11 Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use Reviewed

With every passing day, increasing number of people are taking up fitness activities as their escape from a stressful life.

Be it cardio, strength workouts, or anything else that ensures a toned and healthy body - people are right there sweating it all out.

This has not only led to a rise in the number of gyms but also increased the installation of home gyms and purchase of fitness equipment like stationary bikes and elliptical machines.

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I am a huge fan of elliptical machines and how awesome they are to train with. I mean, they are these amazing home fitness machines that give a great workout, and that too, with a low-impact. Who wouldn’t love them?

So, when we decided to review the elliptical machines here, I was thrilled. But then, several brands in the market manufacture these machines - both for home and gym use.

Which among them would suit your needs the best? Which design will be worth the purchase?

Let’s find out!

Elliptical Machines That Can Fit in a Living Room

1. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Blending intuitive design with user-friendly technology, Schwinn’s elliptical exercise machine is designed to make the whole workout experience a lot more enjoyable than its contemporaries.

With all the necessary specifications required for the training, and a few other unique features specific to the brand, Schwinn 470 strives to help you meet your fitness goals. 

Now, let’s find out what makes this elliptical trainer one of the top rated exercise equipment in the market.

  • 29 different programs including 12 for the profile, 9 heart rate control programs, 4 custom settings, 2 fitness tests and 1 quick start
  • 25 resistance levels that enable a variety of workout options
  • Large cushioned foot plates for low-impact workouts
  • Dedicated media shelf with in-console speakers, USB port, and an MP3 Port

What Do We Like?

The first time heard of this elliptical machine; we were quite intrigued - especially with its Bluetooth connectivity and media port. And did it live up to the expectations once we got to lay our hands on it? Oh, yes!

In comparison to the other standard elliptical trainers, this one sure went a notch higher with their incredible Bluetooth connectivity. The machine doesn’t only synchronize with the brand’s own Schwinn fitness track app, but also with the RunSocial app which lets you track your fitness alongside the people in the world. And that too, in real time.

Coming to the media shelf, 470 sports in-built speakers and ports for plugging in USB drives as well as MP3s. This definitely makes for a pleasant workout, especially for music lovers like me.

We’ve only been speaking about the extra perks of the machine until now; it’s only fair to talk about the features that help directly in the workouts. And even here, Schwinn managed to surprise us with everything it has to offer with the machine.

The 29 different programs that the trainer offers, along with 25 levels of resistance, is a fantastic feature that ensured we had one of the best workout experiences so far. And not to forget the 20” path stride and high resistant flywheels which make for a smooth and consistent workout, every single time.

However, a few users experienced sudden clicking issues and squeaking noise after some usage, which we didn’t find a trace of.

The Verdict

Even in comparison to more expensive equipment in the market, Schwinn 470 manages to give you intense workout sessions, especially if you like the full-stride.

Due to its different and unique track mechanism, we suggest that you buy it only for home use, and not consider it for your gym or professional fitness centers.

2. Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus is one of the well-known brands for fitness equipment. They have a range of elliptical trainers and recumbent bikes which have been popular among the users for quite a while now.

The E614 model too, is one of the premier machines in their line of elliptical trainers. With unique features like dual track display and goal tracking capability, this machine tries to give a great workout session to fitness enthusiasts.

Here’s what makes Nautilus E614 different from the rest of the elliptical reviews in the list:

  • 22 programs, which include eight heart-rate control, nine profile, two custom, one quick start and one fitness test
  • Goal tracking with dual LCD displays so you and your folks can set and track goals individually
  • 20 levels of resistance to ensure you have workouts of different intensity
  • In-console speakers, USB and MP3 Ports so you can groove to some music while exercising

What Do We Like?

The first thing about Nautilus that caught our attention is its build. The machine is sturdy and doesn’t shake even during intense workouts. We used a mat underneath because of the hardwood floors though.

The machine is also absolutely quiet during the workouts. We observed a little clink at the beginning, but that was because of a loose part. But once we fixed it, the ride was entirely smooth. So, we could safely say that you wouldn’t have complaining neighbors whenever you want to train.

