What’s The Best Stationary Exercise Bike for 2019?

​Regular workouts have a number of benefits that you can’t ignore!

However, if you’re someone whose idea of sweating it out doesn’t involve a gymnasium, then stationary exercise bikes could be a great fit for you.

They can be installed at home or a personal gym, so you can burn the calories at your own convenience.

Group of People Using Exercise Bikes

​Choose From Different Types of Indoor Exercise Bikes

But then, there are multiple types of stationary bikes, like air bikes, spin bikes, upright bikes, recumbent bikes and desk bikes. And there are a number of brands that offer you workout bike models in each type.

​So, how do you choose the one best for you?

Well, we’re here to help! After extensive testing, we’ve come up with a list of best stationary exercise bikes how they can help you become more fit at home.

The Best Cardio Workout for Me

For me, biking is the best cardio workout, hands down. You get to explore new views and lose weight at the same time. If and when the weather won't let you do that, then there's the exercise bike. In the gym, the stationary bike is one of the most sought-after machines because it is fun, low impact and effective in trimming excess fat.

Come to think of it, why would I go to the gym when I can just go on my bike and explore the country lanes nearby? I can look at trees and the grass and all that and not just stare into a space on the walls of the gym or watch TV. But then again, if for some reason I can't go out, an exercise bike at home, is the best way to go.

All you have to do is read our guide and make a decision. You ready?

Hope you like the products we have recommended. FYI, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you purchase something from our links

Our Top Picks

​Keiser M3i

Spin Bike

Keiser M3i

Price: $$$

The ​Keiser M3i is packed with amazing features that takes it at the top of ​the best ​spin bike list. Pricey, But worth it!

Rated by Paul

Exerpeutic ​​900XL

​Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 1000 Recumbent Bike

Price: $$$

This will be the perfect machine for you if you are just looking to stay active - ​without pushing yourself too hard.

Rated by Paul

​Schwinn AD7

​Air Bike

Schwinn AD7 Air Bike

Price: $$$

Packed with smart features, the ​Schwinn AD7 has received outstanding reviews by experts and end-users alike.

Rated by Paul

​​Stationary ​Bike Reviews

​ ​Spin Bikes

​1. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor ​Spin Bike, Model B901

The Los Angeles based company takes pride in designing exercise equipment that caters to the needs of home fitness enthusiasts. How? By making their products as customizable and user compatible as possible. And B901 is no exception.

Being one of the well-received home exercise bikes in recent times, Sunny Health & Fitness pro B901 has all the basic necessities you’d need to have a fully satisfying workout, right from the convenience of your home. Check out some of its features to know more.

  • ​The 40 pound flywheel makes for a smooth ride, despite the conditions.
  • ​Adjustable seat and handlebars lets you workout comfortably, no matter what your height is!
  • ​Adjustable resistance system lets you customize the workout sessions according to your needs.
  • ​Adjustable transport wheels makes it easier to move the bike around your home with ease.
  • ​Maximum user weight is 275 lbs, so you know the spin bike can handle some weight!

What Do We Like?

The first thing we were impressed with was how easy this exercise bike was to set up and use. You can turn your home into a mini personal gym whenever desired, and hide it away when not in use. The frame and crank, made with heavy duty steel, ensures that the product is sturdy and stays strong through the years, no matter how heavily you use it.

We also find it interesting that Sunny’s ​spin cycle boasts a heavier flywheel specially engineered keeping the stability and speed in mind. This is done so that the flywheel can create more momentum, despite long hours of use, to allow you the pleasure of having an incredible workout.

The flywheel also ensures a completely smooth ride, minimizing the bumpiness, out of control movements and the jerks to zero, regardless of how fast you’re cycling and the resistance level.

Another great thing about the model is its ergonomic and adjustable handlebars, which allows the rider to place their hands comfortably, and switch positions when needed. These handlebars, paired up with anti-slippery padding and super durability allowed us to cycle with utmost ease.

Then there’s the customizable seat, which you can adjust according to height and closeness to the handlebars. Is this spin bike perfect? No. Not for everyone at least, because some users have complained that the seat is uncomfortable and hurts their back and legs. Though, we don’t share the same opinion.

The Verdict

​Overall, Sunny Health and Fitness Pro​ spin bike can be classified as a dependable spin bike suited for enthusiasts and casuals alike. It is easy to assemble, use, and maintain, which clearly indicates the company put a lot of effort into its construction and design. If you want a home fitness solution without spending a fortune, this model could be the one to get.

​2. L Now Indoor ​Spin Bike Smooth Belt Driven

This top rated spin bike has everything you need for an excellent cardio session. With its unique belt driven mechanism, the training bike ensures workouts that are not just quiet, but also extremely smooth.

L Now’s bikes are also known for their sturdy build, comfortable seating, and can be easily assembled in less than twenty minutes so you can get on with your fitness workouts without much hassle. Here are some of the best features of L Now that will tell you more about the bike: 

  • ​Handlebars with three grip positions so you can have the ideal grip
  • ​LCD monitor to track speed, calories, distance, heart rate and odometer
  • ​Easily supports upto 280 lbs, so you wouldn’t really have to worry about the cycle handling heavy bodies
  • ​The specially designed saddle gives you good air permeability and heat dissipation
  • ​Horizontal adjustments in the corners so it fits in uneven floors

What Do We Like?

Perhaps, one of the things we like the most about L Now indoor exercise bike is its easy assembly. You can easily set up the bike within 20-30 minutes, that too, without any help. But make sure you give special attention while installing the pedals.

Another thing that we find fascinating about this model is the three grip positions of the handlebars. L Now made sure to design these in such a way that you can comfortably hold them, regardless of the training postures. They also provide stability during your workout sessions, however vigorous they might be.

We’d also like to mention about the resistance to stop flywheel, which is both simple and continuous to adjust. It is made with a heavy duty steel frame system and weighs around 22 lbs. And not to forget the adjustable resistance, which you can achieve with just the turn of a knob.

The LCD screen fit atop the bike lets you track multiple aspects of your workout, like the heartbeat rate, speed, calories burned, time, and distance. Another great thing is that you can even set a timer to keep track of how long you’re sweating it off on the bike.

And last but not least, this stationary bike comes with horizontal adjustments along the four corners, so it can fit uneven floors easily.

However, there’s one thing some users raised concerns about - it could be a little uncomfortable for taller people to get a normal leg stroke. But if your height is anything below 5’9”, you should be fine.

The Verdict

L Now’s ​Stationary Bike is a well-designed piece of equipment that’s perfect for daily workout sessions. It is solid, simple to assemble and definitely worth the investment. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to buy something which helps you with regular cardio sessions.

