or just the thought that a waterproof tracker can be more durable. Either way, it would not hurt to get something that would not let the water in and let you use the device for a longer period of time.

This list compiles the best waterproof fitness trackers on the market today, and I cannot help but choose a favorite. That is the Joyeer Smart Watch Fitness Tracker as it offers 100% water resistance that I can choose to go swimming or maybe just jog in the rain with it. It has a cool look to it and is very lightweight, too.

There you go, a list of the best waterproof fitness trackers for you to know which one to get to track your physical activities.