Unlike a few other elliptical machines we’ve tested, this one has foot pedals that are placed at a safe distance from one another. So, there was no discomfort in the legs while working out on the trainer.

The LCD screens are easy to read, as opposed to some of its contenders on the list. We’ve had few issues syncing it with myfitnesspal initially, but it took us some time to realize that we need to put up our progress on a flash drive and upload it onto the fitness tracking app by logging onto Nautilus’s website. We got to admit; the whole process might be quite cumbersome to few.

One other thing worth mentioning is the adjustable fan present in the machine. It might reek of plastic in the beginning, but it’s just a quirky little perk you’re going to love.

The Verdict

For its price range, Nautilus E614 is indeed a commendable training machine. Some might say it gives the same feeling as the club elliptical, but we disagree with that statement. Because even though it is sturdy, you experience more movement in the machine when compared to the commercial ellipticals.

Apart from the long hours of installation, which some users might be wary of, E614 is pretty much an impressive little machine.

3. AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical

Available in a beautiful shade of gray, this elliptical trainer by AFG sport is not just attractive to look at, but also has some amazing features worth mentioning.

The brand boasts a superior motion with their signature frame along with a precision drive system and the 5.9Ae for a fantastic overall workout experience.

Their 20-inch glide path and flat ellipse motion technique is a result of extensive biometric research, which also largely helped the brand in designing the elliptical.

What’s so great about AFG sport elliptical that sets it apart from the rest? Let’s find out.

  • 23 lb. flywheel, 5.9Ae delivery and precision driving system for quiet, smooth and consistent workouts
  • Maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs. So you know the machine takes some weight
  • Signature frame design for natural movement and superior motion to give you an optimal fitness training
  • Multiple user accounts, catering to fitness goals of different people
  • Fitness fan, speakers, and audio plugin to enhance the experience of your workout and make it easier

What Do We Like?

Now, we do know that a lot of people don’t like installing their machines. It might be due to their inefficiency, or unwillingness to get on with the tedious process. But let us tell you one thing, putting this elliptical together is a cakewalk, even when you’re not among the most mechanically inclined of people.

We’re really happy with the stride, as we feel the resistance along with a smooth glide. This is something you can observe in the rhythm, which changes depending on the usage.

Another thing that we liked is that the machine can track the progress of not one, but multiple users. This is undoubtedly a great thing for couples and families who love to workout and track their fitness goals individually.

We can’t speak enough about how well this machine handles the workout. The motion smoothness is absolutely commendable. Every part of your body will have some work to do; it’s completely your choice. You could just hold on to the handles to work your legs or just give it all in. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it?

The Verdict

Overall, AFG Sport’s elliptical is a great machine. It gives the best value for your money and does everything it says incredibly well.

However, some of you might find an issue with the foot pedals being in more proximity than you like. But the overall experience it gives you would take all that little discomforts away from the mind. You can just choose your intensity level, program it accordingly, and start working out. It’s as simple as that.

4. EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

What’s unique about the fitness company EFITMENT? The people there are fitness enthusiasts themselves and spend long hours at the gym after work. We believe you can expect nothing but the best from the ones who actually love what they sell for a living. And their E006 elliptical trainer exactly shows you why!

For the ones who embrace the benefits of running, but want to experience the proper results of a full body workout, EFITMENT’s Elliptical workout machine is a great fit. But what gets this fine piece of equipment on to this list in the first place? Perhaps, going into the details might help you know.

  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance, within the reach of an arm, so you can choose the intensity levels of your workout
  • Compact footprint design that’s ideal for storage and saving space
  • Digital display monitor to keep track of your fitness progress
  • Belt-driven flywheel which keeps the machine smooth and quiet at all times

What Do We Like?

The first thing that we noticed as soon as we laid our eyes on E006 is its terrific size. It is quite compact - under 4ft, to say the least. So, it takes up a very little space in your apartment, house, condo, or even a studio. And those portability wheels make it easier to move the machine wherever you desire, just by tipping it upward to an angle.

