7 Best Peloton Bike Alternatives – Affordable Options

Yes, the Peloton bike is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! $2,000 for a bike plus $500 for an app! Are you kidding me?

In this review, I’ll show you 5 of the best Peloton bike alternatives. Hell, why pay all that money when you can just stream free workout videos on YouTube while riding a bike that’s 60% cheaper?

You’ll hardly notice the difference, except the weight of an extra $1,000 in your pocket.

Let’s get to it!

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Our Top 7 Alternative Spin Bikes

Why I Love Indoor Cycling

I’ve always been into spin classes.

There’s nothing better than spending an evening after work getting a good workout in with friends.

I love Netflix and food, too. But nothing feels better than an intense hour on a bike and a few glasses of wine after!

That is, until a baby joins the family.

Yeah, that changes a few things. You no longer get much “me time” at all.

That’s when I decided I’d get a stationary bike. A friend of mine lost nearly all of her baby weight with her Peloton right from her living room.

“Wait, I can lose all this poundage without leaving the house? I can exercise while keeping an eye on my little rugrat?”

I was all in on this!

As soon as I got home, I went straight to Peloton to order my bike.

That’s when I saw the price.


“Has the world gone mad?”, I screamed.

“NO WAY IN H**L”, my husband was even more succinct with his thoughts.

Oh, and $40 a month for the subscription? What, you can’t include the app with the arm and the leg it costs for the bike?

Oh, and you need to buy special cleats too?

I was DONE. No way.

If you think about it, the bike actually costs over $2,300 for your first year if you factor in a year’s worth of the monthly subscription to the app.

Why spend all that money when you can literally buy any bike with Bluetooth or a tablet holder, subscribe to a workout app (INCLUDING PELOTON’S!), and get nearly the same experience?

So after testing a few of the alternative bike’s myself on their free trial plus riding with friends at their houses, I’ve been through 5 bikes that are perfect alternatives to Peloton (plus 2 honorable mentions).

You really won’t notice much of a difference at all.

Out of those 7, these are my top 5.

The Top 5 Peloton Bike Alternatives

1. NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle (S15i and S22i) - The Highest-Quality Alternative

Overview : NordicTrack’s S15i and S22i are just as good as the Peloton. But you save hundreds of dollars per year on memberships because their bike comes with a year subscription to iFit. These are two super high-end exercise bikes that actually mimic cycling outdoors, so you get a spin-class quality workout from your own home, WITHOUT paying the extra $468 for a Peloton membership.


  • The highest quality substitute for Peloton
  • Programmed workouts auto-adjust resistance
  • Mimic’s cycling outdoors
  • 1 year iFit subscription included (take that, Peloton!)
  • Extra comfortable
  • Massive touch screen


  • Price
  • No live workouts

The NordictTrack S15i and S22i are just as good as the Peloton (if not better), except you don’t have to pay for the first year of membership to all their fat-melting, muscle-building workout programs.

You know all those super energetic training videos that Peloton promises? Well, iFt’s are even more high-energy. I didn’t even get a chance to rest. It felt like I was in a spin class, except I didn’t have to socialize (yes!).

If you’re like me and tend to take it easy without someone pushing you, you’ll love how the NordicTrack both auto adjusts your resistance - safely - and has a personal trainer screaming at you to GO, GO, GO.

I wish they weren’t all pre-recorded, though. That was a bit of a bummer.

My favorite things

  • Every workout imaginable: They’ve got everything from beginner tracks to Olympic-intensity interval training in far flung locations. You can even rotate the screen and follow along on the ground if you want to do some yoga.
  • Workout in comfort: Nothing’s worse than a spin class on a Stone-Age seat. NordicTrack’s seat was plush and as comfortable as you could ask for.
  • Like an outdoor workout except in your living room: The range goes from - 10 to 20%. That’s way more than standard, so you get an outdoor cycling experience. For you, that means MORE calories burned and an even tougher workout.

What I didn’t like

  • Pre-recorded workouts: Honestly, I do love how the Peloton has live workouts. The NordicTrack’s are all pre-recorded.
  • Some assembly required: It’s definitely a bit tougher to put together than the Peloton, but it only took about 30 minutes.
  • Price: It’s still pretty expensive, but worth every penny.