​3. ​Keiser M3i Indoor Spin Cycle 

The M3i by Keiser is undoubtedly one of the best spin cycles money can buy, though at quite a steep rate. It wouldn’t be far fetched if we said this is the most stunning home bike model that we have ever seen. It’s sleek and stylish design leaves almost all competitors behind at this price level. Performance wise, you’re up for a treat as well!

Keiser has put a lot of effort to incorporate intelligent cycling technology that should make you feel the exhilaration of having the perfect home workout while not sacrificing on your entertainment needs – such as listening to music while working up a sweat. Not impressed? Check out the features and we’re sure your impression will change.

  • ​Comes with 4-way handlebar and seat customizability options to let people of all size and shapes use the product
  • ​Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the M Series fitness app by Keiser to track your workout stats
  • ​Get “Expert Assembly” option when buying from Amazon when the bike reaches your home
  • ​Entertain yourself by connecting to BKOOL for an engaging 3D cycling experience

What Do We Like?

What is there NOT to like? Quite honestly, we were baffled the first time we used this cycle – wondering how anyone could fit so many features in a product that looks so simple. The seemingly simple yet elegant design came with all the features we look for in a​ stationary exercise cycle.

It has adjustable gearing, adjustable handlebars and seat, customizable resistance levels, and Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from the features that let you exercise the way you want, the M3i is also extremely quiet. It’s as if it was made to be used in the bedroom. No kidding!

From the moment you start paddling, the cycle records every vital stat, such as speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, time elapsed, etc.

The resistance change is almost always precise, though it takes a fraction of a second to get to the level you desire. This won’t be a problem if you’re not a hardcore indoor workout enthusiast with meticulous attention to detail.

The fact that the company has invested so much into the entertainment segment of the bike redeems its somewhat lack in perfecting performance. Self-assembly should be easy if you follow all the instructions in the manual or you can just wait for the Amazon guys to come in.

There are plenty of entertainment features – 3D cycling experience, Smartphone integration via Bluetooth, and even a projector to watch videos (yes, you read that right).


The Keiser M3i ​spin bike is pricey, no arguing about that. And it’s not difficult to figure out that the product is aimed at people who want an all-in-one solution to their home workout problems. If you’re looking for something premium, then don’t hesitate to buy this one.

​4. Schwinn IC3 Indoor Spin Cycle

The Schwinn IC3 is yet another contender to the best spin bike title. Although not as famous as the model we reviewed above, this bike has a small yet loyal set of customers who are all praises about its utility.

If you think there’s no way this spin bike can match the prowess of the one reviewed above, then think again! As with most indoor cycles, you’ll find that you can do a variety of different workouts with the Schwinn IC3- and that’s just the beginning!

  • ​Heavy duty 40-pound magnetic flywheel makes workouts quiet and effective
  • Integrated smartphone and tablet holder to keep your devices while working out
  • ​Track time, distance, calories burned, pulse, and more

​The frame of this model is sturdy, built for long hours of usage, and looks every bit as glamorous as one would hope from a model by Schwinn.

The flywheel is built with magnetic resistance, meaning there’s very low maintenance needed when compared to friction-based resistance flywheels. There are also no fixed resistance levels. You can turn the knob up or down depending on the resistance that you want.

The Verdict

One of the most popular spin bikes out there, we really love this one. You can stand and ride, just like a mountain bike and in various other positions too, thereby targeting all relevant muscle groups. But don't take our word for it, just check out all the positive reviews out there.

​5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 is one of the most competitively priced spin bikes in the market. It comes with numerous features you won’t find in models priced 4x-5x higher. The result? It’s up to you to find out.

This model has a sturdy frame that provides a solid riding experience during your workout. There is a front mounted wheel offering an easy way to move around places if there is ever a need.

  • ​Belt drive mechanism ensures a quiet and smooth workout
  • The seat is interchangeable according to personal requirements
  • ​A plethora of adjustment ports gives you plenty of customizability options
  • ​Excellent build quality makes this more useful than a temporary exercise tool

There is also a 49-pound flywheel that provides enough resistance and motion to keep you busy. A heavy flywheel works great as it can efficiently simulate a real-world workout when compared to a lighter flywheel or one that’s chain-driven.

The flywheel is designed to give a realistic sense of resistance when you’re working out. In case you need to stop immediately, there is an emergency brake to stop the flywheel. Overall, the bike is sturdy enough to accommodate up to 275-pound user weight, making sure most people feel comfortable using it. The smooth working ensures that every ride is silent.

The seat is height adjustable, with an inseam of 29-40 inches, providing plenty of freedom for both tall and short people. If you’re looking for a great spin bike without breaking the bank, this is one of the best​ stationary  bikes we can recommend. You can buy it with your eyes closed.

​6. ​Bodycraft SPT-MAG Indoor Club Group Spin Bike

The Bodycraft SPT-MAG Indoor Club Group cycle is built to commercial standards, which means it is regularly used in gyms than homes. It goes without saying this model is a lot more utilitarian and durable when compared to home spin bikes.

This stationary bike might too might not be the cheapest on this list, but take one look and you’ll notice this product is built to withstand extreme treatment.

  • ​Handlebars provide grips for aero, bullhorn, and drop positions
  • ​Seats are replaceable to whatever you want
  • ​The frame is made out of heavy-duty steel for sturdiness

​The build quality is top of the line and justifies the price tag that it commands. The magnetic flywheel is heavy and operates quietly, making sure you’re stressed enough to get a decent workout without distracting others with the noise. Since the flywheel is magnetic, you won’t have to spend much time on maintenance when compared to friction-based flywheels.

The seat is comfortable and can be adjusted according to your personal preferences. The multi-grip handlebar is easy to hold and can be held in positions that suit you best.

Assembly takes around an hour to do, and all the tools needed come with the package. This means, no more diving for the toolkit after buying the bicycle. All the parts have been made keeping quality in mind, and it’s unlikely that you will face any issues with them or the assembly itself.

Overall, this is one of the best-priced spin bikes at its price segment, bringing all the essentials you one might need at a competitive rate. This bike is no-nonsense, so remove any doubts from your head about being overcharged.

If you need something that goes above and beyond to provide the perfect workout at home, Bodycraft SPT-MAG is what you need to get.

7. ANCHEER-M6008 Indoor Cycling Bike

Here's another spin bike definitely worth checking out. With more than 200 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.7, it's an "Amazon's Choice" product for indoor cycling bikes.

It's a great entry model to indoor cycling and has all the customizations, features and ease-of-use which are a usual from ANCHEER. The foremost reason you're getting yourself a stationary cycling bike is the convenience, right? The convenience of working out how you want and when you want. This bike delivers on both counts. Here's a list of all the features that make this product tick!