Now, when we tried the Elliptical, we were impressed with how smooth the workout experience was - both for the upper and lower body parts. Its 13-inch stride proves perfect for those who want to acquire the benefits of running but want to go easy on the knees while incorporating more workout for the upper body.

We really liked the magnetic resistance of this machine, as it can be adjusted according to the preferences of an individual. So, you don’t really have to worry about sticking to a single intensity level.

Also, the belt driven flywheel of the machine came out quite as a surprise, as the whole workout went really smooth, quiet and maintenance free.

And before I forget, I’d also like to mention about the pulse rate monitors which are built into the stationary bars of the machine. This could really help as you can now track heart rate, respiratory endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and last but not the least, the amount of fat you’ve burnt.

The Verdict

Efitment’s training machine is an amazing choice for those who are looking to have a full body workout without having to go through much hassle. It’s got great features and added perks like a tablet and phone holder, and non-slip pads for foot, so you can have a great training session.

You might have a little trouble assembling the machine, and there have been some complaints about the sturdiness of the build. But other than that, working out on Efitment’s E006 is a breeze.

5. Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Unlike the other ellipticals for home use, this machine is designed to exercise by placing it under the desk. With the intention of incorporating movement into our daily lives - be it at home or workplace, Cubii Pro has come up with this eccentric idea.

Said to be the only Bluetooth enabled desk elliptical in the market, this piece of fitness equipment comes with a patented ergonomic design for various sitting options, and many other interesting features. It has also been mentioned in the TIME’s favorite gifts list for the year a few years ago.

Now, let’s see what makes this elliptical one of the most embraced workout machines.

  • Bluetooth enabled device with easy sync to Cubii Pro’s exclusive health app, Fitbit as well as Apple’s Healthkit
  • Whisper Quiet technology that lets you workout without any noise
  • Patented ergonomic angles that support users of different heights
  • Durable and sturdy build, so you don’t have to worry about the machine falling apart

What Do We Like?

We were really skeptical about the fact that most of the under desk ellipticals require more leg height to work out. But Cubii Pro is absolutely great and works with very little leg room. Now, no more worrying about your knees banging against the desk.

The working of the machine is natural - it’s smooth, and less cumbersome when you compare it to other under-desk exercising machines. Not to forget how quiet your workout is going to be due to its whisper quiet technology. And this means you don’t have to fret about disturbing others while you’re burning out all those extra calories.

Another thing we found fascinating is the freedom of choosing resistance levels and workout intensities that the machine offers us, despite its tiny size. All the while, enabling you to keep track of your progress, fat burn, stride, RPM, distance and time through Bluetooth sync to apps like Fitbit and Apple HealthKit. And then there’s also the brand’s very own fitness app.

Last but not the least, we really loved how its compact and ergonomic design, specifically targeted towards people with a sedentary lifestyle, makes it easier to have low-impact workouts that are easy on the knee joints.

And before we go to the verdict, can we just mention how adorable the machine looks? That’s definitely another plus point!

The Verdict

Cubii is one elliptical machine that is ideal for people who tend to sit for long hours. It keeps your legs going and tremendously improves your heart rate and blood circulation while being easy on you. And working out on the device doesn’t make you feel strained at all.

Also, they have a stellar customer service that’s available at your beck and call, answering your queries and catering to your problems, if there’s any.

Ellipticals Suitable For a Home Gym

1. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

One of the reputable brands in the market, Sole is known for manufacturing fitness equipment for both homes and professional gyms. Engineered and constructed in Taiwan, this elliptical machine comes as quite a surprise with all the benefits it has to offer.

E35 sports a unique fluid, natural motion technology powered by a whisper quiet drive system that doesn’t only work in the forward motion, but also in reverse. In addition to this, the machine comes with several other interesting features which make for an intense cardio workout.

Let’s have a look at the list of things which makes it to the list of top contenders in the market.

