4 Best Sissy Squat Machines for Stronger Quads

When you think of leg day you’re probably thinking of heavy back squats, walking lunges and maybe even a Deadlift variation to target your posterior chain and your hamstrings in particular. It’s well known that with compound exercises like those named above, you’re going to get the most bang for your buck as you train a bunch of muscles at once, but what do you do if you only want to target one muscle at a time?  

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While larger compound movements do have their place in your routine there’s also room for other exercises that can take your muscle development to a whole new level. One such movement is sissy squats. They can be done both unsupported and supported (using a machine) and they have been recognized as a proven way to blow up your quads like you wouldn’t believe, despite what the name sissy squat might tell you.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at four of the best sissy squat machines on the market and see which one truly deserves a place in your home gym to take your sissy squats and your quad development to the next level.

1. Leikefitness Deluxe Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat Machine

The Leikefitness multi-function Squat machine has been designed for sissy squats but offers you so much more and can be used for a full-body workout program including exercises such as a banded squat, lunges, hyper-extension to target your back, and other bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups and push ups.


  • Offers a range of exercise options to target multiple muscles.
  • Fully adjustable calf pad and cushions to fit your body type and size.
  • Can support users up to 330 lbs.
  • Space-saving design allows easy storage after use in your home gym or office.


  • Some of the additional movements such as a back extension or the core exercises could be difficult if you’re taller than 6’2”.

This allows you to train a range of muscles and create a balanced exercise routine with ease.

Made from premium quality materials the heavy duty steel provides more than enough support to keep you safely in place and the foam pads, including the calf pad and the rear cushion, give you extra comfort when you perform a sissy squat, or other types of exercise.

There’s a large steel non slip footplate on this Sissy squat machine, perfect for keeping you stable and secure, which also adds a degree of much-needed stability to your workouts.

The fact that the Leikefitness multi-function Sissy Squat machine is fully adjustable makes it ideal for different body types or sizes.

You can adjust all areas of this machine, including the calf pad, cushion height, or even the arm angle or length to find the right set up for you as you sissy squat.
When you’re done working out, simply fold the machine away.

It’s sleek and compact design allows you to easily store the machine to one side, saving you a tonne of space and keeping your exercise area free from clutter.

2. Soozier 3-in-1 Padded Push up Sit Up Deep Squat Machine

This is another Sissy Squat machine that has multi-use exercise capabilities, perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness and grow their quads with supported sissy squats. The 3-in-1 nature of this machine allows you to perform sissy squats, sit-ups, or push-ups, helping you to train your quads, chest, arms, and core and give you a true full-body workout experience.


  • PU leather and thick EVA foam ensure a comfortable exercise experience.
  • Train your full-body with 3-in-1 multi-function use.
  • Easily transport the sissy squat machine after exercise with the transport wheels.


  • We would like to see a higher weight limit. 265lbs is ok and should cater to most users but we’d love to see over 300lbs.
  • With multi-use capabilities, it would be great to some options for your back as well as other body parts.

Its steel construction ensures the Soozier sissy squat machine is strong and sturdy and gives you a durable piece of kit that is resilient enough to last a long time, plus with its non slip footplate and 4 suction cups to hold the machine in place, you can be extra confident that the Soozier sissy squat machine won’t move or slip when performing sissy squats. Instead, you can enjoy a strong, secure, and stable workout.

To complement the steel frame you will also find foam rollers in the form of footrests and calf pads to keep you protected, comfortable, and safe when working out. The foam is thick EVA foam, and extra safe for use, whereas the shin pad is made from soft and comfortable PU leather.

This Sissy Squat machine can also be adjusted, both horizontally and vertically to ensure a suitable fit for you, no matter your body shape, and the max weight of 265lbs will cater to most users.

When you’ve finished with your workout moving and storing the machine away is simple as it comes with 2 transport wheels to make tipping and moving the machine easy.

3. Goplus Deep Squat Machine, 8-in-1 Sissy Squat Fitness Equipment

The GoPlus Deep Squat machine is a Sissy Squat machine at heart that also offers an 8-in-1 exercise experience. You can train your legs, core, back, and more all from one piece of kit.

Almost all areas of the GoPlus Sissy Squat machine can be adjusted and there’s a range of different adjustments possible to suit any body type as you train to improve your fitness.


  • Fully adjustable calf pad and cushions, both vertically and horizontally to fit your body type.
  • The ergonomic design is a great feature to make exercise more comfortable.
  • Band attachments add a new dimension to the exercise options available.
  • Very strong and stable design, perfect to keep you safe.


  • We would love to see a higher user weight limit.
  • It would be great to have a little more distance on the push up attachment, so you’re not worried about banging your head while doing them.

