Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is an attractive looking exercise bike that should appeal to those switching to spin bikes. There are some great promises about the strength of the frame, the adjustable elements and quality of the workout. Many are impressed with what they receive, but there are some design choices that hold the bike back.

The appeal of this Sunny Health Spin Bike is that there is the chance of a good workout in a compact machine.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Spin bikes tend to be smaller, more attractive bikes than their more traditional counterparts. This is definitely the case with this model. There is the chrome look to the frame, the black pedals, saddle and handlebars and the red wheel. This look and compact size are ideal for apartment users, as are the transport wheels. This means that owners can wheel the bike into the living room and enjoy a session whenever they plan one.

Once set up, with all the right adjustments to the seat and handlebars, users can enjoy a pretty intense workout. There is a 40lb flywheel, which allows for a tough, smooth movement and a number of resistance levels. Riders can push themselves as much as they want. The strong frame, with the 275lb user weight, allows for tough actions and standing positions to help users target specific muscle and push fitness goals.

The addition of the foot cages on the pedals add to the stability and security for riders. Overall, riders are pleased with the quality of the bike and the workout achieved. Yet, there are two issues to watch out for.


  • Tough strong fame can accommodate seated and standing positions.
  • 275 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • Suitable for Beginner Level


  • No Console
  • Funny smell sometimes, when using higher resistance levels after a period of use.

The biggest issues with this bike lies with the resistance system and the lack of monitor.

This Pro Indoor cycle uses felt brake pads for the resistance system. These pads create pressure on the flywheel to increase the tension. This in turn forces users to work a little harder. This is great in theory, and does allow for different resistance levels. The problem comes in the deterioration and material of the pads. Some users say that they hear an annoying sound, or even smell burning, as the wheel rubs against the felt. The other problem for many users is the lack of a console. This omission is something that should be clear from the lack of any mention of a console in the specification. Digital monitors don’t appear until further up the range. This could be an issue for those that expect one as standard, and need one to track fitness goals.

There are limitations to this Sunny Health exercise bike, but it will still suit many users.

There is a strange mixture of features with this bike. The strong frame and heavy flywheel would suit those with strong fitness goals and higher experience levels. There should be room for great progression with the resistance levels. Yet, the issues with the pads and lack of console mean that there are limitations to how far users can go. Therefore, this means that this model is better suited to beginners that don’t need the console and will appreciate the apartment-friendly elements. With a console and better resistance system, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike would suit more users. As it is there is still potential for newcomers.

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