  • Quiet drive system with 29 lbs. Heavy flywheel and high gear system
  • Power incline with extra resistance and different positions to allow diverse, challenging and individually targeted workouts - all with the touch of a button
  • The advanced sensor system to monitor heart rate effectively
  • Oversized foot pedals to reduce stress in the knees and ankles

What Do We Like?

Perhaps, what caught our attention before anything else while trying out the E35 model is how impeccably smooth it is. All thanks to its natural, fluid motion and quiet drive system, the machine works well, in both forward and reverse directions.

The unique combination of high gear and a really heavy flywheel, which provides a challenging workout of 20 different levels is also something worth mentioning. Furthermore, we also like how we could adjust the incline of the ramp to a certain angle so we could work on all the lower body muscle groups.

While trying out various elliptical machines for reviews, we’ve found that most of them have uncomfortable foot pedals with an awfully close distance between them. But Sole’s E35 is quite different. It comes with large, or should we say oversized pedals with a two-degree slope inwards to give you customized workout experience while putting in less stress on the legs and ankles.

This idea for the foot pedals, according to the brand, has come to life with a successful collaboration between Sole’s in-house engineers and a leading physical therapist who understands the nuances of fitness devices and working out.

Like many other machines in the market, E35 too has a sensory system built into the handlebars, so you could check the pulse and heart rate as you work out - only this one comes with sensors that are interactive, and more advanced.

The Verdict

All in all, Sole Fitness E35 is one sturdy elliptical machine that caters to your every workout need. It’s got these great features along with perks like an adjustable fan, in built sound system and a cup holder.

But there’s one thing you’ve got to take note of - place the machine on a carpet as it’s really heavy and could damage the flooring. Other than that, we are satisfied with the model and are pretty sure that you would be, too.

2. Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical

Recently, Bowflex came up with a line of fitness equipment called the Results Series. The line has a few treadmills and ellipticals which featured an outstanding calorie-centric programming package. The model BXE116 Elliptical is one among them.

With this machine, Bowflex boasts a number of other unique features in addition to the one mentioned above. This includes a switch select pedal suspension technology, Bluetooth connectivity, in-reach controls and an excellent LCD display.

But how does it fare among the others on our list? Read on to find out.

  • The switch-select cushioning system with three levels of adjustability for customized low-impact workouts
  • Multi-grip handlebar buttons which make sure that you’re effortlessly in control, despite the difficulty in the pedal incline adjustments
  • Bluetooth connectivity and sync to apps like RunSocial and Bowflex’s very own Results Series application
  • A unique burn meter that lets you gauge and adjust your workouts based on your comfort

What Do We Like?

There are plenty of reasons why BXE116 is among our favorites in the list. But let’s start with its effortless control feature and the switch-select system for cushioning.

Now, when we tried out other ellipticals, it took us some work to get the hang of the controls. But the multi-grip handlebar buttons of Bowflex, which are just within reach, makes it much easier to control the machine, especially when it gets difficult to adjust the pedal inclinations.

Then there’s this amazing cushioning system the brand uses to customize the workouts for different individuals. It’s quite true that a single size doesn’t fit everyone. So, keeping this in mind, Bowflex came up with three different levels for adjusting the tilt and increasing the activation of muscles.

Another thing we really like about the machine is its unique Burn meter, which allows you to gauge or customize workouts based on your preferences and personal comfort. And whatever progress you make, just back it all up in Bowflex’s Results Series app or the RunSocial app. This way, you can keep track of your whole fitness journey.

The Verdict

With an excellent blend of technology, connectivity, and calorie-centric programming, Bowflex BXE116 is the perfect solution for your full-body workout needs.

At the price it comes for, this elliptical machine managed to find a place for itself in the market, catering to the users who are looking for fitness equipment with powerful performance and amazing value.

3. Horizon Fitness Evolve 3 Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness is a well-known brand that manufactures various kinds of fitness equipment, which includes bikes, ellipticals, rowers, treadmills and a few others. With a firm belief that the right equipment is key to having easier and more efficient workouts, the brand introduced Evolve 3 Elliptical Trainer to the market.

