Best Inversion Tables (UPDATED): MUST READ Before Buying!

You’ve probably heard that inversion tables are the best way to naturally relieve back pain, relax, and strengthen your core from the comfort of home. It’s definitely TRUE. But it’s not that easy to actually find a good one. Last year, we bought an inversion table and it fell apart in months (almost causing injury). $300 down the drain…

Inclined on Inversion Table

That’s why we created this review, updated with everything we learned from our mistakes. We’ve tried dozens of them and spoken to experts in the industry to put together this list based on comfort, effectiveness, mobility, and value for money. If you follow our best inversion table reviews, you’ll definitely find a table that puts an end to your backaches.

Best Inversion Table - Top Models Reviewed

Like we said before, we’ve made these picks based on our experience, customer reviews, and the opinions of industry experts. Our overall top picks are what we think are the best based on a combination of factors. Most inversion table reviews just focus on the features of the product rather personal experiences from real users. That’s why most buyers don’t get the actual best inversion table for them.

However, what’s best for us (or the average user) might not be best for you. That’s the mistake we made at first. Instead of going with one that fit our needs, we went with an expensive inversion table with good reviews. It didn't work! Be sure to make sure the table you choose fits your goals!

You are so close to a life without back pain. You’ve just got to stretch out and grab it!

1. Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table - The Best Value for Money

The Innova ITX9600 is the German Panzer tank of inversion tables, but it’s also one of the most comfortable and adjustable models. That kind of combination gives it the top spot on our list. And most people around the web agree: it’s got almost 5,000 reviews on Amazon (most of them positive).

With it, you can relieve your back pain and perform a ton of different exercises from 6 different positions with the peace of mind knowing this tank is keeping you safe.

If you’re bigger than the average person, security has to be #1 on your list (trust us, we found out the hard way). The high weight capacity and sheer size of the inversion table made us feel 100% at ease while inverting. If you need a higher weight capacity, beware of cheaper models. 


  • Heavy-duty build for max security and durability
  • Patent-pending pin system for extra flexibility
  • 1 more adjustable part than most inversion table models for extra adjustability
  • Great value at this price point


  • Some reviews complain about the ankle rests, but they were fine for us

Unlike other inversion tables that only come with 1 or 2 adjustable parts, this one comes with 3. The True Balance system lets you adjust the head, height, and feet to find your perfect center of gravity. Overall, this is our choice for the #1 inversion table model.

2. Teeter FitSpine Inversion Table : The Swiss Army Knife of Hang Ups

The Teeter FitSpine is so versatile that we couldn’t resist giving it this nickname.

Unlike other inversion table models, the FitSpine comes with comfort and stretching upgrades that make it extremely easy to get a comfortable, effective inversion session.

This inversion table was designed with beginners in mind, but is great for customers with any range of issues or experience level.

The only downsides are the price and the comparatively lengthy assembly. But once you get this bad boy set up, it’ll last a lifetime.

  • Acupressure nodes for pinpoint pain relief to melt away back pain
  • 8-point floating suspension that moves with you for greater range of motion
  • Lumbar bridge for an adjustable, deeper stretch
  • Lumbar bridge for an adjustable, deeper stretch
  • Flexible design allowing for 7 different routines (the table comes with a digital guide)

FitSpine Inversion Table comes in 3 models: X1, X2, X3.

Each step up comes with increased benefits and more convenient features. The X3 feels like you’re laying on a beach in paradise. You pay for what you get though.


  • Versatile and comfortable inversion
  • Added comfort features
  • Easiest table to mount


  • Costs more than other models
  • Takes a while to set up

3. The Innova ITM 5900 - The Best Heat and Massage Inversion Table

Imagine being suspended in mid-air while heat emanating from an adjustable lumbar pad melts away your pain. Sound good? The Innova ITM 5900 inversion table isn’t as flexible as the ITX 6900 (which is why it’s ranked below it), but the multi-mode heat function, contour integrated lumbar pad, and 2-way adjustment system get it darn close. As soon as we powered it up, that heat went straight to the root of our back pain and worked the spine pretty well.

