12 Best Home Cardio Machines That Get Your Heart Pumping

Who doesn't find visiting the gym regularly to be a tedious chore, especially when you have to wait in line to be able to use a single equipment whether its for a cardio workout or do some ?

But in today’s contemporary world, it’s not impossible to look for alternatives, especially when you can do cardio at home.

Cardio Machine

Yes! I am indeed talking about indoor non-impact cardio machines, which unlike indoor strength trainers are entirely risk-free. Not only do they come in various shapes and sizes but at a pocket-friendly price tag as well.

But there are numerous designs and types to choose from. From treadmills to rowers to even stepper-elliptical hybrids.

Luckily if you're in search of the right aerobic machine, then you're in luck.

Today we bring our top 13 picks for best home cardio workout machines that will surely help to attain a fitter lifestyle.

Cardio Exercise Machines That Make You Sweat!

1. NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

For one of the most intense training sessions, the iFit integrated NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill, will expertly help you workout and target specific muscle groups.

With 20 workout apps and iFit compatibility, you will now be able to access custom Google Maps training routes anywhere in the world.

  • With the iFit compatibility and 20 workout apps, you can personalize your workout, as you see fit.
  • 0 to 10% Incline training helps burn more calories and target specific muscles.
  • You can choose between a FlexSelect-cushioned deck that helps reduce the impact on your joints, or a firm deck that feels more like running on the road.

What Do We Like?

Being fitness freaks, what really got us hooked on the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill was how the 0-10% inclination intensified the workout. It helped to focus on specific core muscles while at the same time running a custom google map course.

With the 5-inch backlit display, you can now track your progress while you perform iFit workouts that are tailored specifically for your needs. And as an added bonus Nordic Track has equipped their T 6.5 S treadmill with a customizable 20-by-55-inch tread belt which you can adjust with the simple turn of a knob.

If you’re having joint trouble, you can decide to choose the FlexSelect-cushioned deck which will significantly minimize the pressure on your joints. On the other hand, for a more intense run, the firm deck will make you feel like you’re running on the road.  

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Chip Away the Extra Weight

To lose those extra pounds you need to burn more calories than you take in. And how better to get it done than with a full cardiovascular routine.

2. Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

Concept2 is widely known for its expertise in designing and manufacturing motivational rowing machines for over 40 years.

The ModelD by Concept2 will fit all your goals and budget as it is equipped for both competitive training and domestic cardiovascular routine. This exercise equipment offers low impact exercise accessible to anyone and of any age.

  • For easy progress tracking, the back-lit LCD display comes with ANT+ and heart rate monitoring which provide accurate data.
  • Control your workouts efficiently with the air resistance flywheel
  • The screw type design and caster wheels make it highly portable with secure storage.

What Do We Like?

What impressed us about the ModelD, was Concept2’s use of air resistance and not water or magnet resistance. Air resistance is considered to be superior as when you begin to stroke, the initial level of force starts to slowly build up momentum making it progressively easier to pull at the flywheel. Any user’s arm will pain significantly less on long workout sessions.

The caster wheels and the 8 screws make the rower very user-friendly as it becomes significantly easier to store and assemble. It takes a matter of minutes to take the rower apart into two pieces and then joining it back together.

But on the contrary, there were a few grey areas we noticed, that Concept2 can improve upon. The rowing seat felt a bit too hard when sitting for an extended period, and the chain attached to the air resistance fan is quite loud when pulled.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Tone Down the Belly Fat

Cardio can be your choice of exercise if weight loss isn't just your primary concern but reducing the excess belly fat as well. Nothing tones the waist more than a session on a cardio machine.

3. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

One of the most technologically advanced members in the group of indoor exercise cycles, Keiser M3i, is popular with both professional riders and group exercise instructors.

The cycle uniquely allows you to connect your smartphone to the Keiser M Series fitness app for data tracking, or to BKOOL for an immersive 3D cycling experience.

  • The wireless computer attached can transmit to a receiver for projection onto a screen.
  • The cycle comes with a sleek new black color scheme that features a red flywheel guard.
  • More straightforward seat adjustment by the use of a pull-pin Eddy current (magnetic resistance) system.

What Do We Like?

Apart from the attractive and cool black design, the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle introduces intelligent cycling with the help of a Bluetooth wireless display.

