Teeter FitSpine Inversion Table Models Reviewed

FitSpine Inversion Table Series

Teeter Hang Ups have helped countless Americans put an end to back pain and start living the lives they deserve. But which one is best for you? And are the better models worth the price upgrade?    We put the 3 most popular inversion table models – from the FitSpine series – X1, X2, and […]

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Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Bike Review

Schwinn AD7 Exercise Air Bike

The body and mind needs regular exercise to stay fit, and productive. There’s no alternative to a good workout regime, which helps your body and metabolic rate,  keeping you looking young for ages!However, if your body finds the resistance levels to be higher than what’s required at a given period of time, or if its […]

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Do Inversion Tables Really Work? What the Experts Say

Inversion Table Blue

Inversion therapy: Is it a miracle cure for back pain or just a fad? The real answer is somewhere in the middle. Science, research, and growing anecdotal evidence shows that using an inversion table at the very least relieves short-term back pain, so why is there so much negativity and disinformation around the web? Do […]

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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle – A Comprehensive Review

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Whether you’re a gym owner or a fitness enthusiast, an indoor cycle is something you simply can’t do without! Irrespective of whether you’re looking to lose fat or build muscle, an indoor cycle provides one of the most effective ways to work out to achieve your fitness goals. They help build up your leg muscles for a […]

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Schwinn IC3 Stationary Bike Review

Schwinn Spin Bike

Indoor Cycles are one of the most basic equipment that you are going to need if you’re planning to get started with any fitness routine! These machines provide an easy way to get a proper cardio workout and help you burn those excess calories. While going out and riding an actual bike is undoubtedly a better […]

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Free Weights Vs Machine Weights – Which is Better?

Weights and Exercise Equipment

It’s no secret that when it comes to health and fitness, you should be prioritizing strength training in your workouts.But not everyone knows how, many people go to the gym and when it’s time to lift weights…. they head to the machines.​Is There a Muscle Building Winner?But is that a bad thing? This article will consider […]

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7 Best Power Racks for Squats and Strength Training

Squat Rack

For every fitness enthusiast and powerlifter, it takes tremendous determination to earn those muscles of steel.Top Rated Squat Racks 1. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Cage+2. CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand3. HulkFit Multi-function Adjustable Power Cage4. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power-Rack5. Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rac6. Marcy Olympic Multi-Purpose Strength Training Cage7. ​Rep Power […]

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Cardio or Weights: What’s Better for Fat Loss?

Dumbell Racks

It’s an age old question.You want to lose fat; you’ve joined a gym, but now what?Should you be doing cardio or weights to help you reach your goals and is one better than the other?This article will look at the benefits and drawbacks of both and give you a clearer idea of what you should […]

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Top Cable Crossover Machines for a Full Body Workout

Cable Crossover Equipment

A great physique has no downsides.It feels great to have a good body, and along with it comes a healthy mind. Besides, a fit body can make you more confident and attractive to other people.Total Body ConditioningBut getting a healthy physique can be a difficult task. Of course, it’s easier to munch on pizza while […]

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Build More Muscle With These Top 5 Exercises

Man Preparing to Deadlift

Forget what she says, size matters.At least when it comes to physique it does.It’s not often you’ll hear a women talk about how sexy Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is, but have you seen how the world has responded to Jason Mamoa as Aquaman?It’s not surprising given how he has bulked up for the role. A […]

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