  • ​Variable tension control and adjustable friction let you choose resistance levels and allow for a more intense workout.
  • ​Emergency brakes bring it to an instant stop if you need them.
  • ​Exceptionally quiet flywheel rotation and belt drive mechanism ensure you don't disturb anyone else in the house
  • ​The leather padded seat 4-way adjustable and can be moved up or down, backward or forward to provide for optimum comfort. The handlebar with HDI rubber can be adjusted to fit your arm's length
  • ​The LED digital monitor keeps track of and records time, distance, speed, and calories burnt.
  • ​Phone bracket to hold your phone so you can listen to your favorite music and watch all your motivational videos. It also has a water bottle holder.

What We Like?

The exercise cycle comes in black and white, both of which look equally good. It supports up to a weight of 300 pounds and can accommodate people of heights from 4' 9'' feet to 6' 2'' feet.

The seat is padded, contoured, and can be adjusted to your convenience. The handles are right in front of you and very ergonomically placed. Rubber foam material allows for a good grip and will prevent blisters and slippage. The pedals are also anti-slip and have safety belts which secure your feet. In short, it's comfortable and also very safe.

It's a front-belt drive bike which does not require maintenance nor lubrication. The belt drive also ensures it stays quiet, unlike a chain drive.

This also allows you to pedal both backward and forward, allowing you to tackle more muscle groups. However, you can't coast as the pedals and the wheel move together. If you want to stop, you have to pedal slower, or you have to push the emergency brake knob.

The best feature, however, is the adjustable friction resistance. This makes it similar to gym bikes or mountain bikes. You can raise or lower the friction levels as per your level of fitness. The highest friction levels let you burn a ton of calories in a very short span of time.

 The LED screen is basic with no bells or whistles but does a great job of tracking all the major variables. It's highly readable and has enough information on it to really measure your progress. The only slight drawback is that it does not have a pulse monitor, and so it can't measure your heart rate.

​8. EFITMENT Indoor ​Spin Bike

The EIFTMENT stationary exercise bike is one of the more affordable spin cycles that provides top-notch value for money. The product comes packed to its gills with a plethora of features to make this an incredibly attractive purchase.

The 40-pound flywheel is equipped with magnetic resistance to provide different levels of resistance, letting you change workout intensity on the ‘fly.’ The flywheel also comes with an emergency handbrake to let you stop at any time.

  • Durable frame and sturdy construction is on par with commercial spin bikes
  • Adjustable stabilizers and transport wheels included
  • ​Tablet and bottle holder included
  • The bike is quick and easy to assemble with no experience

There is also a digital monitor to give a readout of how far you’ve pedaled. It also lets you set specific workout goals, check the number of calories burned, and measure pulse rates. Your pulse is monitored through the handlebar, meaning there are no external connections required.

The seats and handlebars are adjustable according to height and seating preference. So, no more ‘making do with what you have.’ The handlebars also allow for different riding positions to exercise different muscle regions.

9. XTERRA Fitness MBX2500 Indoor Cycle Trainer

With a super heavy flywheel, the XTERRA is not your average indoor spinning bike. Add to that 8 different resistance levels and you've got a stationary bike for the ages. A great product for beginners and professionals alike, the XTERRA also gives you great value for money.

So without further ado, let's get into the features of what makes this bike so great.

  • ​The 48-pound flywheel provides a great deal of inertia allowing for an intense workout. Really feels like riding a mountain bike.
  • ​A manual gear shifter underneath the handlebars provides 8 different resistance levels.
  • ​Fully adjustable seat and handlebars allow for maximum comfort.
  • ​Compatible with wireless chest straps.
  • ​Sleek and durable design

What We Like

The first thing you are going to notice is the innovative rear-drive frame. Not only does it look great but it is also chrome-plated to avoid corrosion and wear and tear. It comes equipped with a protective shield around the outer edge so that you don't accidentally touch the moving wheel while working out.

Coming in at 48.5 lbs, the precision balanced flywheel works with belts and not chainlinks. Thus it is absolutely silent, and requires no maintenance either. You don't need to oil nor will it ever get stuck.

It can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds and can thus accommodate most teens and adults.

It has 8 different resistance levels, which can all be controlled by a gear shifter below the handlebars. You can start off slow and gradually go up strong as you build more endurance over the days. It's just that the increments between the levels are quite large, but you really can't expect more levels from a budget spinning bike.

The seat is anatomically designed and can be moved up and down, forward and backward, just like the handlebars. If you don't like the seat, you can simply take it out and replace it with any seat you want.

The LCD monitor shows your RPM, speed, the time elapsed, distance traveled, calories burned and also, the heart rate (which is a rare feature in budget exercise bikes). The console is battery powered and you don't need a power cord.

There are small transport wheels on the front end, which you can use to move your bike into your favorite workout room. The frame, strong and sturdy is also backed with a lifetime warranty. The parts themselves have a one-year warranty.


For a budget bike, you would be hard pressed to find a better alternative. We really found the chest strap compatibility to be very impressive and the bike itself gave us a pretty intense workout.

​Upright Bikes

1. Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS: The Best Upright Bike

The list starts with the phenomenal Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS. It's costs is not a high step up from the cheapest models on this list. It is easily the best upright exercise bike on the market because of its extended weight capacity and numerous features.

This particular bike is designed to be as sturdy as possible. This greatly ups its weight capacity. It is the perfect choice for heavier users who find the standard 300-pound maximum lacking.

  • ​Foldable design with transportation wheels
  • ​400-pound weight capacity 
  • ​Smooth, quiet, and comfortable pedaling

The Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS has a 400-pound weight capacity, which challenges all its competitors head-on.

Aside from its heavy-duty structure, it also does not disappoint with its regard for the user’s comfort. It features a large, comfortable seat that takes away the discomfort in your everyday workout. However, its seat is only perfectly fitted for people between 5’1” to 6’5”.

The eight-level magnetic tension may seem too easy for some users, but for its low price point, it delivers all you need in an upright ​stationary bike – and more.

2. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike: The Cost-Effective Bike

Exerpeutic delivers with their folding magnetic upright bike. It is not as heavily built as their GOLD 500 XLS, but it is significantly cheaper.

It provides good value for its affordable price. Specifications-wise, it is highly similar to the GOLD 500 XLS.

This upright bike is a perfect choice if you want to exercise but have limited space.

  • ​Foldable and mobile design for easy storage
  • ​Easy to assemble and set up 
  • ​Large seat cushion for maximum comfort

You can fold this ​stationary bike to half its size, making it incredibly easy to store. It also has transportation wheels included with your purchase. Just wheel your upright bike to your preferred exercise area.