The new Keiser Bluetooth wireless computer we found to our surprise, is capable of transmitting to a receiver that can project onto a screen. The BKOOL can provide you with an immersive 3D cycling experience every time you sit for a workout session.  

With the help of the Keiser M Series fitness app, you can now connect the cycle to your phone or tablet, and keep accurate systematized data of every workout session.

Additionally, what makes this cycle very user-friendly is the use of a pull-pin Eddy current (magnetic resistance) system for seat and resistance adjusting. The seat is even four-way adjustable seat and wheels on base make for easy transport and storage.  

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Improve the Circulation to Your Brain

As averse to resistance training, intense aerobic exercises were noticed to have increased the size of the hippocampus. This is the primary brain area that relates to verbal memory and learning.

4. Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

Some like to go for exercise routines that are very goal driven. And if you like setting calorie burn goals every time you get on an elliptical, then the Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer will fit you like a glove.

Unlike most of the elliptical trainers that tend to be difficult to operate. The Nautilus E626 Elliptical Trainer, in our opinion, is one of the most user-friendly home cardio equipment out there.

  • 2 DualTrack LCD displays with goal tracking capability that enables you to set individual exercise goals.
  • High speed, high inertia drive system with a perimeter weighted flywheel and 25 levels of resistance.
  • There is a 0 -11%  incline adjustment for a more comfortable experience.

What Do We Like?

With the 2 DualTrack LCD displays you can now set your own personalized goals and easily track your progress as you go along. With 29 workout programs, the elliptical is capable of storing 12 profiles, 9 heart rate control features, 2 fitness test & 1 quick start routine. This adds to the product’s versatility.

The high speed and high inertia drive system come with a perimeter weighted flywheel. This makes for a smooth startup and gives a quiet and seamless workout experience.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. So if you are over 300 lbs you should look for something else. Also take into account the height of the ceiling where you position this machine, so you don't bump your head. The pedals at the highest position, work out to 24 inches from the ground. Add your height to that and you will have the maximum height you need to clear.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Prevents Mood Swings and Depressive Thoughts

A quick run on the treadmill or a good rowing session has been proven to be a good antidepressant. It helps to improve one's mood as it alleviates anxiety and stress.

5. MaxiClimber

If you're looking for something a bit unconventional in the field of indoor cardio equipment, then how about we suggest the Climbing Stepper.

It's an excellent low-impact, calorie burning workout equipment that's ideal for regular cardio routines and mountain climbing training.

  • The sturdy frame of heavy duty steel and plastic construction allows for a max user weight of up to 250 lbs. Making the stepper highly durable and reliable.
  • 2 adjustable hydraulic resistance cylinders give a smooth workout experience as it provides for a natural stepping motion.

What Do We Like?

If machine durability and longevity is your thing, then you probably cannot do any better than the Maxi Climber. It has an excellent build, unique design elements, and comes at a pricing good enough to be affordable to almost everyone.

Continuous motion of climbing steps is a fantastic way of reducing the extra calories, body sculpting and muscle toning, all in the comfort of your own home. The stair climbing machine essentially works on major core muscles like the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quads all at the same time, thereby maximizing your workout sessions.

MaxiClimber is Safe, utilizing only your bodyweight, with no added stress on the lower joints of the body. It will burn twice the calories compared to a regular workout and immensely help you improve your cardiovascular health.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Reduces Heart Risks

According to the American Accreditation HealthCare Commission, cardio exercise helps promote heart health and can even reverse some heart disease risk factors. The heart gets progressively stronger the more you exercise and as a result, it can pump out more oxygenated blood for your body.

6. Assault AirBike

The concept of the Air Bike has been around for over 40 years, and it was only recently that the fitness companies chose to modernize it.

One of the most versatile bikes when it comes to catering to customer needs, is the Assault AirBike was made with both the Competitive Athlete and the average user in mind.

  • Thick-gauge chromoly steel, sealed cartridge bearings, and oversized pivots make the air cycle withstand any hardcore training regime.
  • Extra fore and aft seat adjustment feature helps you make minute adjustments to make sure you have everything properly aligned.

What Do We Like?

