Hulkfit Power Cage Review

Looking for the easiest way to build muscle at home using the least amount of equipment? Then you need a power cage, it’s the ultimate piece of home exercise equipment and can allow you to build cover model muscle without leaving home.

Building a home gym can be a fairly tricky thing to do, especially when it comes to deciding what pieces of equipment you’re going to buy.

Hulkfit Power Cage Grey

Your goals will determine a lot of it but if you’re focusing on strength training you could find yourself overrun by barbells, dumbbells, benches, racks and collars as you try to get the equipment you need.

  • It can prove costly and there’s a lot to consider.
  • If you opt for a squat rack, how do you perform a bench press?
  • If you get a single bench, where do you put the barbell?
  • Once you’ve got the weights, where do you store them?

Luckily there’s one piece of equipment that can answer every question and give you what you need, the power cage.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the HulkFit power cage to see ifit’s up to the job and deserving of a place in your home gym.

What is the Hulkfit ?

The HulkFit 1000-pound Power Cage is a heavy-duty weightlifting structure that allows you to do a range of resistance training exercises such as squats, the bench press or rows.

Unlike a half squat rack, a power cage has four steel structures for extra support and stability and you step inside the power cage when training.

It has a range of bars and hooks to keep you safe which allows you to perform high-weight exercises, without a spotter, as the Power Cage support bars can catch the weight should you fail in a lift.

The HulkFit Power Cage is easy to assemble and comes with tools included.

Many people feel that a power cage is one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy for a home gym as you can perform an extremely high amount of exercises from this single piece of kit.  

Power cages typically do not come with a barbell or bench so these things must be purchased separately.

Key Features

  • 1000lb Weight Limit – With such a high weight limit you won’t be held back when using the HulkFit. The world record is only a couple hundred pounds more so unless you are competing at a truly elite level and you’re planning on challenging Dave Hoff, the HulkFit will be more than suitable as you get stronger and lift heavier weights.
  • Extreme Strength - Constructed with 11 gauge steel and with a 2.5inch by 2.5-inch frame you can rest assured that the HulkFit power cage gives you fantastic support and stability when in use. Whether placing your weights back onto the structure or using the handles to perform pull-ups.
  • Multigrip Handles – The front of the HulkFit frame includes a foam covered multi-grip pull-up bar for you to successfully perform pull-ups, chin-ups (wide or close), or a range of dead hangs or stretches. This adds even more exercises to the list of possibilities when using the HulkFit.
  • Work Multiple Muscles – The HulkFit Power Cage includes dip bars, which allow for chest and tricep dips and a more targeted upper body workout. It also comes with angled diamond steps that allow for more calf focussed exercises to be performed.
  • Safety Bars – The HulkFit comes with safety bars and J-Hooks which can act as a spotter for you when training and a storage system for holding the barbell. Safety is such an important component when training at home and the HulkFit Power Cage does a lot to keep you safe.
  • Potential to do Even More – The HulkFit Power Cage has the option to add a Lat Pull Down or Cable Crossover system, both of which allow you to do a wider range of exercises that are normally only possible in a gym. Both systems give you the chance to work a greater range of muscles and ensure you complete a true total-body workout, adding a whole new dimension to your training regime.

HullkFit Pro Power Cage

Hulkfit Pro Power Cage

What we liked

Our favorite feature of the HulkFit Power Cage is hands down, the overall strength of the structure.

With such a high weight limit (1000lb), plus its strong and durable build, you can complete your favorite lifts, at their heaviest weight, and feel safe and secure as you do it.

You won’t have to worry about the power cage moving or swaying as you performing any other movements and if you want to use the multi-grip handlebars for hangs or pull-ups you can do so knowing the cage will not move.

What we didn't like

It’s hard to find anything to fault when it comes to the HulkFit Power Cage as every key component is high-quality, however, if we had to pick one thing we would like to see improved, it would be the color. Yellow and Black isn’t exactly the worst option in the world but more options are always preferred when building out your home gym as you often want to get something that fits your desired theme.

Final Thoughts

If you’re building a home garage gym or converting a room then a Power Cage is possibly one of the best things you can buy when planning to exercise at home.

It does everything you could wish for when lifting weights and with the addition of cables or a pulley-system, you can do even more.
If you’re looking to build muscle and you don’t want to add multiple pieces of equipment then a power cage could very simply be the best piece of kit you ever buy and you can’t go wrong with a HulkFit Power Cage.

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