Can You Use An Exercise Bike When Pregnant?

Can You Use An Exercise Bike When Pregnant

Doctors have agreed that pregnant women do need their fair share of exercise while expecting. However, most pregnant women are wary of undergoing exercise routines due to the likelihood of complications. One of the most frequent questions about pregnancy and exercise is can women still make use of an exercise bike when pregnant?​Yes, doctors have decided […]

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15 Awesome Ways to Reduce Boredom When Using Your Exercise Bike

Awesome Ways To Reduce Boredom When Using Your Exercise Bike

When you use an exercise bike as your go-to exercise routine, you know just how boring it can get. Burning calories does not have to be a dull and tedious moment. Below are a few things you can do to make that time on the stationary bike more fun and exciting.1. Listen to MusicEverybody listens to […]

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What Is Bike Resistance And What’s The Best One For You?

What Is Bike Resistance And What_s The Best One For You

A benefit of using ​exercise bikes is that users are given the leeway to choose and adjust the level of resistance they need. Because of this, users can amplify their routines without modifying the length or duration.What is bike resistance though? Resistance refers to the capability of stationary bikes to replicate the feel of regular […]

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Spin Bike vs. Upright Bike: Which Is More Effective?

Spin Bike vs Upright Bike Which Is More Effective

Cycling is widely considered as one of the most effective forms of exercise. Therefore, choosing a suitable stationary bike which matches your body’s needs as well as your personal health requirements, is of utmost importance. While it may seem like a fairly simple decision, it is more challenging than that.Personally, I think the most important […]

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Recumbent Bike vs. Upright Bike: What’s The Difference?

Recumbent Bike vs Upright Bike What_s The Difference

According to research from the American Council on Exercise, indoor cycling is the best option for those who are looking for a cardiovascular workout. It offers a large expenditure of energy while placing lesser stress on the hips and knees. However, tons of innovative models are already out on the market today. Furthermore, some people […]

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Spin Bike vs. Stationary Bike: Which Is Better?

Spin Bike vs Stationary Bike Which Is Better

HINT: Answer starts with letter “S”An active lifestyle will definitely make you look good on Instagram. However, in real life, real work is required to keep you on your fitness track. Among the exercises I tried, I consider cycling as one of my favorites because it does not only speed up weight loss but also […]

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