What is impressive about the air bike is how Assault modernized it from the older models.  The integration of sealed cartridge bearings in every pivot and moving part left the cycle with a total of 20 bearings. Which are all tucked away under machined and formed steel.

The LCD technology of the new Assault console acts as a gateway for all onboard programs and workout feedback. The monitor additional keeps a score of heart rate, speed, RPM, time, Watts and calories burnt.

We felt that perhaps it would have been better if Assault even incorporated height adjustable handlebars to the bike. But they make up for it enough with the seats fore and aft adjustment feature which can help you personalize your bike to cater to all your needs.  

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Opens Up the Energy Reserves

If you're just lazy or suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, then regular cardio can help you bring out more stamina. According to a study, people who experienced regular fatigue felt less tired after a few weeks of a workout.

7. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

Conventional rowing machines tend to be jerky and jarring to the user. But the WaterRower Club brand of rowers are remarkably smooth and fluid.

It is made from solid Ash wood and is finished with combo of black rose and danish oil. It’s equipped to give you a wide array of physical and physiological benefits, as you can see from the features mentioned below.

  • A fly-wheel mounted upon a water tank provides smooth rowing.
  • Ash wood is known for its sound absorbing properties. You will hardly create any noise in your sessions.
  • The monitor is built of Series 4 performance, that does more than just tracking your progress.

What Do We Like?

To us when it comes to indoor  cardio sessions, the quieter  the better. Not every house can be devoid of noise sensitive people. And unlike air resistance rowers that are very noisy, the WaterRower Club rowing machine is remarkably silent because of their water resistance build. 

Water resistance rowers are known to produce much less sound compared to other designs. And additionally, the handcrafted Ash wood finish absorbs the extra amount of noise that may be generated by your rowing motions.

But to some customers what can be really annoying is when they will have to measure water to set your resistance manually. Moreover, the water tank is not provided with any water level marks or stickers, making it highly difficult to use a siphon that may not be airtight. As a result you may have to pump manually instead of benefiting from a siphon.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Prevents Life Threatening diseases

Lack of physical activity can lead to cholesterol build up in the body. Which in turn can cause problems like obesity and diabetes. Regular cardio can prevent heart diseases and premature death.

8. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

If you ever have trouble keeping your phone charged or fancy some music as you burn your calories, then we recommend you give the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike a try.

With a USB charging port and an MP3 input, you will never feel bored during a workout.

  • Seat rail slider system with easy adjust lever, which personalizes the fit for every user.
  • A resistance that goes up to 25 levels for an intense cardio session.
  • Charging USB port and MP3 input, keeps you entertained as you paddle.
  • High speed, high inertia drive system for easy start-up.

What Do We Like?

When it came to the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike what we immediately observed was how easy to access it was. The seat rail slider system lets the bike be highly adjustable and suitable for use for all ages and body types.

The high speed, high inertia drive system makes it easy to start, and the 25 different levels of resistance bring in the much-needed variety to any form of work out.

The addition of the charging USB port and the MP3 unit really helps in increasing the bike's appeal. Any indoor exercise session can get monotonous if all you're doing is paddling away for 30 minutes. The 270 recumbent bike makes sure you don't finish your course before completing your goals. Music or a video on the phone or tablet can be a great motivator.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Better Rest at Night

A research says that people with insomnia have increased sleep durations when they incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. The energy that gets depleted in exercise stimulate the regenerative process of sleep.

9. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Most intensive indoor cardio workouts can be very painful for the joints and especially for your back.

But the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical with their low impact FreeStep workout takes the load off your back and joints, elevating comfort.

  • Versatile in giving you the best workout comfort, this cross trainer lets you adjust to fit any body posture.
  • Zero impact recumbent workout makes it ideal for your knees, hips, and back.
  • Dual power motion workout of the FreeStep equally distributes muscle exertion throughout the body.

What Do We Like?

It is crucial in any workout session, may it be aerobic or resistance training, to not overexert the muscles. Teeter FreeStep in their patented stride technology provides for a unique stepping motion that prevents the knees from traveling over the toes. This helps in stabilizing the back and hips for a remarkably comfortable workout.

The dual power motion is the core of this hybrids workout feature. It works the lower and upper body simultaneously by using a push and pull mechanism to tone out all the major muscle groups thoroughly.