Made from thickened iron pipes and able to take 265lbs of weight the bottom of the GoPlus Sissy Squat machine is designed with a T-Shape to keep the machine (and you) more supported and stable when working out and with such a strong and durable design it ensures you’ll always feel confident when exercising.

Supremely durable, the GoPlus Squat machine isn’t just about strength, but comfort too. Complete with a range of soft pads and PVC covers, it also features an ergonomic leg cushion for optimal performance and comfort. The cushions are nice and wide and the padded areas are packed with soft protective foam, making sure you can exercise without adding extra pressure to your body.

To keep your floor protected, there are 4 anti-skid footpads on the bottom of this machine that has a dual purpose of protecting your floor from marks and skids but also securing the machine and preventing movement.

This adds to your comfort levels when doing push ups as you feel much safer while doing them.

Finally, when you’ve finished working out with the GoPlus Sissy Squat machine you can store it away with ease. Simply use the front-loaded transport wheels to lift and move the machine into your desired place.

4. GYMAX Sissy Squat Machine

The GYMAX Sissy Squat machine is a fantastic option when looking for a workout option for home use.

The GYMAX sissy squat machine provides you with an 8-in-1 exercise experience and allows you to train your full-body. You can hit all your major muscles, including your quads, back, chest and core and with the ring attachments on the front, you can also add resistance bands to increase the tension in your workouts.


  • Stylish design
  • 8 possible exercise options
  • Extremely comfortable and great focus on comfort and support
  • Highly durable
  • Includes band attachment


  • As with other sissy squat machines, we’d like to see a slightly bigger weight limit

It’s made from durable, heavy duty thickened iron pipes and has load-bearing ability of up to 265 lbs. It also consists of a T-Shape bottom to avoid possible tipping over and lower the risk of injury

Equipped with non slip pads to stop it from sliding around when in use, the GYMAX Sissy Squat machine has an ergonomic design to allow you to reach the optimal position for performing your exercise. It also comes equipped with ergonomic handles, comfortable cushions, and a range of soft and protective foam pads to make your experience even more comfortable. You won’t feel uncomfortable when using this machine.

The GYMAX Sissy Squat machine is fully adjustable and flexible, allowing you to move the pads through a range of different positions to maximize your performance and find the right position for you, giving you greater support and comfort, no matter your body type.

Changing position is easy to do and can be accomplished with ease, by simply turning a knob and setting your position.

The design of the GYMAX Sissy Squat machine is also a huge plus. The contemporary design wouldn’t look out of place in a gym and the colors look good to match your home gym too. We also particularly liked the foot markings on the padded footplate. It’s not essential but it is a nice touch to make the exercise experience that little bit better.

All in all, the GYMAX Sissy Squat machine is a fantastic option when looking for a good piece of kit for use at home.

Exercises and the Muscles Worked With the Sissy Squat Machine

The main muscle used in sissy squats is the quadriceps. Squatting in this way allows you to isolate the muscle without the risk of your hamstrings or glutes taking over, therefore it should come as no shock that the quads are the main muscles worked when completing sissy squats; however, it is possible to work other muscles when using a sissy squat machine.

Let’s take a look at what other muscles you can target.

  • Sissy Squats (Quadriceps) – Traditional Sissy Squats involves hooking your feet under the roller pad, then sitting down into a squat. Squatting this way is incredible for your quads and can really help them grow.
  • Sit-ups (Core) – By hooking your feet under the calf pads it’s possible to anchor yourself for sit ups, giving you a great way of working your core.
  • Push-ups (Chest and Arms) – Most Sissy Squat machines come with push-up handlebars, making it easy for you to work your chest and arms by holding the handlebars and performing push ups.
  • Back Extension (Back) – By extending the pads and hooking your feet under the calf pads you can bring your body down, then contract back up, to work your middle and lower back with a very intense bodyweight exercise.

There are more options available, but by starting with these four you can begin to change your physique and grow your body with ease.

Final Thoughts

A sissy squat machine offers you a fantastic way of building your quads, unlike any other exercise. Although there are of course other lower body exercises possible, sissy squats allow you to isolate your quads without your other muscles taking over and although they can be performed unaided, a Sissy Squat machine gives you a whole new way of transforming your body.

Other exercises also become possible which is why it’s one of the best pieces of fitness equipment you can get for your home gym.

When looking for a sissy squat machine there are lots of different options, although you can’t go wrong with any of the above.

Although If we had to pick, we would go with the GYMMAX Sissy Squat machine as we felt this was the most complete machine that was able to offer a great exercise experience with comfort, support, and additional options.  

However, all of the sissy squat options are great in their own right and any of the above would be a great choice for you.

The only thing left for you to do now is figure out which sissy squat machine is right for you and once you’ve decided, you can start your journey to improved fitness and stronger quads today.

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