Pedaling on this bike is smooth and quiet. However, its adjustable seat height also has limitations. You can adjust it for people from 5’3” to 6’1”. Going above or below the height limit means possible discomfort while using this upright exercise bike. Despite its shortcomings, it is still a steal for its affordable price, mobile design, and sufficient specifications.

3. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike ME-708: The Simple Yet Durable Upright Bike

This upright exercise bike from Marcy is worth a spot on this list for its effective and durable design.

To get a good deal, you can check the various online sellers that offer this exercise bike at discounts. It is slightly pricier than the Exerpeutic stationary models but has similar specifications. Its main difference in build is its unfoldability. However, it still only takes up very little space.

  • ​Easy to read LCD screen 
  • ​Efficient workouts with its counterbalanced pedals 
  • ​Durable, functional design 

The Marcy ME-708 has eight levels of magnetic tension which you can easily adjust using its tension knob. Even at the highest level, this upright exercise bike runs quietly and smoothly. But if you’re nearing its 300-pound weight capacity, you can expect slight swaying with continuous use. This downfall is remedied by continuous maintenance but may prove inconvenient for most users.

Durability is the key asset this bike provides. It boasts of a premium frame built to lengthen the equipment’s lifespan. This comes at the expense of continual re-tightening of the handle (a continual effort) – which ranks this exercise bike lower on this list.

4. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike (MY17): The Bike That’s Worth Every Penny

The Schwinn 170 MY17, hands down, has some of the best features an upright bike needs. This is not a small purchase, though. Its price is double the cost of most bikes on this list. Schwinn makes sure you get bang for your buck, however, with its plethora of convenient features.

It has double the number of LCD screens for you to track your workout details. This makes it easy for you to monitor your progress even if you’re watching or listening to something.

  • ​29 pre-set training programs 
  • ​Numerous height options 
  • ​Bluetooth connectivity for supported smart devices 

Tracking your daily workout to see if you achieved your fitness goals is also possible with this stationary model. It has Bluetooth connectivity which transmits data to supported devices.

Another advantage of this upright bike is its 29 pre-set programs, four user settings, and goal-tracking system. This takes home-based exercise machines to a whole new level. You can ultimately personalize your workout depending on your needs and preferences.

Since you’re probably looking for a wallet-friendly upright exercise bike, I ranked it lower on this list. This, coupled with the questionable comfort its seat provides, makes the cheaper exercise bikes shine through.

5. ​XTERRA FB150 Folding Exercise Bike: The Space-Saving Option

The XTERRA FB150 is a very space efficient folding bike; it takes up just 17-inches by 18-inches of floor space. You can hide it behind a door or tuck it in a closet after your workout. Ideal for small apartments, which is the main reason why you're opting for a foldiable stationary bike, isn't it?

It has a solid x-frame design that is made from thick steel tubing for a longer bike life. It has a very compact footprint, won't take up much space even when in use. It comes with transport wheels that make it even easier to move from room to room.

  • Has eight levels of resistance
  • ​Comes with transport wheels
  • ​Ergonomically designed seat and handlebars

I​t has a padded seat that is fully adjustable to fit bikers of varied height. The multi-grip handlebars have pulse sensors to measure your heart rate. The pedals also have anti-slip surfaces and adjustable straps for added security and a more satisfying workout.

​It is equipped with a small onboard computer that tracks your time, speed, distance, and the calories you burned. Great for monitoring your progress, although it doesn't have the capability to store data, you have to do it manually. Also, the data is not as accurate as those you see on machines at the gym.

An excellent exercise bike for light to medium intensity workouts, this bike can give you a decent, low impact cardiovascular workout at home.

​6. ​MaxKare 3 in1 Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

If you aren’t a huge fan of spin bikes, and want to try something different instead, you can always go for upright bikes. ​MaxKare is amongst the most popular upright bikes available in the market right now. Placing user comfort as a top most priority, the brand came up with this model, which can be used both as an upright bike as well as a recumbent bike.

Adjustability is also one thing that the makers of this bicycle gave an importance to, amongst its other features. This makes for a great choice for those fitness enthusiasts who’re all about personalization. And if you want to know more about other features, just scroll through below.

  • ​Magnetic resistance that can be adjusted to multiple levels so you can go that extra mile with your workout sessions
  • ​LCD display that tracks your progress in 6 different aspects
  • ​Fold and wheel away technology so you can save up some space at home
  • ​Adjustable seat with padded cushion so you can sit comfortably while working out
  • ​Can take upto 300 lbs of weight, which is more than many other bikes on this list

What Do We Like?

As mentioned above, what we really find worth liking in the bike is its scope for adjustability. Be it the magnetic resistance, seating or the handlebars, each of them could be moved as per your comfort, so that you can make the most out of the work out. Now, we will be talking about how the adjustability of these features can help you individually.

The magnetic resistance in the bike, which can be regulated into not one or two, but five different levels, gives you the freedom of challenging yourself during the training sessions. And all the while, the built in resistance makes sure your upper body receives the same kind of treatment as well.

Coming to the padded cushion seating, that too, is adjustable and enables you sit comfortably, no matter what your size and shape is. In addition to this, the non-skid pedals with safety strap design makes it easier for you to have a foot grip while cycling.

And before we go on to the next stationary bike model, we’d like to mention one last thing to appreciate about this exercise bike - it’s LCD display screen that boasts six different functions so you can track the progress without any hassle. Now you can keep track of the calories burned, speed, time and distance. And once you’re done, just fold the bike and keep it around some corner of the house by just wheeling it away.

The Verdict

On the whole, we must say it’s pretty great. It’s sturdy, adjustable, and doesn’t take too much space at home. And the best part, it can also be doubled up as a recumbent bike. So, give it a try if you want to get an experience of both upright and recumbent bikes.

​7. ProGear Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike

If you have your priorities straight and that involves minimizing the storage space for your bike, then ProGear 225  might be a great fit for your indoor gym. Because it’s both easy to fold and move around without much effort from your side.

With great features like dual transmission flywheel, 3 piece crank system, and an LCD display to track your progress continuously, this bike has found its place among the top contenders in the market. What else makes this stationary bike popular, know more by reading our unique specifications below.

  • ​Small bike with a unique folding design that fits perfectly if you have smaller apartments or living spaces
  • ​8 level magnetic tension control system that lets you regulate the intensity of your workout sessions
  • ​Heart pulse sensors that constantly monitor your heart rate
  • ​LCD display that tracks your movements, time and other aspects of progress related to your workout
  • ​Ergonomic seating so you can exercise comfortably, regardless of your height

What Do We Like?

