Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Have a home gym but sick and tired of how expensive it can be to buy all of the equipment? Read on to see exactly what you need to give you more equipment, at a fraction of the cost.

Although the idea may sound good at first, designing your home gym is not always as straight forward as it may seem.

The common problem?

Space and money.

Buying equipment for a home gym can be expensive, not to mention the struggle of actually finding somewhere to store all the kit and as you get stronger, your equipment needs will grow.

It’s a problem many of us face, but there is another way.
A way of kitting out your gym with multiple pieces of equipment without spending a fortune or needing to build an extension to store it all and in this article, we are going to take a closer look as we review the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells to see if they’re worthy of a place in your home gym and suitable of meeting your needs.

What is it?

The Bowflex 552 SelectTech dumbbells are a uniquely designed and innovative piece of kit that combines 15 sets of weights into one simple system. Created to look very similar to a normal dumbbell, the SelectTech adjustable dumbbells can change weight and get heavier with a small turn of a dial, giving the user a range of weights to use, in one simple dumbbell.

The Bowflex 552’s are designed to be compact and to provide a great workout option with suitable levels of resistance, without taking up too much space. They come with a storage stand and can also be used with the Bowflex SelectTech app where users can follow along with trainer lead workouts.


  • Rapid Change Action - With a quick turn of a dial, you can move through the weights with ease, making the dumbbells lighter, or heavier, to suit whichever exercise is next. If you want something lighter for lateral raises or something heavier for a chest press, the Bowflex 552’s have all bases covered.
  • Adjustable Increments - The Bowflex 552’s start at 5lb and can be increased, in 2.5lb increments up to 52.5lbs, giving the user a great range of resistance, in one small piece of kit.
  • More Weight/Less Space – The unique design means the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells successfully replicate 15 sets of weights that users would otherwise have to purchase for a home gym set up. The Bowflex 552’s save space and money by combining multiple weights into one simple dumbbell you won’t need to clog up your room with additional pieces of kit.
  • Limits Clutter – Of course, having one piece of kit, instead of 15 sets of dumbbells, means you don’t take up as much space or have as much clutter around your home gym. The Bowflex 552’s can be safely stored in the corner of a room. 

What We Liked About the Bowflex SelectTech 552

Our favorite part of the Bowflex 552’s was undoubtedly the ease with which you can change from one weight to the next. If you had to stop and put the weights down to check and correct the weights every time you used them it would make the SelectTech dumbbells pointless, and luckily, they don’t have that problem. 

With a quick flick and turn of the dial, you can move through the weights with ease, making supersets or tri-sets easier than ever and truly helping you to move faster through your workout, saving you space and time, when you’re working out.

What We Don’t Like About the Bowflex SelectTech 552

In all honesty, there’s nothing to dislike about the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells. They combine 15 different sets of kit into one easy to use and manageable dumbbell, what isn’t to like about that?

....and I haven't heard of anyone that have broken these dumbbells!

For us, the Bowflex SelectTech 552’s is a great piece of kit.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve not realized already, we’re big fans of the Bowflex 552 SelectTech adjustable dumbbells.

Trying to build a home gym can be very expensive and trying to get hold of a range of weights that can challenge you enough through multiple forms of exercise can be more expensive still.

However, with this one strong piece of kit, you can add resistance, with ease, whenever you like.

Strong, sturdy, and easy to use, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells are perfect for any home gym and a great way to save space and money when building your home workout environment.

The levels of resistance will be more than enough for the great majority of users and the easy to use design makes them a welcome addition to any workout station.

Suitable for a high proportion of resistance training exercises, the Bowflex SelectTech 552’s are a great piece of kit and one we think you should certainly consider adding to your collection and into your home gym.

See the 552’s for yourself and watch them in use

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