The 5-position safety pin system promises fast and easy inversion. We normally have trouble trusting an inversion table at first, but this one didn’t scare us one bit. We could drone on and on about features, but it’s the heat and massage pad that sells this item.


  • Heating pad targets the spine and relieves pain
  • Heat melts away your stress and worries
  • Extremely sturdy (300lb capacity)


  • Not as adjustable as other models
  • Heating pad felt great for us but some reviews said they preferred a flat backrest

Again, it’s not as flexible or customizable as other inversion tables, and the price point is a bit high, but it delivers in all other areas.

4. Teeter EP - 560 Inversion Table : High-End FDA Approved Pain Relief

The Teeter EP-560 is definitely a “high end” model, but it’s hard to argue with the only FDA certified inversion table on the market.

When it first arrived, it looked more like a gaming chair. But as soon as we tried it out, we could see why Teeter charged so much for it.

This inversion table is FDA-registered. Indicated for back pain, sciatica, muscle tension, muscle spasms and more. The 8 acupressure nodes are placed at varied heights to target nagging pains across your back, and its extra-padded supports, grip-and-stretch handholds, and contoured bed all equal more comfort, more relief from pain, and more stretch.


  • FDA-registered for back pain relief, sciatica, muscle tension, and more
  • 8 acupressure nodes for a more therapeutic effect
  • Better relief, stretch, and comfort than most models


  • Positional adjustment is difficult
  • The price tag

What we didn’t like is that adjusting the height is a bit difficult because switching between positions A-B-C requires changing holes on the hinges. Not so easy, so if multiple people will be using it, keep that in mind. 

If you have the money to spend, it is definitely worth it. However, if you’re on a budget look elsewhere.

5. The Ironman Gravity 4000: The Highest Weight Capacity

Are you a “big boy” that needs an inversion table that measures up? You’ve met your match.

The Ironman Gravity 4000’s tubular steel frame makes it “the man’s man’s” inversion table. This bad boy’s 350 lb capacity lets you fit a normal sized human and the family St. Bernard with some room to spare.

Joking aside, if you are on the bigger side, do not get a low-capacity inversion table. The last thing you need is to fall on your head when your inversion table breaks at 180 degrees. The Ironman Gravity 4000 heavy duty inversion table will keep you safely suspended in air. And we loved the non-skid floor stabilizers. They made us feel confident that the table wouldn’t move.


  • You can’t break it…we tried
  • Non-skid floor stabilizers
  • Foldable and waterproof


  • No bells and whistles
  • Not as comfortable as other models
  • Not the same level of flexibility as others

It doesn’t measure up to the other inversion tables on the list in terms of features and comfort, but all of the beefy extra security measures make it ideal for big & tall inverters or a buyer just looking for added safety.

6. Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty  Inversion Table: Heavy Duty on a Budget

We decided to try the Yoleo heavy duty inversion table because it offered almost the same level of safety as other heavy duty inversion tables but at a fraction of the cost.

Overall, the lumbar support, ergonomic ankle rests, and adjustable headrest made it comfortable and effective. We used it over the span of a few weeks for roughly 20 minutes a day, so it was plenty of time.

But, the added security measures are what stood out the most. The heavy-duty frame, unique adjustable safety belt, and seamless position switching make for a safe and easy invert for about half the price of higher-end models.


  • Extra safety features
  • Easy invert
  • Extra-wide steel frame
  • Low price


  • Not as adjustable as others
  • Not as comfortable as the best inversion tables (but still quite comfortable)
  • Fewer features

If you’re looking for a high-security, heavy duty inversion table at a limited budget, it’s a good buy!

7. Exerpeutic 225 SL: Airsoft Comfort/Sure-Lock Security

After trying dozens of different inversion tables, we found that many of them were uncomfortable around the ankles. So, we decided to give the Exerpeutic a try.