The first thing we like about th​is exercise bike is its crank system and magnetic tension control system that ensures smooth pedaling during the workout. Further, it also give you complete freedom to control the intensity levels of your training exercises.

The next aspect we love in this model is what ProGear has been boasting all the while, it’s foldability and portability. A lot of us actually live in compact apartments these days, and we usually think twice before getting any equipment that can take up a lot of space.

With this product, you don’t really have to worry about your space being eaten up, because the cycle can be folded easily and wheeled away to one of the storage corners, all thanks to its transportation wheels.

While we’re at it, there’s another thing about the bike that we might want to consider talking of, it’s LCD display monitor. Like many of the stationary bikes mentioned in the article, ProGear’s LCD too tracks aspects like speed, time, calories burned, distance, etc. What’s unique about this screen is that it also tracks your pulse rate additionally, so you can make sure you’re burning the maximum amount of calories during the workout.

There’s also one last tiny quirk we love about the bike; it’s tiny little accessory holder, where you can place the phone or water bottle, so you can workout listening to your favorite tracks, or just take a sip whenever you feel dehydrated.

The Verdict

ProGear 225 is a partially pre assembled bike with intriguing features that promises to make for a great workout. It is quiet, portable, and comfortable to workout on.

At a relatively cheaper price, this one makes for a great alternative to other high-end bikes in the market, although you might have to compromise a bit on the build for that one. Also, you might want to give it a second thought before purchasing in case you’re taller than 5’9”.

​8. ​ATIVAFIT Indoor Upright Cycling Bike

If you prefer exercise bikes with adjustability as its major feature, then you might want to give Ativafit stationary bike a try. It’s got a lot of things any home fitness enthusiast would crave for in an indoor exercise equipment. It’s personalizable, durable and quite easy to operate.

The brand also focused on giving the user seating comfort and optimum level of tension resistance while keeping up with their workouts, ultimately making it one of the best machines to have in the indoor gyms. If you want to know more about what makes this stationary bike great, have a look at our standout feature picks below:

  • ​​Ergonomic design to give you ultimate comfort whilst working out
  • ​Digital screen monitor to keep track of your progress without any effort
  • ​Fully foldable, which means you can easily store and move it around the house
  • ​Adjustable tension knob, so you can set the intensity levels of the workout as per your preferences
  • ​Seat that can be adjusted according to your size, body shape and comfort

What Do We Like?

Most of the exercise bike’s standout specifications that we mentioned above are among the features that got us inclined towards developing a liking for it. ​

The saddle of the bike can be adjusted according to your height. But some users still found it uncomfortable. However, we didn’t find any discomfort during the workout.

It also easily works with anyone with a height between 5’1” and 6’1”. Oh and also, the seat cushion is extra large so that you can have a comfortable workout.

Two other things that we found worth liking about the product is its durable belt and of course, the high quality flywheels. And since the latter is known for its quiet working mechanism, you can enjoy the workout to the fullest, without really having to bother about the noise.

The bike’s magnetic tension control system is another feature that we absolutely adore, as it lets you adjust the the tension levels, so that the workout intensity can be easily controlled as per your need.

The Verdict

On the whole, ​this is an exercise bike that’s worth its cost. It’s not pricey, yet offers you features that make for a great workout session. It is easy to assemble, adjust and use, which is what you mostly look for in a bike.

It would make a great choice if you’re an amateur fitness enthusiast as it might not offer high-end features that professional athletes might be looking for.

​Recumbent Bikes

​1. ​Exerpeutic 900XL High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike

In case you’re looking for an exercise bike that’s easy on your lumbar spine (the lower back), then you must probably check out Exerpeutic’s magnetic recumbent bike. Giving you a great workout experience while not sidelining the comfort factor, this bike is designed to gently cater to all your joints.

Exerpeutic boasts of its step-through design in the bike, which makes for a comfortable workout, with an easy on and off capability. It also comes with a number of other interesting features, which we are mentioning below.

  • ​8 Level magnetic tension control system that enables you control the intensity of workout
  • ​Extended leg stabilizers that prevents you from tipping while exercising
  • ​Smooth torque enabled cranking system to ensure that the pedaling is both smooth and consistent
  • ​Easy to read LCD monitor display that helps you tracks the progress without much hassle
  • ​The bike handles 300 lbs of weight and is ideal for people upto a height of 6’3”

What Do We Like?

What we really like about Exerpeutic recumbent bike is its signature ‘step thru’ design which enables for a much more effective and comfortable workout when compared to the other stationary bikes. In addition to that, there are a lot more features that we appreciate in this great model.

Unlike a lot of other exercise bikes on this list, Exerpeutic’s product takes up to a weight of 300 lbs easily. So you don’t have to worry about weight while planning your workouts. It is also ideal for people with  a height of up to 6’3”, as opposed to other bikes, which mostly work for people of shorter height.

Another thing we find interesting about the bike is its LCD monitor which is quite easy to read, as opposed to the smaller ones in the other models. The monitor charts out your progress in various aspects like time, scan, speed, calories burned, distance covered, etc. While the hand pulse monitor makes sure you stay within the Target heart rate zone.

However, some users have complained that the display is hard to read, especially in dimly lit rooms.

Also, the smooth torque cranking system ensures that your pedaling is smooth and consistent at all times. Whereas the flywheel balanced with precision and a unique V-belt drive makes for a quiet workout session.

One, or maybe two last things we like about this bike is the large pedal design with safety strap that keeps you from slipping, and the oversized seat cushion that works extremely well with all kinds of users, irrespective of their size.

The Verdict

Exerpeutic has come up with a pretty sturdy stationary bike model that has almost all the necessary features that works great for an amateur home fitness enthusiast. It is easy to assemble, workout on, and is definitely a great value for money. However, it might not be a right choice if you’re looking for an equipment that caters to pro athletes.

​​2. ​Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Sporting a dual-track multi-display LCD control that tracks multiple functions, this Recumbent bike by Nautilus aims to give the user a unique workout experience by giving them the freedom to set their fitness goals, and work towards them,

The exercise bike is designed with a state-of-the-art technology that doesn’t just focus on the quality and performance, but also user comfort at its core. Here are a few highlights of Nautilus R614 so you can have a fair idea about the bike.

  • ​Dual LED with goal track capability so you can set your own fitness goals and pursue them
  • ​A Whopping 20 resistance levels that enable you control your workout intensity
  • ​22 Programs for tracking the progress, including 9 profile, 8 heart rate control, 2 fitness tests, 1 quick start and 2 custom programs
  • ​Flywheel with high inertia drive system to ensure smooth and consistent workouts

What Do We Like?