What Horizon fitness takes pride in when it comes to this trainer is its extremely easy assembling and installation, which can be done in just three steps. It also features several other top-notch features like ViaFit connection technology, 32 different exercise programs, and a SixStar frame.

Here are some specific details about the elliptical in case you want to know more:

  • Easy three step assembly that can be achieved within minutes
  • The patented hydraulic folding system which makes it easier to store the machine effortlessly between your workout sessions
  • Longer stride and ergonomic design that facilitates a comfortable workout
  • Unique cardio compass display that gives you clear, visual feedback of the workout session

What Do We Like?

Perhaps the most challenging part of us testing out these ellipticals is the assembly. Most of the models in here take quite a while, and maybe even some manpower for the complete installation. But the Evolve 3 trainer left them all behind with its incredible 3 step installation. You can take it all out from the box and put it together in just a matter of minutes.

Not just the setup, it can also be folded easily and tucked away amidst the workout sessions, all thanks to Horizon’s unique hydraulic folding system. It’s so efficient that the company has got the technology patented.

Now, there’s another thing that we quite liked about this elliptical - it’s SixStar frame, which is specifically designed to help you position your body correctly, so you feel good during the workout.

The machine comes with 32 different exercise programs, so you know you’ll have a tailored workout session that’s intense on all levels. While you’re at it, the cardio compass display provides feedback with the help of your wireless heart rate receiver. And you could update all the progress on different fitness apps with ViaFit connected technology.

 Before we forget, we’d also like to mention another amazing add-on that elevates your whole workout experience - the Passport Ready feature. It takes you through different destinations virtually, while you’re sweating it out. All you have to do is buy the Passport Ready separately and display it on your TV sets.

The Verdict

Fitness Evolve 3 is one of the most-loved products by Horizon Fitness. With a simple assembly, single step folding, compact footprint and a variety of auto programs, this makes for an ideal and one of the most comfortable elliptical machines available in the market these days.

4. Precor EFX 222 Energy Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

Specially built to focus on workout sessions targeting towards the toning of muscles, Precor EFX 222 aims to help you achieve excellent cardio endurance.

The Crossfit trainer ensures that you get desired results with workouts that are natural, smooth, and have a lower impact. It also helps you engage your arms and core in a total body workout, while not laying too much stress on the legs and ankles.

What makes this elliptical different from the rest of its competitors on this list? Have a look at our standout feature picks below.

  • Patented design that provides a smooth, natural workout while keeping your body in a comfortable position
  • A cross trainer with different choices of exercise to get optimal workout experience
  • Three ramp angles and stride lengths to customize the workout sessions
  • Manually adjustable crossramp to suit users with different preferences

What Do We Like?

We’d like to start off by speaking about the simple assembly of the elliptical. It’s quite easy and can be put together in under an hour, with a little help. But just a heads up, the delivery box is going to be really massive, and you might want to have someone to for the moving and installation.

What we really love about this machine is that it’s super quiet. It doesn’t make loud noises, so you can have a peaceful workout session without having to disturb anyone in or around the house.

The machine lets you save the progress of two different users, and this includes things like RPM, calories burned, time, distance, and heart rate monitoring. Some users found the heart rate calculations inaccurate, but we found no such issues with the device.

Another delightful thing about EFX 222 is its cute little stand at the top, which comes with little clips for securing. This stand allows you to place books, tablet or a phone in case you want to read or get some work done during the session.

The Verdict

All in all, Precor EFX 222 is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment that allows you to have club quality workout sessions from the comfort of your own home.

It’s quiet, sturdy and runs like a dream. And just because we mentioned above, it doesn’t need to be confined to home usage; it works like a charm even at a professional fitness center or a gymnasium.

5. LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer

Branded as the cross-training powerhouse, LifeSpan’s E3i is designed to give a towering performance that’s combined with a well-refined sculpted presentation.

It boasts a core balance technology which identifies where exactly the effort imbalances might exist and allows you to work accordingly.

The elliptical helps you experience boundless training potential with 20 grades of intensity and ramp levels each.