The patented airsoft technology molds to your legs and ankles, providing maximum comfort. After a few minutes, we noticed a much more comfortable invert than the average table. It really helped us get into that “zone,” you know? We felt very relaxed and focused. Also, if you need extra support, the removable lumbar pillow is a godsend.

It only inverts to 165 degrees and doesn’t have quite the level of adjustability compared to other inversion tables, though. It wouldn’t be our first choice. But we are picky. All in all, the super comfortable airsoft system and the double-lock ratchet tooth mechanism make it a safe and comfortable hang. 


  • Airsoft technology delivers added comfort where most inversion tables fail
  • Removable lumbar pillow
  • No pinches from the ankle locking system, so you get added security with none of the drawbacks


  • Only goes to 165 degrees
  • Not as adjustable as other models
  • No advanced back pain features

Note: We didn’t feel any of those pinches and pains that you normally feel from low-quality inversion tables. However, other, more comfortable models might provide an overall higher level of relaxation.

8. Invertio Inversion Table: Stylish, Convenient Body Relaxation

Hard to doubt a machine that calls itself the back stretcher machine. We’ve suffered from nagging back pain our whole lives, so when it comes to therapy we prefer comfort over style...

But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the finer things in life! The Invertio back stretcher machine is one of the more stylish and sleek models we’ve ever laid eyes on. And you’ll save a ton of space with its minimalistic design and easily foldable build. It comes with padded foam roller ankle supports with 8-position adjustability.

What we really loved were the non-skid feet made with non-marring composite materials. One of our previous models scratched our floor! That won’t happen with this one.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easily assembled
  • Very minimalistic and affordable
  • It won’t scuff up your floors


  • Minimalistic design means fewer features
  • Didn’t give us the same stretch as other models

Assembly is easy and you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes. The level of comfort was good enough and the convenience can’t be beat. If you just need a simple, affordable, easily assembled table that looks like something out of Prince’s mansion, this is a good buy for you.

9. Health Gear ITM5500 Inversion Table : Maximum Back Support 

The heat pad is also removable if you’d like a more traditional experience. The oversized foam rollers for your ankles are super comfortable and sturdy, the foam back was comfortable enough, and the pivot arm made it easy to choose between the preset angles. You can remove the pin if you’d like and go to full invert too (if you’re an expert).

But for some reason, we just didn’t get the level of long-term pain relief that we thought we’d get. Sure, the spa-like treatment is awesome while you’re inverting, but it’s about curing long-term symptoms, right? Maybe your experience will be different. Or maybe you just want an awesome back massage for 30 minutes a day. It’s up to you.


  • The heating pad is incredible
  • The massager perfectly targeted our neck and back pain
  • Foam ankle supports don’t cause any pain


  • We didn’t get long-term results, but that could just be us!
  • Assembly is tough
  • Price point is close to being high-end

Also, assembly was TOUGH. However, once it was together, it was definitely an enjoyable inversion experience.

The Best Inversion Table Accessories

No body inverter would be complete without some awesome accessories to enhance your results fast.

After you’ve been at it for a few weeks or months, you’ll notice that a regular inversion therapy session doesn’t really do it for you anymore. It’s like any workout in the gym - you eventually peak.

We added some inversion table accessories to our therapy sessions and it really took things to the next level for us. They helped us achieve better, faster fitness results and more pain relief than just a regular table.

If your results aren’t what you expected (or you just want to get in better shape faster), these accessories are exactly what you need.

1. Teeter EZ Up Inversion & Chin-Up System: The Ultimate 6-Pack Shortcut

Turn any door frame safely into your ultimate 6-pack builder with the Teeter EZ Up Bundle. We were a bit hesitant at first since we’ be suspended in mid-air, but the ratchet lock gravity boots had us securely in place. We never felt like we were in danger. This is a great accessory for people who want to build a ripped core and powerful hamstrings.