There’s one thing we’d like to admit; this stationary bike has some amazing features that could get anyone interested in working out.

One of the features of R614 that we absolutely love is its Dual LED monitor, that doesn’t just track your progress, but lets you choose your own goals and follow them. Not only that, their goal track mechanism has 22 incredible programs catering to the fitness profile, heart rate, fitness tests, quick start and even your own custom tracking setup.

Coming to its performance and quality, we really appreciate the bike’s high inertia drive perimetered flywheel, which makes for a workout that’s both smooth and consistent. And then there’s 20 different levels of resistance to make sure you can have a wide range of options when it comes to your workout intensity. Amazing, right?

And of course, there’s an adjustable slide seating system that can even be locked as per your preferences. But some users did find the seating a little uncomfortable, and suggested that a cushion could have helped.

The Verdict

Overall, Nautilus R614 is a pretty impressive bike that’s got its heart at the right place. It can be easily installed by yourself, if you got some time in hand. As for the workout experience, it does everything it says perfectly. So if you’re someone who works by the goals, then you must surely give it a try.

​3. ​Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you’re looking for a single cut solution for all your performance and convenience needs, then this is where you should stop looking. Stamina Elite’s recumbent exercise bike works well for those looking for a total body workout, as opposed to those who only want to work their legs or other limbs.

The stationary bike comes with pedals, for both upper and lower body, that can be used individually, or at the same time. It also has several other unique features, which we are listing down below.

  • ​Adjustable magnetic resistance with 8 levels so that you get intense workouts every single time.
  • ​Multifunction LCD monitor that tracks your progress, thus motivating you to pedal until you reach those goals!
  • ​Dedicated upper hand pedals to make sure those hands get much-needed workout too!
  • ​Adjustable angle seat-back to accommodate users of different heights
  • ​Textured pedals along with the straps ensure that your feet won’t slip away during vigorous workout sessions

What Do We Like?

Without even thinking, we’d say that the first thing we liked about this model is its double pedal system. Whereas most of the exercise bikes in the market today specifically caters to the feet and legs workout, Stamina Elite went a step ahead and added pedals to the hands as well, thus enabling you to have an equally intense workout for your hands as well.

The semi-reclined position of the bike works well on hips, buttocks, and thighs, thus letting you have a full body workout with just one single equipment, which is pretty great.

Another great thing about this model is its adjustable magnetic resistance system, which comes with eight different levels. This helps you in having an intense-fat burning workout whilst the quietness of the machine doesn’t let anyone get disturbed.

The multi-function monitor as well as the pulse sensors wired to it tracks your fitness levels and ensures that your pulse never goes beyond the targeted heart rate zone, which is also something worth mentioning about the bike.

Last but not least, the padded seating system, along with an adjustable seat back makes sure that you still feel comfortable despite working for longer hours, and that you can always focus on your workout, regardless of your height or size.

The Verdict

Stamina Elite’s Total Body Recumbent Exercise bike comes with a sturdy steel build, and has a lot of features worth appreciating. It focuses on helping you have a total body workout with utmost comfort possible. For users who are looking to have workouts of not just their legs, this sit down stationary bike might be worth giving a try.

​4. Schwinn 270 (MY17): An Expensive​​​​ Yet Intensive Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 270 is cheaper than the Schwinn 230, but once the various seller discounts come to play, its price is higher, however its price is accounted for by its numerous features.

Out of all the recumbent bikes on this list, it has the highest number of pre-set training programs. You can choose from a total of 29 programs, so you’re sure to find one to your personal preference.

  • ​Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your devices
  • ​Comfortable seat designed for literally anyone to use
  • ​29 pre-set exercise programs

​To further customize your experience, the Schwinn 270 has 20 levels of computer-controlled resistance. This offers double the variety than the other​ exercise bikes on this list. It promises a lot, but some of its features are dodgy at best. Users have complained about its pulse monitor not functioning. Additionally, the free assembly they promised was not fulfilled by the company. This failure to deliver in spite of its promising specifications rank it lower on this list.

​5. Marcy ME-709: A Cheap, Reliable R​ecumbent Bike For All

The Marcy Me-709 is the cheapest recumbent bike on this list. You will not have to think twice, due to its low price. However, it’s worth way more than its price.

One of its many convenient features is its step-through design. You don’t have to lift your foot over the bike to get into position; you instead just step right through. This feature makes it particularly easy for users who have trouble controlling their foot position or bending their joints.

  • ​Immensely cheap, recommended for beginners
  • ​Heavy-duty structure makes for a durable exercise bike
  • ​Optimal control with maximum support, with its counterbalanced pedals

Moreover, the seat is designed with high-density foam that allows you to be comfortable as you do your workout. Your feet will also be firmly secured to the pedals with its adjustable straps. It’s secure, safe, and does not disappoint with its low price point.

The main con that does not rank this bike higher on this list is its lack of any pre-set training programs. Most high-end recumbent bikes have built-in programs to assist users in their workouts.

Exercise with the Marcy ME-709 can also prove too easy for some, even with its eight resistance levels. However, this does not discount the fact that it’s still a viable recumbent bike for people who prefer simple to-the-point workouts, seniors, and people recovering from injury.

​​6. Exerpeutic 400XL: The Bike That Gives You What You Pay For

The Exerpeutic 400XL has a semi-recumbent design. This makes it easier for you to get on and off the seat. It promises a large, comfortable seat to add to its comfort, but you might find it lacking compared to the others on this list.

It is on the cheaper side of the spectrum. For this price, you’ll be ensured with a sturdy recumbent bike that is fairly easy to understand and assemble. It is also easy to store and carry with its foldable design – perfect for small spaces.

  • ​Foldable which makes it mobile and easy to store
  • ​Semi-recumbent design makes it easier to start exercising
  • ​Smooth and quiet pedaling

​This recumbent bike is simple and straightforward with not a lot of features. For its price, it’s a good deal, but definitely not the best the market has to offer.

​​Air Bikes

​​1. ​Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike

With a unique combination of latest air resistance technology blended with unmatched durability and performance, Schwinn’s AD7 is all you need to have to reach your full potential, right from the convenience of your own home.

In addition to a well received anti-corrosion, powder coated steel construction, AD7 comes with several state-of-the-art features which makes for an absolutely delightful workout experience. To know more about the exercise bike, do have a look at the features list below

  • ​Progressive wind resistance levels that lets you have infinite levels of workout challenges
  • ​An efficient single stage belt drive which makes sure the bike runs quietly
  • ​Has interval programs, targeted programs, as well as heart rate level indicators to keep track of fat burn, and both aerobic and anaerobic training
  • ​Perimeter weighted fan to ensure an easy setup and a smooth ride
  • ​Hand grips that come with multi-positioning feature so that you can have a variety of options in your workout sessions

What Do We Like?