2. Concept2 BikeErg 2900 Stationary Exercise Bike - the Best Stationary Bike for Triathletes

Overview : Concept2’s BikeErg 2900 is the ultimate home workout bike. This is THE bike for triathletes, hardcore cyclists, and anyone else who needs intense training at affordable prices. Out of all the bikes I tested, this was far and away the best, most consistent workout. It doesn’t come with bells and whistles, but man is this a KickA** workout!


  • Intense but comfortable workout
  • Unlimited resistance
  • Aluminum for durability
  • Library-quiet


  • Lacking features
  • Not super comfortable

The Concept2 is designed for high-level bikers needing a bike with no limits. The harder you push the harder it pushes back. The only limit is your current cardio plateau.

The air resistance, super sturdy frame (for heavy sprints), and online logbook help you identify plateaus, reach them, then CRUSH them with no mercy.

Personally, I think this one is a bit above my level. I got a killer workout, but nowhere near the max this bike can handle. After searching reviews on Amazon, nearly everyone said this was the best cardio workout they got on a bike, and their leg muscles were noticeably bigger in a few weeks.

Here’s how it works…

Unlike most high-end exercise bikes, the BikeErg 2900 uses air resistance instead of magnetic, meaning the harder you work the harder your bike works you.

This comes with two advantages aside from just unlimited resistance.

First, the massive flywheel makes starting and stopping easy, making it ideal for intense sprints followed by cool down periods. You don’t need super strong legs and a ripped core to keep this bad girl under control.

Next, it’s so quiet it’ll never wake your little ones no matter how hard you push.

My favorite things

  • Unlimited resistance: Most bikes have ceilings. The BikeErg 2900 has none. In fact, it’s designed to help you smash through those ceilings and train for a Triathlon (or just shed pounds).
  • Next to no noise: The fan does make a low humming noise, but that’s it. It’s perfect for stay at home parents.
  • Never worry about tipping: The frame is made with aluminum so it’s lightweight but strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds. Even at my peak the bike didn’t wobble.

What I didn’t like

  • Not luxurious: The seat is nothing near what I’d call “plush”, but it’s still fine.
  • Lacking features: There is Bluetooth connectivity plus some online apps, but they’re a bit difficult to use.
  • No programs: I love structure, so the workout programs on other bikes are huge for me. But I’m not an athlete, so you might love the freedom.

Important Note : This bike might not be suitable if you’re under 5’4. I did fine but I’m a bit on the taller side.

3. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle - Perfect for Couples and Families

Overview: The Keiser M3i is ideal for couples or large families with people of all shapes and sizes. The versatile V-shaped frame accommodates nearly all body types, and the easily adjustable seat and handlebar can accommodate anyone rangin from 4’10 to NBA players.


  • Keiser’s world-class technology
  • Fits all body types
  • Super durable and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to transport
  • Infinite (kind of) incremental resistance for better workouts


  • Not as comfortable as billed
  • Plenty of features but none as good as Peloton or Nordictrack

Keiser’s newest addition to the cycling world is the industry’s first fully V-framed bike, making it the only bike that can comfortably accommodate the whole family (just not at once, please).

Everything about this bike screams ADJUST ME.

The 4-way adjustable seat, the adjustable handle bars, the V-shape frame_combine it all and you get the market’s most versatile indoor Peloton alternative. My partner and I had no problems alternating workouts on this one, so I highly recommend it for couples.

I’m not saying it’s as fun as going to spin classes together, but it’s definitely the best, most versatile option if you plan to share with your family.

Here’s what you should know.

I’m not an expert on this, but from what Keiser told me, the V-frame and adjustability make it so that the bike can mimic different types of road bikes. So if you normally ride a commuter bike (yes, I had to google that, too), you can adjust the Kesier so that it mimics a commuter bike.

That means you can train at home for your morning commuter ride. Make sense?