But what we liked is the feature of minutely adjusting the cross trainer for specific muscle targeting. You can modify your session by isolating your legs or arms to add intensity or just re-position the handles to target the biceps, triceps and the back muscles.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Ideal for Diabetics

Type2 Diabetes is a result of excess glucose in your blood. It can be a cause of sugar or if the body does not synthesize enough insulin. Cardiovascular, vascular exercises have been shown to curb diabetes as muscles are capable of using glucose instead of insulin.

10. Schwinn Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike

Sometimes working on inefficient indoor cardio devices can lead to excessive energy waste and zero results.

But Schwinn Airdyne in their Pro Exercise Bike will help you produce more watt power compared to other fan bikes at the same RPM.

  • With a Class ‘A’ Watts rating, the Airdyne Pro has a measurement of +/- 5 watts when under 50 RPM, making it a highly accurate cardio device.
  • A 26-blade performance fan and a single-stage belt drive help to reduce excessive energy waste.
  • Double coated steel body and moisture repellent frame, keep the bike durable for years.

What Do We Like?

Many low impact indoor workout routines can lead to terrible exhaustion as a result of energy getting wasted. What if, to achieve the daily exercise goals you're working more than you should. The Schwinn Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike might just solve this very problem.

As compared to other fan bikes the Airdyne Pro helps you produce more watt power and has an 'A’ Watts rating. Schwinn Airdyne in their Pro Exercise Bike uses an innovative, 26-blade performance fan with a single-stage belt drive that will respond to every pedaling motion.

This will, as a result, make the bike much more efficient in the ways of energy management for a more effective workout experience.

Additionally, the single stage drive is very smooth and does not subject you to the constant loud sounds or jerky movement which can be typically found in chain drive systems.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Creates healthy sex drive

Regular physical activity regulates proper blood circulation and tones your muscles for improved flexibility. This improves the quality of sex life and prevents erectile dysfunction in older men.

11. Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine

If you’re looking for an intense abs building solution and fancy both an indoor elliptical and a stepper, then why choose between the two when you can have both.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine combines the full body workout of an elliptical and the calorie burning quality of a stepper.
  • The M7 is given a performance targeted program that learns and adapts to your fitness level over time and assists in setting new goals.
  • Low impact training is perfect for both the elderly and a patient on health recovery.

What Do We Like?

What is quite beautiful about the Bowflex Max Trainer M7 Cardio Machine is how it combines the positives of two traditional indoor gym equipment and gives it a modern twist. Traditional steppers do not generally provide for a full body experience which an elliptical very well does. The M7 combines the best of both worlds with a smooth, low impact and user-friendly workout session that caters to every need.

To makes things even better for the user, the M7 features enhanced dual-mode LCD/LED displays. Along with commercial grade handles and new aero bar grips, the M7 also comes with sports performance racing pedals and four more levels of resistance.

With its innovative targeted programming, the M7 is equipped to learn your workout level the more you spend time on it. Quite progressive for its time the M7 is without a doubt one of the top rated cardio machines.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Increase respiratory health

As you exercise the muscle tissue use up a lot of oxygen. This increased demand for oxygen forces your lungs to work faster to provide enough oxygen for your body. As a result, your lungs start functioning more optimally, and you run out of breath less often.

12. Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner

When it comes to indoor cardio machine, it is imperative to create a smooth, natural running motion for higher efficiency and enhanced performance. And for the perfect running posture, you possibly cannot do better than the Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner.  

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum and lightweight pedals.
  • The SmartLink app helps you develop customized training regimens based on your specific goals and tracks your workouts.
  • The cross circuit program combines cardio and strength intervals in one workout for an all round full body toning.
  • A free set of resistance bands and seven connection also allows for strength training.

What Do We Like?

Being able to replicate natural motions, from walking, jogging, hill work and all-out running, were what made the Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner so appealing to us. And best of all, long sessions on this runner causes no side effects to either your back or your joints.

The ZR8 also has a unique stride tracing technology that will enable you to monitor your strides. You can now maintain a stronger form with greater consistency throughout your runs, even correcting out imbalances. 

The SmartLink app includes interval training, distance goals and octane's exclusive cross circuit. You will be able to combine frequent intervals on the zero runner, with strength and stretching exercises with the help of resistance bands and seven connection points.

