Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

​The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine looks like a beast of an exercise machine with its big black frame, enormous flywheel and large pedals. For some, this will be enough to put them off completely. It could be far too intimidating for newcomers that want a gentle, user-friendly approach. Others will be drawn in by the potential of all those moving parts and the programming within.

This elliptical offers a range of great features and programs to help users get the best experience from this Schwinn 470. 

The most obvious benefit for keen, dedicated users is the range of options on the settings.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

There are 29 programs for fitness tracking, as will as 25 resistance levels in the high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel. Users can track their progress via the on-board user profiles and the large console. This console is impressive with up to 13 data displays to work with. This is where the machine could be overwhelming for some new users. Others will appreciate the upgrade from previous machines and the challenge.​

​​The choice in programs, as well as the connectivity with Schwinn Connect, provides some diversity and entertainment for users. Many will find that even though this workout is tougher than they might achieve with other machine, it is still enjoyable. In addition to this, there is the port for mobile devices. This means TV or music as a distraction during the session. An added bonus here is that the smooth flywheel is so quiet that there is no problem hearing the show.


  • Wide range of workout options and resistance levels to suit different needs
  • ​​Learning curve in the system and mechanics that will suit those after a challenge
  • ​​Some great features to keep users entertained


  • ​​The size is a detriment in small apartments
  • ​​Some user struggle with the assembly process

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few downsides to this elliptical machine to contend with

The problem with a model like this, that is so intense and dominating, is that it can’t ever be compact and apartment-friendly. There is no room for any kind of folding mechanism here. The large flywheel, pedals and structure mean a big footprint. The elevation and movement means the need for plenty of clearance and head room. There are shorter users claiming they grazed the ceiling fan, so those above average height in a typical room may struggle. In addition to this, there are also some problems with the assembly. It takes a while to put everything together, and a better manual would help.

This Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine is a brilliant choice for the right user – in the right room

There is a lot to enjoy with this elliptical machine – not only with the programming but with the entertainment features too. The problem is that many users will struggle to make the most of them in an at-home set up. This machine needs the space of a home gym with a high ceiling. It deserves to be in a dedicated space where users will make the most of the features on a daily basis. Those that put the work in with this machine, and tolerate the learning curve, will achieve a lot.

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