What else sets E3i apart from the rest? Read on to find out!

  • Engineered for elite fitness that makes you come back wanting more
  • Track your progress on various fitness apps on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Get the exact workout you desire with LifeSpan’s powerful technologies
  • Develop perfect equilibrium right from the moment you begin exercising with injury-reducing core balance technology

What Do We Like?

When we first tried LifeSpan’s E3i, we were wondering if it would live up to the expectations of their tagline ‘The Exact Workout You Desire’. And boy, we were surprised to find its performance overwhelmingly positive.

The powerful technologies developed by LifeSpan ensures you provide maximum benefits in as little time as possible. The 20 grades of intensity, combined with 20 individual ramp levels will make sure you hit the highest training potential possible.

We also loved how the sensors built in the elliptical pedals individually calculate the force exerted by each side of the body, thus developing a perfect equilibrium and reducing the chance of injuries.

One more thing we really liked about this elliptical is how you can track the progress, not only on LifeSpan’s Active Trac App but also other companion apps that work with Apple Health or Google Fit.

The Verdict

E3i is LifeSpan’s flagship elliptical with amazing muscle-isolating and cardiovascular ability that ensures you get the exact workout and health you desire.

It helps in boosting the health of the heart, incinerating fat content and tone the muscles in the exact part of the body you want, without stressing out your knees and joints. And all this could be achieved right from the comfort of your home gym.

Elliptical for Outdoors

1. ElliptiGo 8

Known as the world’s first outdoor elliptical bike, ElliptiGo Arc 8 is made to bring in joy and comfort of cycling, while reaping the benefits of a normal elliptical machine.

Complete with eight gears and extremely compact stride, Arc 8 ensures you have an amazing low-impact cardiovascular workout session while being able to cruise along the exteriors or bicycling a top a steep hill.

Now, the concept of an outdoor elliptical itself is quite eccentric. But what makes it all the more special? Let’s find out.

  • A sleek aluminum frame which makes the bike extremely light
  • Adjustable foot positioning, so your feet don’t feel locked in and is comfortable at all times
  • Removable telescopic steering extender which makes the bike adjustable for a variety of users
  • A natural standing up position, which reduces the stress on the back and neck areas

What Do We Like?

We’re going to be honest; we’re simply fascinated by the concept of an outdoor elliptical bike. For all those who are bored of working out within the four walls, this cycle sure comes as a breath of fresh air.

But if we have to go into the details, the first thing we liked about Arc 8 is its sleek frame made of aluminum, which makes it perfect for outdoor riding.

The eight gears present in the bike, along with a compact stride ensures that you get the same cardio benefits you’d achieve from a regular Crossfit elliptical machine. And at the same time, you can experience the beauty of outdoors by climbing the hills or sprinting around like a breeze, which burns 33% more calories than a stationary workout.

It’s a positively different workout experience as to how ElliptiGo gives you a various range of feelings - like running (due to the standing position), bicycling and elliptical training - all at the same time.

And not to forget the extendable and detachable telescopic steering extender, which is quite impressive, as you can not only adjust the bike according to your preferences but also make the Arc easy to move around.

The Verdict

ElliptiGo’s Arc 8 is nothing short of a revelation. With its eccentric features and affordable pricing, it is a must buy for all those who aren’t just crazy about fitness, but also love the outdoors equally.

With the Arc, you wouldn’t just workout at a corner, staring at a wall or a TV screen. Instead, you could experience best of both worlds, and revolutionize your fitness like never before.

Buying Guide: All You Need To Know To Buy a Good Elliptical for Your Home

Now, we’ve tried working out on different ellipticals and found something unique or interesting in every machine that we reviewed. It would probably be the same for you, too

But if you’re in the market trying to get one for yourself, then it could probably be quite daunting to make the right decision. You might have some preferences and budget estimates in mind already, but they are not enough to make a purchase.

