Schwinn IC3 Stationary Bike Review

Indoor Cycles are one of the most basic equipment that you are going to need if you’re planning to get started with any fitness routine!

These machines provide an easy way to get a proper cardio workout and help you burn those excess calories. While going out and riding an actual bike is undoubtedly a better option, given our busy schedules and the crowded public spaces, it is not always a viable option for most of us.

Schwinn Spin Bike

That’s why Indoor spin bikes have become so popular in recent times!

They provide an extremely convenient way of working out from the comforts of your home, and given the highly sophisticated features they come with – these could provide a more efficient workout than the regular bike ride!

So if you’re looking to get yourself a sturdy and efficient Indoor Cycle without having to spend a fortune, check out this review of the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle we did!

Features of the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Bike

Let’s take a quick overview of the features of the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle before we dive into the actual review

  • Features Dual SPD Pedals that come with standard clips and toe cages
  • Comes with a 40 lb. flywheel featuring a smooth and silent belt drive that has an infinitely variable resistance
  • Features a ventilated race-styled seat that is fully adjustable
  • Has an oversized water bottle holder which can also be simultaneously used as an integrated media holder
  • Features Urethane-dipped handlebars with aft/fore adjustability
  • Has an inbuilt wireless heart rate monitor

What Did We Like About the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle?

The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle is a mid-range model which is targeted mainly at people that are looking for a budget-friendly indoor cycle with adequate features. It doesn’t come equipped with the latest high-tech Bluetooth Interface like the more expensive models, but as far as basic functionalities are concerned – they are pretty great!

We took it through some pretty rough workouts for well over a week and were pretty impressed with its overall performance.

Here are a few things we like about this model

1. Ergonomic Design with High Adjustability

Compared to a lot of other indoor cycles in the same price range, the degree of adjustability that this model provides truly impressed us. On top of that, the overall design of the model is extremely ergonomic and offers a high degree of comfort!

The Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle comes with a fully padded handlebar for a firm and comfortable grip. The handlebars are also Urethane-dipped and feature a fully adjustable fore/aft which will allow riders of all heights to get a comfortable grip.

Another feature we really liked about this model was the highly comfortable cushioned seat which comes with ventilation. The race-style seat is also adjustable both vertically and horizontally, thus ensuring a comfortable seated position irrespective of the rider's size!

2. Great Resistance System

For an indoor cycle with such an affordable price-tag, the resistance system that this model comes equipped with is truly outstanding!

While magnetic resistance systems are undoubtedly much smoother and less-noisy, the felt pad used to create resistance in the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle is pretty impressive. These things also offer you an infinitely variable level of resistance which you can control by turning the knob. The more you spin the knob, the harder your workout gets.

It also features a resistance and flywheel guard, along with a bike fender which protects the IC3’s resistance pad from getting ruined by sweat. Overall, a very impressive resistance system but not exactly as quiet as you’d like it.

3. Telemetry Enabled Wireless Monitor

While this is a pretty standard feature found in almost all Indoor Cycles these days, the truly impressive part was how accurate the reading was!

The Telemetry Enabled Wireless LCD Monitor can track your heart rate throughout the workout session with very high accuracy. You'll also get readings for time, distance traveled, calories burnt, RPM and Watts.

The display area of the monitor is also sufficiently large, which almost entirely makes up for the monitor not being backlit. The IC3's LCD Monitor needs 2 AA size batteries to run, and can easily last up to a year with the batteries that come along with the package.

4. Excellent Performance

As far as performance is concerned, this indoor cycle is at par with several of the much more expensive models we’ve tested out. This is a direct result of the cleverly designed pedals and flywheel, as well as an efficient drive system!

The flywheel featured in the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycle weighs around 40 pounds and is of the Perimeter Weighted type. This means that the weight of the wheel is centered around the desk making the pedal strokes extraordinarily smooth, yet having high inertia. This technology is almost unseen in Indoor Cycles in this price range.

Another significant factor influencing the performance of this model is the outstanding drive system. It features a belt-drive system which is exceptionally smooth, designed to give you an unhindered workout experience.

  • Very well designed frame with a high degree of adjustability. People of all heights can adapt very nicely to this indoor cycle
  • Comfortable race-styled seat with proper cushioning and ventilation
  • Good resistance system with an infinitely variable level of resistance
  • Large and accurate LCD Monitor with telemetry
  • Belt-drive system combined with a Perimeter-Weighted Flywheel provides an extremely well-balanced workout
  • Is a bit noisy when working out at high-resistance levels
  • No Bluetooth Connectivity.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for an entry-level, budget-friendly indoor cycle that has all the basic features packed in it, the Schwinn IC3 is one of the best models in the market to go for.

Sure you don’t get all the fancy Bluetooth Connectivity Features, but you get what matters the most – a great workout!

Overall, the bike is an excellent value for money product!

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