15 Awesome Ways to Reduce Boredom When Using Your Exercise Bike

When you use an exercise bike as your go-to exercise routine, you know just how boring it can get. Burning calories does not have to be a dull and tedious moment. Below are a few things you can do to make that time on the stationary bike more fun and exciting.

1. Listen to Music

Everybody listens to music, no doubt about that. Listening to your favorite tunes while exercising makes the clock tick by. Creating a playlist of your favorite songs for your workout routine is a good way to start. You can listen to upbeat songs to keep a lively atmosphere and get you going. It is totally up to you.

Eventually, you will get tired of listening to the same songs over and over. Make sure that you update your playlist, so you do not get discouraged because of the repetitive songs.

Listen to Music

If you want, you can even listen to new music. Discover new artists. Maybe you will find some singers that deserve to be heard. You have burned calories, and at the same time, you have more beautiful music to listen to.

2. Listen to Audio Books

If you are a busy bee and you think that you are a little behind on your reading, take this time as an opportunity. You can download some audiobooks and listen to it while you exercise. You can also read actual books too if you prefer, but listening to audio books is easier.

Reading the words in the book might cause dizziness, the same way you get dizzy when you read in a moving vehicle. Your sweat could also drop onto the pages that might ruin the book.

It is more convenient to just plug in your earphones. If you are exercising in your own home, you can even listen through a speaker.

3. Watch Television and Movies

Watching movies is an obvious way of entertainment. The extra time you have while exercising is a good time to catch up on your favorite TV shows.

At home, you can face your exercise bike in front of the television so you can watch TV shows or movies. Watch those shows you have been planning to watch for a long time now but cannot find the time to do so.

If this time is the only time you have for watching TV, then it is something you will look forward to. You will also be excited about your next workout because you know you will have time to watch your favorite shows.

4. Change Paces

Exercising at the same steady pace gets boring too. It feels like you are dragging.

To keep you entertained and challenged, try alternating from a slow to a fast pace. Start with a warm-up, and then increase the intensity. Just keep from falling into a boring and steady pace. Keep it ever changing. Have some easy pedaling, then a high-tempo pace.

Different paces will help keep your mind focused on keeping up instead of watching the clock.

5. Look for Someone to Exercise With

Exercising alone can be peaceful, but there will come a time when it gets lonesome too. Even people who like to be alone, sooner or later, seek the company of others.

Maybe you have a friend who likes to exercise too. Ask her so you can exercise together. You can chat and be kept updated on each other's lives. You can also ask your significant other so you can have some quality time while staying fit together.

Look for someone to exercise with

If you want, you can even make new friends. You will have a good conversation starter since you have something in common already.

6. Learn a New language

A good way to spend that extra time is to get educated and learn new things. An interesting thing to learn while on the exercise bike is learning a new language

Have you always wanted to be able to speak French or Mandarin or any other language? This is a good time to make those goals come true. You will need to concentrate if you want to learn a new language and this will keep your mind off the time.

If you find yourself progressing with the foreign language, then you will look forward to the next session to get even better.

7. Face the Window

If you own an exercise bike, you can put it near a window in your house. This way you can look outside and watch the scenery. You can also watch the people or vehicles passing by. You can also just soak in the beauty of the neighborhood you live in.

8. Visualization

Try to visualize yourself getting more fit and healthy. Imagine yourself enjoying life because you are so energized.

This is a good way to keep you motivated. It will help you finish however long a workout you set for yourself. Thinking about the benefits, you will reap after an exercise will keep you from giving up too early. Having body and health goals will encourage you to endure the workout.

9. Watch the News

It is always good to keep up with whatever is happening around you. Be in the know with the latest news that is relevant. If you exercise early in the morning, find out what the weather will be for the day.

Just be updated. You might get a heads-up of what the traffic will be like on your way to work or back home.

10. Join a Cycling Class

Joining a group that does the same thing as you can be quite fun. You will not be alone, and you will have an opportunity to widen your circle.

Make new friends, and you will find yourself looking forward to the next session because you will see them again. You will work harder and longer because you will have more fun exercising with your pals. See if the nearby gym has a spin class you can join.

Indoor Cycling Class

11. Motivate Yourself

Self-discipline can be difficult for other people, but it does not have to be. For you to keep going, you have to convince yourself to keep going.

Try to repeat a mantra. "I can do this" "I am awesome" "I am fit" are some you can try. Anything to keep you motivated will do. If you want, you can even sync the words with your movements.

Encourage yourself. Be your own cheerleader. Anything you achieve ultimately comes down to how you made yourself do it.

12. Make It Short

If you are just really tired of long exercises on the bike, cut it short. Do other exercises, so you do not get bored of the routine. You can also do short, high-intensity sessions instead of long, low-intensity ones.

13. Solve Some Problems

You can make use of this time to address certain problem areas in your life. Whether it is about work, family, friends, relationship, or just life in general, it is time to take action.

You might come up with more creative and appropriate solutions while you are undertaking physical activity. There has been a study that says physical activity improves cognitive function. Therefore, while you are making your physical body healthy, you are also improving your mental health.

14. Setup Some Goals

To keep your mind off the time, set up some goals for yourself. It does not matter if it is for long-term or short-term. What matters is that it is something to look forward to.

Maybe after your workout, you can meet up with a friend and get a cup of coffee. You can even make a bucket list. List down in your head anything you want to experience in life. It is exciting to know what you can possibly do in the future. It will keep you happy and be more motivated to work harder.

15. Make up a Story

Use your imagination and think-up a story. Imagine yourself in different situations. Play your movie inside your head.

For example, you can imagine yourself competing in a track-cycling event. You are neck-and-neck with another cyclist, and you are both almost to the finish line. The crowds are screaming. Everybody is anxious, and you are going as fast as you can.

Paint a picture and keep yourself entertained. Your imagination has no limits.

Now that you have read through this article, you have plenty of things to do while you are using your exercise bike. You can now look forward to every session because there are things you can do to make it fun and entertaining.

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