BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 Review

Going to the gym is one of the hardest things to do, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong; the first day is great. You’ve resolved to get rid of your love handles, so you get a few reps in on the first day.

But, then comes the second day, maybe the motivation to go isn’t quite as strong, but you go anyway. Then the third day, when you’re practically dragging yourself. On the fourth day, you trade in gym time for, well, Doritos and Netflix.

BodyBoss 2

If this is your first to the fourth of January, then you need a home gym!

Having your exercise equipment in your basement or living room is excellent for eliminating the hassle of actually going to the gym and also great for, well, guilt-tripping you into getting fitter!

If you’re convinced that you need a home gym kit, then you need to buy the latest BodyBoss Home Gym. Read our BodyBoss 2.0 review!

The BodyBoss portable gym comes with the following amazing features:

  1. 1
    World’s first portable home gym which simulates the force and resistance of the weights of an actual gym
  2. 2
    Base features a grippy surface, has retractable anchors and folds to make this a collapsible home gym
  3. 3
    Bar rotates 360 degrees for maximum usability and convenience
  4. 4
    30-inch bands can simulate up to 30 pounds of force
  5. 5
    Universal-fit straps are padded and sweat-resistant
  6. 6
    Handles simulate dumb-bells and resistance can be varied while operating
  7. 7
    Door anchor enables additional exercises, such as tricep extensions

Why Should you Buy the BodyBoss 2.0 ?

The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0, a resistance band home gym system, is one of the most innovative products in the fitness industry at the moment, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about what makes it so amazing!

1. Can be Used by Almost Everyone

The BodyBoss is a revolutionary product as far as fitness products go because nearly everyone can use it. This collapsible home gym doesn’t care whether you’re short or tall, fat or slim, toned or flabby. As long as you don’t have medical complications or anything else of the sort, you’re good to use the BodyBoss!

Furthermore, the BodyBoss creates no complications for women, which going to the gym and using conventional equipment might create. Some workout problems, if they do arise, are best dealt with at home, and the BodyBoss enables you to stay at home during your workout.

2. Portability

The BodyBoss Home Gym is perhaps the most portable piece of gym equipment ever created. For the usability it offers, the footprint of the setup and the ease with which one can carry it is astounding.

The BodyBoss’ main rival at the moment would be traditional gym equipment. Traditional gym equipment consists of huge machines which one person, no matter how strong, can’t lift by themselves. Then, you have weights and rods of all shapes and sizes which are incredibly cumbersome to carry and transport.

The benefits of portable gym equipment are realised when you have to transport weights and bars and dumbbells. Oof, what a pain!

In contrast, the BodyBoss features no heavy weights to carry around, the base of the whole setup folds for maximum convenience and carrying and transporting it is a breeze!

3. Variable weight workout

The great thing about going to the gym instead of working out with your own set of weights is that the gym allows you to train with a variety of weights, enabling you to take it easy when strained and ramp it up when motivated.

However, a home gym set seldom offers this level of variability. This is because multiple weights are expensive to buy, cumbersome to handle and take up a lot of space.

The solution? The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0!

It allows you to adjust the force of any given workout by increasing the number of handles being used. This can even be done during a particular exercise, making this far more convenient than going to the gym or spending tons of money! Speaking of money…

4. Gym subscription fees

All of us have seen memes of gym owners swimming in a pool of money on the first of January. While I’m sure running a gym has its own set of expenses (equipment ain’t cheap, folks), there’s no denying the fact that gym fees are exorbitant and not everyone can afford to pay a small fortune for a bit of definition in their muscles.

If you’re someone who cannot justify spending a significant amount of your paycheck on a gym subscription, the BodyBoss is for you! There are no recurring costs with the boss, unlike a gym subscription, so all you have to pay is the Home Gym 2.0’s reasonable cost once and, well, that’s it! Talk about a win-win situation!

5. Privacy

Nobody likes to share space. But, because the world is not merely ours and others’ as well, more often than not, we have to compromise and share public spaces with, well, the public.

But, going to a gym can become an unpleasant experience. More often than not, patrons misplace and abuse equipment, you’re exposed to all sorts of bacterial exchanges and if you’re someone who takes their hygiene seriously (as you should), good luck taking a shower in a common bathroom.

If hygiene isn’t a factor, the fear of being ridiculed might be. Most beginners are unsure of how to start and make mistakes. For them, the gym and the people in it can be unforgiving, which discourages them from the pursuit of fitness.

Lastly, creeps. Women who go to the gym know what we’re talking about, those sideward glances they receive from men are highly uncomfortable and, at times, mentally distressing.

What if we were to tell you that you need not put yourself through all that misery? Just get the BodyBoss Home Gym and enjoy a workout in the comfort of your home! No more unhygienic seats and weights, no more dirty common washrooms, no fear of being ridiculed and nobody to hog the machines, it is working out made as easy as possible!

6. Equipment

Some people don’t buy into paying more for less. Take lightweight sports cars as an example. Why should you pay more for a car which has less stuff in it?

If you’re one of those who needs to see their money spent towards something they can see, touch and maybe lift, then you might disregard the BodyBoss for being a gimmick at best.

However, this review was written to dispel the myths surrounding the BodyBoss, so, we assure you, that despite the sparing use of metal in the equipment, there is indeed a lot of useful equipment and the product deserves every cent of its asking price.

For instance, it comes with a foldable base, which features retractable anchors and non-slip padding to minimize the chance of injury. It comes with a bar which rotates 360 degrees and features grippy padding.

The bands are 30 inches in length and can simulate a maximum force of 30 pounds. The straps are universal fit, grippy and sweat-resistant. The BodyBoss also comes with handles, which simulate dumbbells, and more weight can be simulated by adding more bands. Lastly, the BodyBoss also comes with a door anchor to simulate lat pull-downs, chest flies and tricep extensions.

What Could Have Been Better?

Well, nothing’s perfect, and the BodyBoss, despite how much lyrical we wax about it, is no exception to this rule. Having said that, here’s what we wish were better.

Spare bands

While the bands the BodyBoss ships with are strong and sturdy enough, there is one force they might not be able to endure, that of time.

Repeated stretching might lead to the bands breaking, so it’s only logical for the user to keep a few bands as spare, you know, just in case.

However, BodyBoss does not sell spare bands as standard. Instead, you have to pay a premium if you want them included with your BodyBoss. We feel that the bands wouldn’t have made a huge dent into the profit margins and should’ve been included anyway.

Learning curve

Those with a disposition to all things physical and related to fitness might take to the BodyBoss fairly rapidly, as they are aware of exactly which areas of their bodies they need to strain. However, the BodyBoss is going to be used by both professionals and amateurs alike, and the latter might have a hard time figuring out how the BodyBoss works.

BodyBoss does provide a URL which details how the product is to be used; but, a simpler solution would've been more welcome.


Going to the gym is a downright hassle, and the actual process of going there discourages a lot of people from continuing gymming.

But, there is no need to go to the gym if the gym will come to you! The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 is one of the most revolutionary and innovative products in the fitness industry and could be the answer to many gymming problems. In our experience, BodyBoss 2.0 workouts were just as effective as workouts in the gym.

It saves money, time and hassle and we wholeheartedly recommend buying it.

Happy gymming!

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