The app is also compatible with select Garmin smart watches so that data from both outdoor, indoor can be conveniently tracked to one training log.

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Toned Muscles

Rowing can be an excellent cardiovascular workout despite being a low-impact exercise. Using the proper technique, you can gain strength in most muscle groups in your body. Just be sure not to bend too much as it might lead to back injury.

13. AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical

The AFG Sports 5.9AE Elliptical is all about the the luxurious and sophisticated cardio sessions. Working out was never so satisfying.

The tried and tested flywheel, and a precision drive system helps deliver a remarkably smooth running experience and even looks to provide a flat ellipse motion and a 20 in. Glide path. 

  • You can use your smart handset or tablet and via Bluetooth 4.0 connect to the AFG fitness app and control your elliptical along with tracking your workout and progress.
  • AFG Sport has a signature frame design that ensures an optimal body position.

What Do We Like?

The AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical is all about getting that luxurious and sophisticated workout experience of a 5-star gym from the comfort of your own home. After thorough biometric research, the elliptical has been built with a heavy-duty 23 lb. flywheel and a precision drive system that not only keeps the elliptical maintenance free but provides a smooth running experience as well.

The features of the overlapping pedal rotation, flat ellipse motion, and a 20 in. Glide path creates a fluid stride pattern, where most indoor ellipticals often tend to be jerky resulting in joint pains.

There are 43 workout programs and 20 incline levels incorporated into the user-friendly 3-LED display. The 16 levels of magnetic resistance and ergonomically designed, cushioned handlebars lets you customize the elliptical as you see fit.

Added accessories include a cool-breeze fitness fan and integrated audio system with surround speakers and Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.  

Cardio Exercise Benefits - Improves skin complexion

The increased blood flow through cardio does more than just improve sleep and sex. It even brightens up your skin tone. It keeps your skin healthy and gives you a brighter complexion.

Buyers Guide for Cardio Workout Machines

You can’t buy the best indoor cardio machines without knowing how you want to train in the first place. Listening to your body is as crucial as listening to the product reviews you see online. If you don’t know how to start, then read this guide to narrow down on the choices.

1. Joint flexibility training: If you’re aiming for leg joint oriented workouts, then the indoor rower will be the perfect fit. Being one of the most popular cardio equipments, the rower is not just economical but is also one of the fastest calorie burners. This fitness machine tones all of the core muscles by utilizing them and lays a specific amount of pressure on your joints.

2. Easy, straightforward no-Hassle workout: There is no denying the advantages of a good run. One of the purest forms of exercise modernized in the form of a treadmill. It is one of the most natural equipment to use, all you have to do is just turn it on, select your speed and get to running. A treadmill should be ideal to those who want to burn fat.

3. Adjustability and Customization: The exercise bike is one of the most adjustable indoor exercise machines out there. When it comes to personalizing your workout the exercise bike lets you make several adjustments to the seat and handles.  Adjusting a workout equipment to fit your body will allow you to exercise more comfortably and burn a considerable amount of calorie. 

4. Lower and Upper Full Body Workout:  The elliptical generally comes with a pair of handles and is specially designed to work on the lower as well as the upper body. Another favorite exercise machine, the elliptical is usually utilized for non-impact exercises where less force is put on your back and joints. 

5. Gluteus Maximus Toning:  For the best toning and conditioning of the gluteus maximus, the indoor steppers might just be the right way to go. Climbing an endless belt of steps is a fantastic way of reducing the extra calories, body sculpting, and muscle toning. The stepper also goes a long way in flexing out those rusty hamstrings and quads.

6. Air Resistance Training: The principle of air resistance can provide for long and grueling cardio sessions. As you press down onto the pedals, the multiple levels on the bike will make it progressively harder to pedal fast. The overall user difficulty makes this machine the ideal equipment if rough and tough workouts are your primary concern.

7. Smooth and Comfortable: Recommended mainly for recovering patients and the elderly, the simplest way of easing into a regular exercise routine is by the aid of a recumbent bike. The recumbent bike is good in all aspects, but not excellent when it comes to intensive training. As it focuses more on your legs and hips, the recumbent bike is one of the most natural workout instruments to use. All you're having to do is laying back in comfort and moving your legs.