The first thing that comes into our minds when we speak of a Schwinn stationary bike is that it brings the workout experience of a gym, right at the comfort of your home.

In addition to having a solid build, and being quite easy to use, what we like about this model is the combination of certain hand-picked features aiming to give you a smooth workout experience.

The bike’s single-stage belt drive is one of the features we really admire, as it ensures low maintenance, efficient power transfer and infinite levels of challenge for your workout.

We also like the LCD console, that comes with multi-function metric readouts and the telemetric heart rate technology that measures your heart rate in real time.

Last but not the least, we’d definitely like to mention another intriguing thing about the bike, its adjustable seat and handlebars, which works well with a variety of user base.

The Verdict

Overall, Schwinn AD7 is quite a sturdy bike that’s both easy to assemble and train on. With its great features, it makes for amazing training sessions - be it cardio, arms, back, legs or butt workout. But make sure you keep some space for the bike, as it is really huge.

​2. Assault Airbike

Assault fitness believes that no two athletes, or for that matter, no two individuals are the same. So, to cater to these different individuals through personalized workouts and infinite adjustments, they came up with their most proud model yet, the Assault Airbike.

Exclusively built to take extreme punishment levels, this bike can hold up to thousands of hours that are maintenance-free; it doesn’t really matter whether you use it on the military campus, gym, school or simply at your home. To know more about the wonderful features offered by the Assault Fitness for this model, do read below

  • ​Built-in durability to hold up to heavy and demanding abuse levels
  • ​Custom fit features that offer the best of both traditional up and down adjustments, with an added fore and aft adjustment
  • ​Takes pride in working equally well with the kids, adults and the older ones alike
  • ​Advanced computer display that tracks your progress and enables you set goals
  • ​Motivational programs enabled in the computer so you can reach the set goals with ease

What Do We Like?

Let’s start by saying that there are many incredible aspects that we absolutely love about the Assault Airbike. The first of them being how it’s a modern take on a traditional exercise bike, and how Assault fitness tried to fix everything wrong in the old-school techniques and upgraded it with much better, advanced fitness technologies.

We also appreciate the individualized features offered by the brand, and the heavy demand abuse the bike can take which caters to a wide range of audiences, unlike many other models in the market.

Another thing we really like about this airbike is its unlimited air resistance for both upper and lower bodies, which makes for an excellent work out - be it cardio, or even CrossFit. But is everything great with the air resistance? Probably not, as some users say that the resistance fan tends to get too loud at times.

One more likeable aspect of this stationary bike that’s worth mentioning is its LCD screen with advanced computer display, that not only allows you to track your progress or set goals, but also helps you achieve them by letting you have access to plenty of motivational videos.

The Verdict

All in all, Assault Airbike is one of the most popular pieces of exercising equipment in the market and it is rightly called so. With its customized features, versatility, sturdy build and ability to work under duress, this makes for an excellent workout bike, that works well with a variety of users.

​Desk Bikes

​1. FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike

If you are looking for something that helps you reach your fitness goals whilst working on your laptop or probably surfing the web, then FitDesk could be a good choice.

With a beach cruiser styled seating, adjustable backrest, and massage rollers along with the resistance pedaling technology, it makes for a training machine that’s perfect for getting some exercise while you’re working or just chilling. Here are a list of features you might want to look at to know more about the bike

  • ​Forearm rollers that helps you ease the strain from long hours of typing
  • ​Twin belt and high velocity flywheel that keeps the machine quiet so you can carry on with the work peacefully
  • ​Desk that comes with a non-slip feature, in-built tablet holder, storage tray and massage rollers
  • ​In-built digital resistance meter so you can track the daily progress with ease

What Do We Like?

Perhaps, the most likeable feature of FitDesk’s bike is how it managed to have features that provides you with an amazing workout while you sit at the desk and finish those deadlines, send last minute emails, or just watch a movie.

Amongst all the features, we really love how the desk comes with rollers, storage facility and a tablet holder to ensure that your work goes hand-in-hand with your workout.

The 8 position magnetic resistance, paired up with even pedaling motion ensures that you can have a quiet, smooth and consistent workout. And then there’s a performance meter which allows you to track your progress each passing day.

Another interesting element about FitDesk is how you could take it up a notch by using resistance bands to get a full-body cardio whenever you need.

Last but not the least, the adjustability of seat which allows you to sit upright, letting you use it as a recumbent bike, is also worth mentioning.

The Verdict

DeskFit’s bike has all the basic features that can help you with a great cardiovascular workout whenever you want. And not to forget the amazingly functional desk features the brand has got to offer. However, the bike needs to be handled with care, as the parts are not very sturdy.

​2. Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 Fully Adjustable Folding Desk Bike

An exercise equipment that takes pride in not just being a desk bike, but also an innovative workstation, WorkFit 1000 by Exerpeutic swears to take your workouts to the next level.

The desk station is designed with high-end technology to ensure that you can get fit whilst working on your laptop, reading a book, or simply surfing the internet on your smartphone or iPad. These are a list of the bike’s features if you want to know more about the same

  • ​A sliding desktop that’s completely adjustable
  • ​The bike can take up to 300 lbs of weight and height ranging between 5’2” and 6’3”
  • ​3 piece torque crank system and 8 level magnetic tension control system gives you a complete control of intensity levels
  • ​Folding-up feature that doubles up for storage. This works even when the bike is fully assembled
  • ​Precision balanced flywheel combined with V-belt drive ensures a quiet operation so there wouldn’t be any noise while you work or surf the internet

What Do We Like?

What we like about this desk station by Exerpeutic is the hard work they put behind designing it to give the best of both worlds - a relaxing space to work, and a comfortable space to workout.

In addition, there’s quite a bit about the bike that you absolutely got to love. It is super sturdy, easy to assemble, and can be moved easily as needed thanks to its transportation wheels. It could even be folded up for storage, even when the bike is in fully assembled mode.

Another thing you’ll find interesting about the bike is how it could double up even as a standing desk, just in case you’re tired of sitting. All you have to do is adjust the desktop accordingly.

Lastly, we also like the fact that you can track your daily progress on the LCD screen, which shows the amount of calories burned, time, speed, distance, heart rate and so on. However, not all users can make the best out of this bike, as shorter people can find it really difficult to workout on, when compared to the taller users.

The Verdict

All in all, Exerpeutic’s WorkFit 1000 is an amazing desk station that proved to be great both in quality and performance. It is perfect for those who want to burn some calories, but don’t have enough time for regular workouts, owing to their busy work schedules.