My favorite things

  • One bike for everyone: I loved how my husband and I could both use it in complete comfort.
  • Keiser tech: The app isn’t as good as Peloton’s, but all the added extras like the heart rate monitor (included in the bundle), were spot on. I even loved the sleek water bottle holder.
  • Easy to move: The bike is super easy to transport. I was able to watch TV in my living room then push it out back so my husband could get an intense ride in the heat. No idea what’s wrong with him (I think he has mental issues…).

What I didn’t like

  • Comfort: It’s not nearly as plush as they say it is. It didn’t affect my ride, but it’s not luxurious at all.
  • Price: If price is your main gripe with the Peloton, this one isn’t much better.
  • The App: Keiser’s app isn’t nearly as good as NordicTrack’s or Peloton’s.

4. Assault AirBike Classic - Intense Burn at an Affordable Price

Overview : An all out assault on your heart, lungs, hips, and legs. The AirBike Classic is a Rocky style burning machine popular in boxing gyms across the world that gives you the best workout for your buck. This is a bare bones throwback that burns calories, NOT a whole in your wallet. No frills, no luxury, no hand holding_only a pure, calorie burning assault on your body. And it costs a fraction of the Peloton.


  • Infinite resistance
  • Best workout for the money
  • Smooth and durable even at high speeds
  • I loved the time targets


  • No frills
  • Not super luxurious

The Assault AirBike Classic comes straight out of a Rocky boxing gym and into your living room at a price that no other Peloton alternative rivals.

This is THE bike found in boxes, boxing gyms, and high-intensity fitness centers across the world. The fan gives you the same infinite resistance as the Concept2, but it’s even cheaper.

If you aren’t into frills and just want the ultimate, butt-kicking workout at an affordable price, this is it.

What I liked

  • No consoling: The console is bare bones, but that’s the point. The AirBike Classic cares about one thing and one thing only: Kicking your butt.
  • Push your limits: Instead of workout programs, you only set time and resistance goals. That way, you’re super motivated with 0 distractions.
  • The only limits are your limits: No magnetic resistance means you can push farther than you ever have before. The tougher it gets the tougher YOU get.

What I didn’t like

  • No adds on: This bike’s goal is for you to focus only on a workout, but a nicer screen would make it better.
  • Not comfortable: The seat is a bit hard for my liking.
  • No programs: Again, I prefer programmed workouts to push me.

5. Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike Series - the Most Affordable Peloton Alternative

Overview : The Schwinn IC4 is the most affordable Peloton alternative that actually mimics the Peloton. It does pretty much everything the Peloton does (app included) except at half the price. Just connect to the Peoloton app, subscribe, and boom, you’ve got the Peloton in your living room and $1,000 + dollars more dollars in your pocket.


  • Super comfortable seating
  • Feels like the Peloton
  • Peloton app compatible


  • The screen is average at best
  • Lacking bike adjustments
  • Not as stable as others on the list

Why spend thousands on the Peloton when you can just get the Schwinn IC4, subscribe to the Peloton app, and get nearly the exact same experience?

I didn’t even notice I wasn’t on the Peloton, and neither did most other reviewers on Amazon. The only major difference is the Peloton’s awesome touch screen. Other than that, you won’t notice anything except the extra money in your pocket.

The IC4 has 100 micro resistance adjustments, so you can literally start as a beginner and work your way up to the Tour De France without skipping a level.

That, and the racing style seat is super comfortable. I cycled for over an hour without any discomfort.

To be fair, it’s not EXACTLY as good as the Peloton, but it’s darn close. When you subscribe to the app, put your tablet on the bike, and put your headphones in, you won't even notice.

Honorable Mentions

It wouldn’t be fair to leave these two bikes off the list. It’s just that there are better alternatives in the top 5. These bikes don’t do anything unique. They’re just kind of the same as the others, just not as good.

6. Rogue Echo Bike

Rogue Echo Bike
The Rogue is another killer fan bike with unlimited resistance, but it’s not nearly as good as the Assault AirBike Classic. Give it a look though, you might like it.

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny is another major player in the indoor bike game, but for the price they charge, I don’t consider this a good alternative. It’s a great bike, but not worth the money.