JOROTO Stationary Exercise Bike Review

If you’ve been thinking about buying a stationary bike but you’re not sure which one to get, read on to see if the Joroto exercise bike is for you. With indoor cycling becoming more popular by the day, and a multitude of workout apps and online cycling classes available at the touch of a button, it should come as no surprise to see an increased need in good quality indoor cycling bikes, and in this review, we’re going to take a look at the JOROTO indoor stationary bike to see if it has what it takes to warrant a place in your home gym.

Designed as a professional indoor cycling bike trainer, with magnetic resistance and belt drive, the JOROTO exercise bike has been designed for cardio and endurance workouts for cycling enthusiasts and anyone else that is simply looking for a great way to work out and burn calories at home. Perfect for home cycling, or spin sessions, this stationary bike has been designed to offer a high-quality indoor cycling experience.

Features of the Joroto Spin Bike

  • Whisper Quiet – The JOTOTO bike boasts of whisper-quiet rides, so quiet in fact, that it wouldn’t wake a sleeping baby. And this is down to the magnetic resistance and belt drive systems.

    The magnetic resistance system has 6 magnets, that increase the magnetic field resistance and with it, provides a smooth ride whereas the low maintenance belt drive system produces a practically silent riding experience.

    All of this means you can work out with others in the room, or whilst watching AGT, and you won’t have to worry about disturbing others or making too much noise.
  • Bidirectional Flywheel - The 35lb, solid steel flywheel (with Aluminium cover) produces a strong, stable, smooth and consistent riding experience.

    Display screen and digital holder – The LCD digital monitor enables you to keep track of your standard stats as you ride, distance, speed, calories burned will all be displayed here, making it easier to keep track of your performance as you ride. There is also a suitably sized digital screen holder, which is perfectly situated for you to see with ease as you ride, making it even easier to follow along with a virtual class or watch your favorite show.
  • Comfort Minded - The wide soft seat and overall ergonomic design of the bike allow for a more comfortable and protected riding position, cushioning the rider on longer or more intense rides.
  • Fully Adjustable – Both the handlebars and seat are adjustable 4 ways, allowing for a more comfortable and personalized riding position, helping to eradicate common pain and discomfort some people can experience when using an indoor exericse bike. The fully adjustable nature of the JOROTO spin bike ensures you can move your position, up, down, forwards or backward, to be in the best position for a more secure and comfortable ride.  The JOROTO indoor bike also comes with steel, non-slip, toe-caged pedals, with adjustable straps and buckle, perfect for different size feet and a comfortable foot position.
  • Easy to Move – With dual transportation wheels that make moving the bike simple and easy, the JOROTO indoor cycle can be moved and transported around with ease. Whether being moved from one room to another or simply being put into a more suitable position when using the bike and when storing the bike.
  • Tension Control Knob – With an urgent stop function, the JOROTO stationary bike also has a tension control knob, perfectly situated in the middle of the bike to ensure a smooth and easy transition between gears, as you push towards a more intense and testing workout.

What we Liked

The fully adjustable, 4-way movement possibilities of the JOROTO spin bike are hands down our favorite features.

Too many stationay exercise bikes can only be adjusted within a standard 2-way position, which makes it difficult to truly get comfortable and find the best position to ride. The JOROTO indoor bike doesn’t have that problem, allowing you to get into the optimal position for you, giving you more control over your position and comfort as you ride.

What we Didn’t Like

It’s not a deal-breaker but we would love to see the bike equipped with SPD pedals, making it easier to clip in and enjoy a ride. Unfortunately, the JOROTO exercise bike only has the standard foot cage any SPD pedals will have to be bought and attached separately.


The JOROTO indoor stationary bike is a good quality indoor cycling bike that should satisfy the majority of riders and indoor exercise enthusiasts.
With a strong build and good quality features, the JOROTO spin bike offers everything you could need to work out at home and burn some calories on a ride of your choice.

The adjustable features of the bike mean comfort shouldn’t ever be a problem and with a 280lb weight limit, most users will be accounted for.  

Overall, we think the JOROTO indoor exercise bike is a good option for any home gym and a great product for indoor cycling. You can follow along with a class of your choice or cater the workout to one of your choosing, but whatever you decide, the JOROTO stationary bike will be a great investment for you and your fitness.

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