3. FLEXISPOT ​Standing Desk Exercise Bike​- Deskcise Pro

Desk bikes are the new in-thing and are becoming more and more popular in new age offices. It's part exercise bike, part standing desk. If you find exercise boring or if you're short on time, this is just what the doctor ordered. Check your emails, do a conference call, get your work done - in more ways than one.

Let's take a look at all the features which make this product worth buying.

  • ​Whisper quiet operation - There's no noise at all: neither from the pedals nor the wheel
  • ​8 different resistance levels from a flick of your wrist
  • ​Choose between sitting, standing, and cycling
  • ​Adjustable seat and desktop
  • List Element

What We Like?

Gone are the days when it meant that just cause you're stuck in the office for long hours, you'll have to forego all your fitness goals. Enter, the deskcise bike! Choose between sitting, standing, and cycling.

The seat is very comfortable and ergonomic, allowing you to sit on it for elongated periods of time, which is great if you intend to use this machine for your 9 to 5 job. There are even wheels which allow 360-degree rotation so you can move it from room to room and do your work.

There's ample space on the desktop for a laptop, a mouse or your office papers. The only problem with this excess of versatility is that while standing, you're liable to bump into the frame accidentally.

It has a ton of user-friendly features like auto locking caster wheels when you want to station your work-exercise desk in any particular room, it has a one-minute assembly time. Simply attach the desk on top and you're good to go.

You can adjust the seat and the desktop without even getting up, right from your seat. You can also select one of the 8 different resistance levels from simply a flick of the wrist.

There's a 3-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for the electronic parts. Regardless, it's sturdy enough to last you a good bunch of years.


Turn every single one of your activities into a dynamic one with this desk-cum-exercise bike. This bike is definitely the way of the future and we can definitely expect to see a lot more of them in the near future. And if they're this affordable, you can bet that day will arrive very soon.

How To Choose The Right Exercise Bike For Your Home Needs?

Now that we’ve listed down the best stationary exercise bikes for your daily workout needs, it’s time to figure out how to choose the exercise bike that works best for you.

So, how do you go about picking the right exercise bike? What are the factors that you must keep in mind? And the most important question - where to start? These might be a few questions lingering in your mind. But worry not, we’re here to help you with that.

To begin with, we’ve already established the fact that you’re looking for an exercise bike that can be used at home. Now comes the part where you must figure out what you need the bike for.

Why Invest In An Exercise Bike?

​Exercise bikes can be a great investment, as they can cater to the fitness needs of your whole family. But then, there are different reasons why you, or your family members would be wanting to use the bike. So, the first step is to understand the need, which could be:

  • ​Getting back in shape
  • ​Losing Weight
  • ​Improving the cardiovascular endurance (or)
  • ​Getting complete physical training

If your reason for getting an exercise bike is to improve on your outdoor biking skills, or you want something to use while the weather is not cooperating with your outdoor adventures, indoor cycling or spinning bikes are your best bet. They can provide you with intense workouts and increase your stamina.

Once you figure out the reason for getting an exercise bike, you should research and decide on a bike type that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Which Kind of Bike Should You Go With?

​The market these days is flooded with a number of options for exercise bikes, depending on the needs and end results that they cater to. If you already know the kinds of bikes available in the market, then it’s great, but if you’re unaware, well, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out.

Physical Rehabilitation and Muscle Strengthening: If you want to rehabilitate yourself physically, then you might want a bike with a comfortable position for seating, rather than something that gives importance to power and performance.

One thing you should make a note of in this kind of training is to ensure that your lower back is comfortable. In such cases, it’s better to choose bikes with upright position, and a recumbent bike is the perfect choice to cater to such needs.

Cardio training: If your aim is to do cardio as much as possible (say for example, workouts longer than 30 minutes each), then the most recommended position for you would be the hybrid one. It provides enough support to your back, thus letting you pedal with ease.

This also works well with those people who change their positions frequently, or have a variety of workout routines with time. It helps them find a perfect balance between comfort and endurance.

High performance usage for intense training sessions: If you’re a professional athlete and are looking to buy an exercise bike for an extended workout at home, then you might want to consider bikes that can take some punishment and works well with intense training sessions.

Pedaling power is the most important factor to be considered when you’re choosing bikes that cater to these intense cardio workouts. So, it’s better to go for a bike with the seating position designed in such a way that it transfers maximum power to the pedals, so the rider can achieve their goals.

In cases like these, it’s ideal to buy exercise bikes where you’re seated in such a way that the back is inclined forward.

Features and Their Benefits

​Last but, definitely not the least, one of the most important things to consider before buying an exercise bike is the features and benefits it has to offer you. This is more so like a final step you’ve got to pass through before zeroing in on a particular stationary bike and the model.

So, these are the key features you must be watching out for before deciding on the bike that caters to your needs the most.

1. The Flywheel Weight

The weight of the flywheel determines the fluidity and comfort of the bike. The more the weight, the better the comfort you’ll have while working out on a stationary bike. This also ensures that there will be less jerks and joltings, thus letting you experience a smooth and consistent workout session.

2. Adjustability of the Seat

This is a very crucial feature that you must keep in mind, especially if you’re of “unusual height.” If the bike doesn’t have an option of adjusting its seat vertically, then there are very high chances that you’ll end up hurting your back as well as the joints.

3. Handlebars adjustment

These might as well need adjustment before you train on the bike, as a well adjusted pair of handlebars can give you optimal position on the bike.

4. Maximum user weight

Now, we don’t specifically have to mention what happens if the bike cannot take your weight. So, make sure you look at the maximum weight a particular model can take before you invest your cash. Cheaper models tend to have a lower weight threshold as opposed to their expensive counterparts.

5. Build

See if the build of the bike is sturdy and if the materials used are of high quality. A cheap bike might not burn a hole in your pocket, but can be proven a loss in the long run. So, it’s better to go for exercise bikes with a solid-build.

6. Resistance

Check if the bike comes with a mechanical or magnetic resistance. The former gets to work when you turn the adjustment wheel on the bike, while the process is completely automatic and quiet in the latter.

7. Price

This, without doubt, is definitely something a lot of people take into consideration before making a purchase. But given the versatility of features and price range of exercise bikes, you should really keep a thorough eye before settling with a certain budget. It is always better to invest a little more and get a bike with sturdy build and solid warrant, rather than going for a cheap alternative.

Final Words

We now hope you have a clear cut idea, not only about the best exercise bikes in town, but also the factors you must keep in mind before making a purchase. So go through the article once again carefully, and choose an exercise bikes that will suit you best. That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed reading our guide.