Unlike most door-mounted bars with only a single bar, the double-bar design is great for easy mounting and dismounting and gives you more comfort, safety, and mobility. It also doubles as a chin-up bar if you really want to maximize your workout.

2. Healthmark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair: Great if You Don’t Want to Hang Upside Down

Seated inversion equipment is rare and we still don’t know why. It’s a definitely a worthwhile investment. The Healthmark IV18600 is designed to decompress the spine and back pain relief, helping you enjoy your life.

We immediately noticed that it gave us a good sense of relief, but without the same stress to the knees, hips, and ankles that a normal inversion therapy table does (which could be good or bad depending on your goals). We recommend it to anyone that wants to try inversion therapy but doesn’t have the strongest lower extremities.

Seated therapy lets you stretch the back and perform a wide variety of exercises (abs, crunches, oblique exercises, etc) without having to hang totally upside down. Within a few sessions, we noticed a big difference in mental focus and pain relief. Our lower backs felt great. And we didn’t have to hang upside down to do it.

3. Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine: For the Lower Back

Suffering from nagging lower back pain? The Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine is designed to target exactly that. The 90/90-degree position flattens the lumbar curve and provides the maximum stretch to the lower vertebrae. This targets the root of your lower back pain to provide long-lasting relief. 

Again, we prefer full inversion and hanging upside down (maybe we’re crazy...maybe we were bats in a past life), but if you don’t like the stress on your ankles and knees, this accessory is a good alternative.

The handles and positioning put most of the pressure on your hips, giving you a whole new way of stretching your lower back. Shortening your inversion therapy sessions and adding a 90-90 invert to the end will help get rid of that nagging lower back pain in no time.

4. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing: Do Yoga & Invert at the Same Time

Since ancient times, yoga has been known to relieve pain, improve flexibility, increase mental focus, and be great for your overall health. So has inversion therapy. They’re a perfect match.

At first, we were a little hesitant because yoga wasn’t exactly our thing. But the Yoga Swing PDF guide for beginners showed us exactly how to combine yoga and inversion therapy safely. This swing will take your yoga stretches to a whole new level and help relieve your back pain.

For us, it wasn’t super effective since we are still beginners at yoga. But hundreds of reviews swore by it and we achieved some pretty cool results over time. We definitely noticed a fast improvement in our yoga stretching and our backs felt great.

The downside is that there is a steep learning curve, and it doesn’t come with mounting equipment. If you're a hardcore yogi, then get it. If not, be prepared to make a decent investment.

5. Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Gravity Boots with Conversion Bar: Upgrade Your Inversion Table

Hanging upside down for 30 minutes can be uncomfortable for some. If that’s you, then Teeter’s EZ-Up Gravity Boots are a must-have. They fit comfortably around the ankles and add extra support, reducing the tension on your ankles and drastically increasing your comfort.

The real bonus is they lead to faster pain relief and better fitness results. The EX-UP gravity boots make it way easier to do situps and crunches from an inverted position, making it much simpler to do exercises that target your core.

Teeter tables come with standard ankle holding system—which work just fine—but these boots will reduce the pressure on your sensitive joints and give you that extra OOMPH to help you increase reps on your exercises (aka get fit).

As far as our personal experience, we are experts, so we didn’t really need them. We definitely noticed increased endurance while exercising, but we’re not sure how much it helped us personally. However, you could have a totally different experience. Definitely recommended for anyone who struggles with ab exercises on a regular inversion table.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The best inversion tables updated for this year. Inversion tables are a great way to relieve pain, get in shape, and improve mental focus. And doing it all naturally without surgery is great for your long-term health.

Remember to think about your long-term goals and consider comfort, budget, effectiveness, and practicality before you make your purchase. Also, if you want better results fast, consider inversion table accessories to help speed up your results or focus your therapeutic sessions on a single area. Your back will thank you later! A life without back pain is within reach; you’ve just got to stretch out a bit!