Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike Review

The body and mind needs regular exercise to stay fit, and productive. There’s no alternative to a good workout regime, which helps your body and metabolic rate,  keeping you looking young for ages!

However, if your body finds the resistance levels to be higher than what’s required at a given period of time, or if its too rigorous than what your body can take, it could severely damage the system instead of doing any good.

Schwinn AD7 Exercise Air Bike

There has been an upsurge of new and innovative workout equipment that have made getting in shape incredibly easier and, not to mention, relatively faster!

One such newest improvement on the existing regular workout bike is the Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike that has taken the gymming world by storm, thanks to its revolutionary technology.

About the Schwinn AD7 and its Standout Features

The Schwinn AD7 Air Bike is upgraded version of your traditional workout bike. The only essential difference being that this one utilizes the “latest air resistance technology” that allows one to reach their max potential while working out.

It balances out your body’s resistance levels with the kind of training you avail of this machine, providing ease and maximum comfort that tones every muscle in your body.

The key features of this equipment are that it:

  • Uses latest air resistance technology
  • Provides a progressive wind resistance for endless levels of workout challenge
  • The “single-stage belt drive” on the system ensures a silent workout session
  • The “perimeter weighted fan” provides a hassle-free one-step start-up, ensuring a smooth ride
  • Features various “interval programs,” “target programs” and “heart rate level indicators” for cardio, aerobic or anaerobic workouts
  • It is a heart-rate enabled telemetry device
  • Offers multi-position hand-grips so that you have a range of different workout options
  • Features an adjustable seat for maximum ease and comfort during workout

Why Should You Buy It?

1. Comfort and balance

One reason why you should definitely buy it is solely because of the comfort and ease of use that it provides. It indeed maintains the balance of the body while working out, making sure it's getting the proper training in the correct positions. Otherwise, the training could really hurt certain aspects of your body.

2. Durability

The AD7 is constructed using clean, powder-coated steel that is anti-corrosive and exceedingly durable in nature. This ensures a hygienic workout environment and at the same time prevents the frame from getting damaged by sweat or water.

3. Heart Telemetry

An incredible thing about this device is that it features Heart Rate Telemetry Technology, which measures your heart rate in real time during workouts. This further helps you to avoid going overboard with your cardio routines, thus preventing unnecessary stress and strain on your heart and system.

4. Range of exercises

The device helps you to follow different forms of aerobic and anaerobic workouts in different positions. This is thanks to the multi-position hand-grips that provides a range of various training options. The interval programs and target programs allow you to efficiently increase your training capacity by letting you customize your own workout regime

5. Noise reduction

One great feature on this device is that the single-stage belt-drive makes for a really silent session for you to train in peace. This is something missing from most commercial workout bikes which produce an awful lot of screeching or clanking noises, especially after a point of time and long durations of use.

The perimeter weighted fan offers an easy start-up procedure and a smooth ride all along. The optimized fan further offers high resistance and reduced noise.

6. User-friendly approach

The overall device is entire user-friendly in approach and functions. It features a high-resolution, multi-display console panel that shows you how the device tracks your calories, watts, time, distance, speed, RPM and your heart rate.

Overall, this power-training equipment is strategically designed to provide you with a low impact, cardio workout for your entire body, striking an ideal balance between maneuverable yet challenging training session.

What Could Have Been Better?

The only thing that I wish would have been better with this equipment is its overall size. It can be pretty heavy and cumbersome to move around and not really the portable or compaat that way.

Also, the device is considerably up there in price and may not be a budget-friendly purchase for most.


So, this was all about the Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike and how it works to give you a body to love for! We hope this read was able to provide you any useful insight into the versatile mechanism of the system in order to help you make a better decision.

And, we’ll be back with more such info guides on fitness and training equipment.

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