The Best Inversion Therapy Chair for Back Pain

Inversion Chair

Looking for the best inversion chair for back pain? You could buy every chair on the market, hang upside down all day, and make a decision after a year. Or you could read this review that we based off of testing nearly every major model out there. After testing some of models, we found the […]

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Torch Body Fat With a Barbell Complex Workout

Lifting Barbell

If you want to burn fat, without doing traditional cardio, then a barbell complex could be the way to go.If torching fat, while building muscle, improving strength and having fun (all while being in and out of the gym in under 30 minutes) sounds good to you then read on to see how it’s done.What […]

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Exercise for Seniors: How to Feel Young Again

Senior Yoga

You have no control over your age. The good news is you have all the control over HOW YOU FEEL at your age. Staying active as you grow older is the key to feeling young, energetic, and positive about each passing day. There are a few simple steps you can take right now to help […]

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Inversion Therapy: Why so Many Athletes Use Inversion Therapy

Inversion Table Beside Floor Rugs

An athlete’s body is his or her most important tool. It’s your moneymaker, your temple, and your vehicle to achieve greatness and live on forever. But all of the hard work, sweat, and training that you put in each day to help improve your health and fitness also have a negative impact on your joints, muscles, […]

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Do This to Grow Your Arms

Bicep Curl Bar

Shirt stretching, eye-popping, jaw-dropping arms are one of the most sought after body parts for men.People see you and it commands instant respect as you automatically look strong, tough and powerful.Big arms have even been recognized as a proven aphrodisiac, as women have admitted to being more attracted to men with bigger arms, it makes […]

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Inversion Table FAQ

Inversion Table in Living Room

Wondering how long you should hang upside down on your inversion table? It depends on you. What’s important is that you respond to your body and optimize your inversion experience to achieve long-term health benefits. That being said, there is a right way and wrong way to invert, and improper technique or overstraining your body […]

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BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 Review

BodyBoss Home Gym

Going to the gym is one of the hardest things to do, isn’t it?Don’t get me wrong; the first day is great. You’ve resolved to get rid of your love handles, so you get a few reps in on the first day.But, then comes the second day, maybe the motivation to go isn’t quite as […]

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Benefits of an Inversion Table

Iron Man Inversion Table

Did you know that exactly one-half of all working Americans admit to back pain symptoms every year? You don’t have to let back pain rule your life (or ruin it). Read about the benefits of an inversion table and how this all-natural therapy is helping thousands cure their back aches and take back their daily […]

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Total Gym Reviews: The Only Home Gym Series Review You’ll Ever Need

Well Toned Bodies

Going to the gym or setting out for a jog are both great ways of staying fit, but there’s nothing like the convenience and comfort of being able to get a full workout without leaving the house.The fitness industry is booming, and a huge number of home gym machines have appeared on the market ready […]

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What is the Best Home Gym? – Top Models Reviewed 2019

Multi Gym for Home

Home gyms can be an amazing way of staying in shape from the very comfort of your own living room.We know how cumbersome going to the gym can get.And it doesn’t make it easier when you need to digest the harsh reality that they charge a lot of money for equipment which you might never […]

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