So, what do you do? You make a checklist of certain things that need to be ticked off before you make your choice. It must include:

1. Budget

Of course, this would be the first thing to cross your mind when you are planning to make any purchase. And elliptical bikes are no exception! So, before you even go looking for the models and features, ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. This will narrow down the options in the market for you.

2. Goals

Once you’ve decided on the budget, set your goals about what kind of elliptical trainer you want. Is it going to be a basic, standard, home use or elite model?

Now, if your budget is low, then you should probably stick to a standard or a basic one, but if you want an elite model, you might want to spend more on that.

We’re not going to deny that there are certain brands which offer high-end specs for a lower price, but then, you might have to compromise on the build. So, think carefully before you set your goals.

It would be even better if you make this decision around the same time you’re working out your budget.

3. Space and Design

Some elliptical trainers are compact when compared to the others; this depends on the brand as well as the design. Also, some of them come with the wheels while some are foldable, and others have neither.

The size and design of the machine largely depend on where the flywheel and drive system is located. The machines with rear wheel drivers where the flywheel is at the back usually take up a lot of space, as opposed to the front wheel drive system.

Being aware of your space requirements will help you make a proper decision about the design and build of the elliptical machine.

4. Ergonomics

Unlike treadmills, which let you move freely, ellipticals usually constraint your movement to a certain area. So, before making a purchase, try out different options and see which one you’re most comfortable with - be it pedaling, posture and even hand grips.

Ensure that the space between the pedals is good enough so that your knees aren’t hurting. Also, observe if you’re able to hold on to the handlebars and pedal comfortably without any discomfort.

5. Break and Resistance System & Flywheel

These are perhaps the most important things to consider before choosing an elliptical for exercising as they are the reason behind the proper functioning of the equipment.

Try and look for a trainer with magnetic resistance system because they are the smoothest. Electromagnetic resistance systems are even more easier to handle, as you can apply the brakes by just pressing the buttons on handlebars or the console.

Another thing you must pay attention to is the weight of the flywheel, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother your stride is going to be.

So make sure you check for the flywheel weight as well as the break and resistance system (which some brands might also refer to as silent magnetic resistance or quiet drive system) before you shortlist the options.

6. Console

What kind of console you are looking for, mostly depends on your preferences. In case you’re looking for high-end choices of entertainment like iOS or Android compatibility, built-in speakers or internet connectivity, then you might want to look at elite elliptical models.

Most of the standard and home-use trainers these days have a media shelf with speakers, USB and MP3 ports and an LCD screen. They might also have a cup holder, a rack for placing books, and sometimes, even an accessory tray. Then again, the quality of these features varies based on the type of elliptical trainer.

Another aspect you must look for in a console is the range of workout program options allotted by the brand. The number may range from 8 to 28, or even more, based on the price of the trainer.

7. Options for Customization

These days, a number of elliptical trainers are offering a variety of customizing options. These options may include adjustable stride, pedals, incline, and ramp.

You can adjust these features according to your height, preferences, and comfort in order to have a better workout experience.

8. Warranty

A lot of people may overlook warranty information, but it is one of the things to take into consideration before purchasing an elliptical trainer.

Warranties differ vastly based on the brand and design of the machine. Most of them usually offer lifetime warranties on the frame despite the kind of trainer you’re looking to purchase.

However, the warranty on labor and parts may vary based on the price range of the product. So, before you make the purchase, it’s better to read the information on warranty thoroughly.

9. Delivery

Elliptical trainers are usually heavy, so make an inquiry about the delivery before you invest in the machine. Ask the retailer if they’d be handling the assembly by themselves for free, or at an additional cost. You can even choose to do it yourself if you have experience with unboxing and installation.

10. Return Policy

One last thing you must check before making the purchase is to review the return policy for the product. See if the brand replaces a part (or the whole trainer) in case of any defect. Also, find out if there’s any additional cost for sending back the defunct product and restocking fee for the replacement.

Final Words

Voila! We’ve made it to the end of the article, and you now know about the best elliptical machines in the market, along with a detailed step by step buying guide. We hope it helped you understand more about the elliptical trainers, and make an informed decision about what works the best.